5 thoughts on “NCISLA Cast Selfie

  1. BH72

    I love this photo. They all look so happy and you can see how well the cast get on together off screen and how much they love working together. No wonder the show rocks.

  2. Richtsje

    Love this picture, the smiling faces which show the team is a team even when off-screen. Thank you for sharing, Chris O’Donnell (and #NCISLAMagazine of course!)

  3. ChrisDaisy

    Awesome picture!

    Looks like they had a great time and it show that the team has great chemistry on and off screen!
    Makes me like the show even more 🙂

  4. Isabelle

    They are so cute! It is clear when seeing this photo that there’s a real friendship between all of them and I’m sure it’s one of the reason why the show is a success, because they are close as family members. Thank you for sharing this picture, that warms my heart…

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