Descent (4X24) Review by Phillydi


Decent (4X24)

WRITTEN BY: Frank Military

DIRECTED BY: Terrence O’Hara

The wild speculation leading to the final episode of the season has been a very powerful rallying call for the fans of NCIS Los Angeles.  We’ve all been speculating as to what will happen to our crusading heroes after watching all the horrifying trailers.  Images of team members floating in water, crashing through windows and being tortured have been circulating throughout the media sites for days now.  Even Shane Brennan says he can’t watch some of the scenes without grimacing.  We’ve been following the ominous thread all season with the theft of a number of nuclear bombs by a known Russian arms dealer.  The storyline began in Rude Awakening and continued later in the year with the episode Wanted.  As Isaac Sidorov gets closer to selling the weapons, the team tries to match him step by step. Unfortunately, the man keeps eluding them and in the finale the team must stop him from making the sales, locate the weapons and save the world from nuclear annihilation.  Jeez, not asking too much, are we?  To add further angst to the pot, Densi fans who have had to watch the painful pas de deux between Kensi and Deeks over the past couple of episodes, now wonder if they will ever be able to overcome their own personal demons when it comes to resolving their feelings towards each other. Apparently facing an untimely death tends to put a whole lot of things into perspective.

A parade of evil guest stars (including the Chameleon) gather to make this one of the most explosive finales in the show’s history.    To try and fit all this action and emotion into one hour is going to be hard to watch while knowing we will have to wait all summer for the conclusion!

The last show of the season is off and running after a nuclear bomb explodes in a Mexican dessert.  Sidorov wants to prove that the bombs are still functional because he needs to find a buyer.  The team knows the exact man to do business with Sidorov!  I guess we never thought after last year that the Chameleon would return to broker a weapon’s deal and help the people who put him away.  Callen and Kensi partner-up for a trip to Iran to find Janvier.  There’s a new chess game in town and Janvier doesn’t want to play until Callen throws him a poker chip instead….revenge.  He agrees with one condition…that Callen finishes what he started by killing him after the mission.  Callen’s refusal sets up Janvier’s next move on the board.  It will lead to the team’s ultimate destruction.

Meanwhile, Granger orders Sam and Michelle to find Sidorov and reconnect as part of his team. The husband and wife team are able to rejoin Sidorov by playing another dangerous undercover game and helping him set up the eventual deal with Janvier.

Deeks has been assigned as Sam’s new partner during this phase of the mission and Sam is not happy.  What a surprise!   As a side bar, we have been witness this year to Sam’s continuing insults to the team’s LAPD liaison, Deeks. Although his remarks were often funny and seemed to be in good nature, it looks like there was something actually brewing under the surface all along.  Amazingly, Deeks has kept his feelings under wrap for a long but finally loses his patience (a rare occurrence for sure!) and demands an explanation. Sam just doesn’t like different.  How could he find a problem with Deeks character?  Really?  I have a feeling he will regret these words by the time the show is over.  Not sure where the writers are going with this…but it is an interesting reveal about Sam.

Back in the boathouse, Callen instructs Janvier to call Vaziri to find a buyer for the weapons and then convinces Sidorov he will play middle-man and introduce him to Vaziri’s buyer deep in the Mojavi Dessert.  Janvier is going to be the one to broker the deal himself…this time there is another request…a daughter in Paris that he wants the blood money to go to.  Something just doesn’t feel right to Callen.  Yes, the inside of Janvier head is a scary place.  There are so many pieces on this chessboard, my head is spinning.

The deal goes down, Janvier does his job but Callen is still not feeling right about it all.  He doesn’t like being on the same team as Janvier because he feels he’s being played.  The exchange is in process…the gold is good and Sam gets to deliver it to the bank.  But Sidorov has a more sinister idea in mind! Sam and Michelle have been made!   When Sam is pushed into the pool with a box of heavy gold bricks attached to his wrist, Deeks races to the rescue.  Can you just see Deeks used CPR to save Sam….oh boy! Don’t you wish they had filmed that scene!


Brennan is right; the violence against the team is hard to watch.  First Sam and now Michelle.  Oh no, and now Deeks! I really can’t watch this.  The expression on Sam’s face begging Deeks not to give into Sidorov’s cruelty is heartbreaking.  We end the season with Deeks screaming in terrible agony.  I think I will hear that scream ringing in my ears all summer long.

Callen was right. Janvier had only one purpose in helping NCIS and that was to take revenge on the senior agent….he will  kill everything Callen loves and that includes Sam….sadly, Deeks is collateral damage.  Like I said it’s going to be a long summer, folks.

Show Highlights:

  • The action was intense and the quality of the episode was first rate.  Kudos to Mr. O’Hara and company.  Frank Military also turned in another excellent script.  Can’t wait to see Joe Wilson’s conclusion to the two-part episode next season.
  • Nice to see Deeks finally demanding the respect he should receive from all the members of the team.  About time!
  • Enjoyed watching Callen trying to keep his cool while working with Janvier.  Oooh this so sticks in his claws!  Emotions are at an all-time high!  Janvier may get his death wish yet!
  • Deeks complains about Kensi’s communications skills but unfortunately, he’s also held back from saying what he wants to say due to fear.  Poor man is afraid of what his partner might eventually tell him, I suspect.  Where does that leave us?  Yep, love sucks.
  • The green eyed monster is back again leading to…..THE KISS!!  No need to say more. But did Kensi just act like it never happen? Yeah, she did.  Damn!
  • So I stand corrected.  Deeks has great communications skills!  Densi fans can be heard sighing around the world tonight.  Thank you Mr. Brennan!


Another thank you goes out to Massi Furlan (Mikhail Andros) for being our final guest star interview of the season and talking to us about his career and the explosive season finale.  Massi will be sharing some exclusive photos with us…so check back later this week.  It was a real treat to talk to Massi and we invite him back any time to NCISLA Magazine.

I also would like to thank all of the incredible readers who have read and graced this review with their comments and remarks about the show over the last 24 episodes.  I’ve had a great time and I can’t wait to do it all again next September!  Have a wonderful summer and I’ll see you back here then!  Let’s hope we can all make it to Season Five without any more casualties!  Take care!

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25 thoughts on “Descent (4X24) Review by Phillydi

  1. erin

    Sam better have some mad respect for Deeks after this :'( it was definitely hard to watch that last scene with Deeks…

    Here’s kinda what I’m thinking for the conclusion:

    Kensi gets Michelle and they have their way with the Russian Barbies. Then they somehow manage to find Siderov, rescue Sam and Deeks and either Sam or Michelle or maybe Kensi kill Siderov.

    Janvier becomes Callen’s bitch.

    Gah! The next 3 1/2 months better go by quickly!

  2. Jess

    “But did Kensi just act like it never happen? Yeah, she did. Damn!”

    Actually, watching this moment, I more got the feeling that Kensi was desperately making herself focus on the job at hand and what she was meant to be doing … I don’t blame her either; Deeks’ actions would’ve made anyone lose focus 😉 Heh heh! That was some kiss!
    Gah, September is too far away!!! *hugs Deeks*

  3. Nita

    I think I spent the last 15 min going OMG the whole time then screaming and crying a big NOOO at the end it’s going to me a long couple of months! What a episode I am a major Densi fan and on a real plus hardly any nell and eric yay, really didn’t like sam’s hostility but I think this experience might bring them closer as Deeks is definatly not soft and sam might actually learn to give Deeks the respect he deserves! Loved the Densi kiss very clever they way they wrote it! It was Deeks way of expressing how much he cared and I think rattled Kensi. Kensi better save the day they can’t mess my Deeks up too badly! Love to hate Cliffhangers and this was the best cliffhanger I have ever seen!

  4. Tara

    The finale was so explosive! (pardon the bad pun) Those torture scenes with Sam and Deeks were so hard to watch that I had to look away. The ending with Deeks scream hurt to listen to. It’s going to be along 3 months.
    Now switching to Kensi and Deeks. I was so glad to see Kensi call Deeks out on his lack of communication and finally she lost her cool. Which of course resulted in Deeks kissing her. Loved the ‘How’s that for communication.’ Poor Kensi was actually speechless. Thankfully she got back on track because she did have to back up Michelle.
    For season 5 I hope the writers explain why Sam has never fully accepted Deeks on the team. Deeks has proven himself time and time again that he’s a valuable player. And if he wasn’t, Hetty would have never brought Deeks to NCIS.
    I also can’t wait to see how Callen will take down Janiver for hopefully the last time.

  5. OSPliasion

    Thanks a lot for your reviews, I always enjoy reading them! 🙂

    I just want to add that this finale was intense and epic. The guests Christopher Lambert and Timothy V. Murphy very great!!! But for me the promo pics and trailer gave too much away. Exactly what I expected happened. The revenge, the kiss, the torture. I hope for a bit more surprise for season 5 but all in all I love the show.

    Survive hiatus! 😀

  6. Shelia

    Watching that finale was torture, it was so good and so painful. But I don’t feel as much as pain as I did at last year’s finale, can’t really explain why because no one was being physically torutured last year. Maybe it was that last look on Callen’s face as he was forced into the police car.

    Anyway back to last nights finale; Sam needs to get over it. Deeks has proved his self many times over. I was thinking Sam resented Deeks never actually becoming an agent even though he is one in everything but name. But it was a nice setup for that final scene, Sam doubting Deeks but having to trust that Deeks wouldn’t give up Michele. Personally I dont think he will give her up. I think Deeks is stronger than Sam gives him credit for.

    The kiss was great, I liked the way it came about. Kensi had been pushing his buttons for quite some time and she ramped it up last night. Deeks having the final word with that kiss and his last statement was right on the money. The look on her face was priceless.

    While I enjoyed the episode I do have a couple of small problems with it; 1. Why would you send Sam into a situation where there is someone that knows he’s an agent? That’s just asking for trouble.
    2. So Janvier had time to write those words on his eyelids so plainly? Without a mirror?

    The entire team needs to brush up on their skillset as there have been several slips this season.

    I have enjoyed this entire season even though there was a noticeable shortage of Callen based storylines, hopefully this will change for next season.

  7. skippy2105

    Okay, this was an awesome episode… for all Densi lovers. The kiss. Yeah, they did it (or at least Deeks did what some of the fans were waiting so long for). And Kensi seemed surprised, not shocked. So all good.

    The Sam and Deeks dialog over the chess game was good though not necessary because I think Deeks has proven himself as an equal good member of the team. But they have to place that dialog so in the end Deeks will be able to show Sam that he is trustworthy and I guess he won’t give up Michelle. But that is just a guess.

    Janvier is a mean person and I like him for that. He is a great nemesis for Callen (and I hope it will stay that way for a long time, so I really hope Janvier won’t get killed at the beginning of S5). I love the interaction between Callen and Janvier, he always pushes Callen to the edge. We just have to wait 4+ months to find out how far he pushes him this time. And the question is how Sam and Deeks will get out of that torture chamber?

    I am glad that this season is over. It was by far the worst for all non Densi lovers. Yeah I admit it, though you might have already noticed it, I am a Callen or/and team fan, not a Sam and Densi lover. I love these characters, don’t get me wrong, but not so much to focus on them for almost a whole season. But the Densi lovers really deserved it, honestly.

    My expectations for the finale weren’t very high (due to the spoilers) and I was right. Not a very good finale compared to the ones we have had so far. But the good thing is this is over now and the next season will be more centered on Callen (and also Deeks I have heard). Probably what Janvier said will be an issue next season (that he will go after the ones Callen loves and cares about). Though in the ep Crimeleon he said “…I will kill you, soon. That is all I live for, that is all I care about Agent Callen”. This could mean Callen might separate himself from the team to keep them safe in S5.

    Also I hope Shane Brennan will write again NCIS LA episodes. His were by far the best (my opinion). So we might have that chance if Red won’t be chosen at the upfronts.

    To all NCIS LA maniacs: Enjoy the hiatus and the summer.

  8. Cláudia

    What an awesome episode! I went to bed almost 4 a.m. in Portugal and couldn’t sleep, I was in shock 🙂
    And yes, today is a working day… But I don’t regret the lack of sleep.

  9. Cintia

    Hola gente !!!! me encanto la final de temporada de ncis los angeles , todo vuelve el camamleón les hace pagar de una forma todo lo que le hicieron, chau sam y deeks esa última escena gritando de dolor y angustia!!!!! y sam mirandolo con desesperación ,y la escena más esperadaaaa ese BESO fue fantastico la tomo y le partio la boca y kensiiii su cara fue mortal no sabia donde estaba paradaaaaaaa!!!!!!! y el como la miraaaaa diosssss fue genialllllll lo mejor de lo mejor!!!!! espero que la 5 temporada sepamos más de deeks y que pasará con su relación con kensi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Domingo

    This is what I call a season finale, some real edge of the seat stuff, enough to keep us busy all summer.

    This was about torture, both physical and emotional, and getting all three “baddies” Vasari,Sidorov, and Jan Vier (Chameleon) in the same episode a touch of genius by the writer Frank Military one of my favourite LA writers.

    Physical torture for both Sam and Deeks, but also some emotional torture as well, for Sam not only enduring the physical but not knowing what was happening to Michelle, for Deeks the emotional pressure had been earlier when Kensie was goading him saying that he never said what he meant, man of action he kissed her, good for him, he sent a message.

    Kensie, is now tortured because she knows how Deeks feels and will have to respond, and hopefully be more honest about her own feelings.

    For Callen it is different Jan Vier is an old adversary and out for revenge, he hates Callen for originally shooting him, and handing him over to the Iranians, where he lost his hand, so he betrays them to Sidorov,, and then twist the knife in to Callen, first he tries to goad him into Killing him, then tells him that everything that is happening is his Callens fault, then he says that he will kill every one Callen loves, and that the beloved partner will die. Words like Love and Beloved are not part of Callens vocabulary and the usually cool and often cold Callen is emotionally shaken.

    Hettty had already made a surprising intervention when she said “control your emotions Mr.Callen.

    I liked the references to chess again, and I hope the Chameleon will be around for a while.
    Jan Vier’s reference to a daughter rouses suspicion, he is a play actor, and Callen said he was the best he had ever come across, so I don’t trust that at all.

    Personally I am not keen on such visual torture, but that is my choice, and does not mean that it was not a good episode it was, and a fitting finale for the season, as they have already filmed the sequel, it will be fun to see what happens in September, it will be a long summer.

  11. Diane Post author

    Thanks for hearing from you all…all great thoughts and comments…I will be doing a further analysis of the episode next week….there was so much I wanted to say in the review but thought I would save it for later…stay tuned. I have more to say on this great cliffhanger! Diane

  12. Sweet Lu

    This finale got my heart rate up, that’s for sure, even with all the promos, I
    was still drawn into the drama and intensity and the mounting tension
    throughout. So much was going on. The best written episode of the year.
    > I’ve always loved Sam and Deeks together and I was not disappointed. They just
    seem to rub each other the wrong way, but I think Deeks admires Sam, but that
    feeling has obviously not been reciprocated. The scene at the chess table was
    one of my favorites, because Deeks called Sam on all the crap he throws at him
    and I was happy to see that. I got the impression that Deeks was a little angry
    throughout the episode, probably going back to his time undercover in Parlay.
    Kensi was bugging him and now Sam and I think he was finally fed up. I think
    it’s why he finally kissed Kensi. The whole thing pushed him over the line, and
    he just said to hell with it and made his move. I think afterward you could tell
    that he was struggling with his emotions, but I think he was pleased with
    himself for his actions. He’d been wanting to do that for a long time, and it
    showed. I think he was relieved, not to mention that ECO was as sexy as he has
    ever been in that scene.
    > The scene at the pool was so dynamic. Sam was in trouble and Deeks didn’t even
    hesitate to rush to his aid. That dive into the pool made me whoop out loud.
    Watching them both tortured was difficult and hearing Deeks scream was hard to
    take. Every one of the team members are going to suffer because of that torture.
    Callen’s guilt and anger was so raw when he realized he’d been played and that
    does not bode well for Janvier. I hope the creepy, evil guy gets what he
    deserves. I’m also looking forward to watching Kensi’s response in next season’s
    > Wonder who will get to kill Siderov. I’m sure the line is a long one, but my
    money’s on Michelle. That would be a great scene to write. Almost as good as the
    one where Kensi finds Deeks.
    > Hopefully time will fly and next season will be here before we know it. If I
    have to wish for something, it’s for a two hour opener, directed by James
    Whitmore, Jr.

  13. Charla

    Forget the tissues, I needed a brown paper bag to help me breathe. I felt like we were on a roller coaster and we were on the slow climb to the top for the first drop and then the show was over. So, now we are stuck for 4 months. UGH. The last scene was so hard to watch I kind of wonder if they went to far, but I don’t like scenes like that period so it could just be me. I think what was the hardest was seeing Sams face at the end watching Deeks being hurt.
    But judging by the pictures I’ve seen floating out there I think what will happen is Kensi will save Michelle and she will know where Sam and Deeks are at. They will have to get Nell to help them out to save Deeks and Sam.
    As for Callen and Janiver I’m not sure. I think Janiver is wanting Callen to kill him, so whether or not he gives in to that will be interesting.
    As for the show as a whole Season 4 has been my favorite season. Every episode seemed to be better than the last. So, I can’t wait for season 5.

  14. Marion

    Great review! Thank you for that. Looking forward to your analysis on “Descent”. This will be a long summer indeed.
    Have they announced the Season 5 start date yet?

  15. Diane

    I really liked the finale. I admit this season has been not been my favorite, but I think that was their best finale. It was action packed and relationships were moved forward: Deeks and Sam and especially Deeks and Kensi. Loved her reaction to the kiss, it was so Kensi. Janvier is a great villian, as well as Siderov. I hope the season 5 opener continues the high quality.

  16. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    The finale was excellent
    sam and deeks need to and reolve some of their differnces?
    Callen was superb!!

  17. trytofindme

    I feel disappointed, they gave away to much in the promo pictures that the powers that be released. That being said I have lots of questions and ideas on possibly where the next season will take us.

    Callen should have known that the Chameleon was always going to betray him. Revenge was always going to be his priority, even when he looked like he was playing the game. He hates the Iranians nearly as much as Callen, but Callen is a single target, the Iranians are multiple.
    Hetty and Granger should have found another weapons broker, even an undercover agent from another team. Surely they have multiple identities running on other cases. The Chameleon is not the only weapons broker in the world. Hetty should have also realised that she needed to bring in more field support for the team.
    Deeks being blunt with Sam about the crap he gives him. Sam may have seen the world but it is beginning to seem a little narrow minded where Deeks is concerned. I am personally hoping that as Sam watches the torture of Deeks, Sam crumbles like a broken cookie while Deeks who had years of practice with his father stays strong. Of course the it is a lie that Sam tells when he is crumbling.
    Kensi in this episode seemed to be more of a background character compared to Michelle/Quinn. Her only real moment for me, was her kiss with Deeks. Which she pretty quickly blanked and did her job.

    What I would like to see in season five
    – Sam and Deeks being stuck on desk duty for medical reasons and doing Nell’s job of analyst.
    – Nate returns for a couple of consecutive episodes, not the occasional one off but a block of say four or five. He will be doing a little field agent work but also being the person that shrinks Sam and Deeks in the aftermath.
    – Sam and Deeks in counselling together, as well as singularly.
    – Callen and Deeks get to work together as partners.
    – Nell finding time to perfect her gorgon stare and other Hetty like abilities, with Sam and Deeks desk bound, gets to be in the field working.
    – Someone, preferably non team, killing the Chameleon. I don’t care if they mutilate the body as long as he is extra dead. Maybe in pieces.
    – I would like a link through from one of the earlier seasons through to the new season. Something that happens while people are recovering eg. Khaled comes and takes revenge. Still a bit more unfinished business with Jada. Or Callen’s past.
    – Granger fiddling with the team while people are down. Callen tired of his meddling, punches Granger in the face.
    – Callen goes rogue or is temporarily reassigned to South America. While there he makes connection with a Comescu family member and finds out a little more about his heritage.
    – Eric brings problems to the doors of NCIS, maybe former hacker friends gone bad/manipulated.
    – The writers sort out the Densi issue, maybe at an injured Deeks bedside. Knowing my luck however the writers are going to continue to string it along for probably another season. The reality is, it is the chase that we love to watch.

  18. Suzieuk

    Thanks. For the review. The episode. Was great. Love that brought. Back guy with creepy. Voice. Sorry. Don’t. Know his name. I also. Love seeing with scene kensi deeks. (love them) and there kiss awwwww hope there say some more about in season 5

  19. safira

    The end was completely unexpected…seeing Sam and Deeks in that situation was painful. I’m curious to see how Deeks reacts to the torture Deeks (if he survives). He’s character is very funny, and always in a good mood. I think It will be interesting to see how he responds to this trauma…maybe a completely different Deeks from what we are used…more reserved and darker!

  20. Elizabeth Turner

    Great episode.

    The scenes I really liked:

    -between Kensi and Deeks in the weapons room just before she leaves for Iran. “Say something you actually mean.” *Silence*

    -Deeks and Sam over the chess board. I turned to my husband and said, “that’s going to play out somewhere along the line.”

    -just before and after Deeks kisses Kensi. Deeks is clearly thinking over his actions as he walks back to watch over Sam at the pool. I think Kensi was stunned by Deeks’ kiss and had to consciously refocus on the task at hand.

    -call me sick, but I liked the torture scenes. They were hard to watch, but they certainly added to the intensity of the episode. When I saw Deeks’ mouth forced open on one of the promos it reminded me of the movie from years ago, Marathon Man, with Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier. The famous line, “Is it safe.” came back in an instant. So when Sidorov put his hands on Deeks’ shoulders and said, “Is it safe to sell . . .” I couldn’t help but think that the writer gave a little homage to Marathon Man. To this day whenever I go to the dentist and she’s cleaning or drilling away I think of that line.

    Two major things that NCIS:LA does . . . .

    The characters wear seat belts. (I can’t help it, I’m a mother of two young men and statistically young men don’t wear seat belts, so it’s a subtle reminder to wear one.)

    With the exception of the 1st season and one or two times in the second season, Kensi’s wardrobe has been appropriate for the type of work she does. The minute there’s a severe discrepancy between the male and female wardrobe my suspension of disbelief is gone.

    Thank you to the individuals who make those decisions.

    I’m no director, but . . . In regards to the kiss, I think Deeks should have paused for a fraction of a second, made eye contact with Kensi and then kissed her; making it a conscious effort rather than an impulsive one. Also, after putting the helmet on, Kensi should have glanced up at Deeks before she left.

    Looking forward to next season.

  21. Christina

    Great episode! I was so blown away & screaming “Woo Hoo!!” after the kiss”, I missed Kensi’s remark after Deeks said, “How’s that for communication?”
    Anyone here remember what she said?

    1. Steena

      She said “I gotta stay with Michelle”. Desperate effort to stay focused after the kiss!

  22. Deb

    I’ve always wondered why Sam was so cold, even nasty, toward Deeks. I didn’t really buy the story he gave Deeks during the “chess” game. He doesn’t like his clothes? Really? Deeks doesn’t dress any different than Sam. His joking around? Huh? They all do it, although Deeks is better at it most of the time. His hair? No, not his hair or haircut actually, but what it represents: his character. What? There is absolutely no reason to question Deeks character and after 3 years, it just didn’t make sense and of course, they didn’t have time to explain things further. I can’t help but believe there is still something else going on and if not, they gave a really poor explanation for the way Sam acts towards Deeks. Regardless, I can’t imagine Sam not being racked with guilt for questioning Deeks “character” after witnessing Deeks’ torture; especially knowing he has been less than generous to a man who has “always had everybody’s back”, literally saved his life (and by doing so put his own in jeopardy) and is now trying to protect Sam’s wife even though it may mean being tortured to death (of course that won’t happen). Despite his surliness toward Deeks, I don’t think Sam would hesitate a second to sacrifice himself to save Deeks and maybe somehow he will.

    I really think the torture at the very end was amped up a little to add some shock value and remind the viewer how dangerous this job is supposed to be for the main characters. It is rare for a main character who is tortured to truly show the agony being experienced. Eric Christian Olsen did some fantastic screaming. (Bravo on a job well done!) Very believable. It made me cringe and my heart ached for him even though I knew it wasn’t real, which is what I think they were going for. I’m not sure it would have worked as well using Sam or Callen (although Sam was tortured). Sam and Callen seem almost like super heroes, too stoic to express much pain; but Deeks put a very human face on the torture and it allowed us to see in Sam the guilt and pain he is experiencing as the last visual before the screen goes to black with the haunting screams still echoing in our ears.

    The Kensi/Deeks moment was kind of a surprise. I think it was played well. It was not mushy or drawn out; just a simple kiss and a look of confusion on Kensi’s part as she tries to process something that she didn’t expect, but has no doubt been waiting for a long time. It will be interesting to see how they deal with that moment next season. I’m glad they finally addressed the underlying feelings between the two characters after only 3 seasons. They have let the Tony/Ziva situation on NCIS go on way too long. It would now seem almost weird to see those two get together. There comes a point of diminishing returns when carrying flirtations on too long.

    Personally I am not a fan of cliffhangers. Having to wait a week to find out what happens to Deeks and Sam would be bad enough, but all summer. Talk about “torture”!

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