Interview with Stone Eisenmann

Stone Eisenmann with Eric Christian Olsen

Last season we had a chance to talk to Gabriel Suttle who played one of the Felton brothers on one of our favorite NCIS:LA episodes Neighborhood Watch.

NCIS:LA Magazine is thrilled to speak this time to his TV sibling, Stone Eisenmann who played the mischievous Jake Felton. Stone has been acting for only a few short years, but he has already been nominated for Best Young Actor in 2011 for his performance in Mini Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the AOF Film Festival. He has also won a coveted reoccurring role in the Fox hit show New Girl. We want to thank Stone and his mom, Zadrina for sharing a lot of great behind the scene photos on the set of NCIS Los Angeles and for taking the time to answer some of our questions!

When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?

I just remember when I was around 6 that my Mom and Dad asked me and my sister, HannaH if we wanted to be actors. We said yes! So my Mom and Dad got us an agent and we have been doing it ever since.

What do you like the most about it?

I like filming the most. I love being on set! It is very fun filming in front of the camera.

You have worked in television and film, which do you prefer?

I like filming both. I like going to the big studios and film on the sets. And I like going on location it is fun also! When I filmed my movie Firefall we were in the mountains for two weeks. It was hot and we had to put on a lot of bug spray but we had fun!

Stone Eisenmann and Gabriel Suttle being directed on the set of Neighborhood Watch

Can you tell us about your time spent on the set of NCIS:LA? Do you have any stories you can share with us?

I was really happy to get this part! I worked hard to get it. I practiced shooting a sling shot for 3 days before callbacks. I really wanted to break the window with the slingshot because I know I can’t do that in real life but it would be fun to do it filming. I did not get to do that part instead I shot cars with water guns.

It was fun filming NCIS: LA. We filmed in a neighborhood. All the houses were nice. We took the school pictures in a garage area behind one of the houses. Then we practiced chasing after the car and squirting our water guns. We wanted to play with the water guns when we were not filming but our moms wouldn’t let us. So in between filming we played video games and with a rollie polio bug. We also had fun watching the AD (Assistant Director) juggle just about anything we gave to him.

Which actors did you get a chance to work with?

I worked with Gabriel Suttle who played my brother and Mandy Jane Turpin, who played our mom. And I worked with D.C. Douglas too who played one of the neighbors. I also met Eric Christian Olsen who was really nice and said I was doing a good job.

Stone Eisenmann & Jordan Fuller (New Girl – Young Nick & Young Winston)

Congratulations on your upcoming role on the FOX show, New Girl with Zoey Deschanel and Jake Johnson.

Thank you! I play “Young Nick . I love playing this part!

Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

I work with another actor named Jordan Fuller (“Young Winston”). We have a lot of fun working together. Just like at NCIS:LA everyone on New Girl is really, really nice!

Any other projects we can look forward to that you are working on?

Yes I do. I have many projects I am working on. Some of the projects I have been working on are…..

Stone Eisenmann, HannaH Eisenmann & Bobbie Prewitt with their acting coach Cheryl Faye at the Lady Film Makers Film festival 2012

My short film (Mini Mr. & Mrs. Smith) that I helped produce with my sister HannaH Eisenmann (Criminal Minds Halloween episode). Our film was screened at the Lady Film Makers Film Festival last week. It was fun to go to the screening with my sister HannaH, my friend Bobbie Prewitt and our acting coach Cheryl Faye.

I am working on a music video with Jordan Fuller (New Girl). He is not just an actor he is also a rapper named “Cali Kid”. One of his music producers is Ace Young from American Idol. I can’t wait! Jordan and I get to drive a Land Speeder that my Dad built for our family to use at charity events. My independent film FireFall is going to be in a small number of movie theaters in California at the end of the year. I think it is going to be in some other theaters but I am not sure where.

Thanks go out to Stone for spending some time with us on NCIS:LA Magazine. We’ll be talking to him again in the future where we will find out more about his recurring role on New Girl and his future upcoming projects.

In the meantime check Stones IMDB page for updates: