NCISLA Magazine Game Day #9[15-20-10]
If you could take a peep into one day of Kensi’s journal, which day would you choose?

11 thoughts on “NCISLA Magazine Game Day #9

  1. sarah

    I think I will take a look at the night after Kensi and Deek said goodbye by the end of episode Parley. Sure the entry on that night was interesting….


  2. Richtsje

    The day Granger showed up for the investigation on Kensi’s past. She certainly did not trust the man right there, and now she’s working with him!

  3. AN

    I would choose the entry After “Ascension” or ” Impact”
    those would be extremely interesting !!!

  4. tati

    I’d choose the night she left from the restaurant and then Deeks left. I really want to know that happened.

  5. Nicole

    I would choose the day after Deeks said to her he has to go undercover for a long time at the end of episode Fame.

  6. christina

    I would have to say the time after Decent would love to be able to read how she handled hearing Deeks was taken.

  7. mckenna

    I would love to read the day of Disorder and know her thoughts about remembering Jack, know what she thinks after years have passed.

  8. Fenix

    I would like compare first chapter, when she met Deeks, with last chapter.
    That’s could be, maybe, funny reading.

  9. tara

    In no particular order:
    what she thought of Deeks after ‘hand to hand’ and ‘fame’
    having to relive Jack leaving her after ‘disorder’ ended
    what was going through her mind as she tried to find Deeks, and Sam
    & after what deeks said to her about her smile & her laugh got him through the torture.
    the night she and deeks left the restaurant
    after blye, k & blye k part 2
    end of parley
    what was going through her mind as she left ops after ‘frozen lake’ episode ended.
    she had tears in her eyes as she and deeks talked on the phone at the end of merry invasion. did she shed even more tears after they hung up.

  10. BH72

    After she met Deeks, in Hand to Hand. Love to know what she thought of him at the beginning. They’ve come so far from their first meeting, to the Frozen Lake episode.

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