9 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles 100th Episode “Reznikov, N.” Promo

    1. SnoopGirl

      Parely is after 100th preview. Plays in a loop, go out of page and back in, should show 100th preview first.

  1. LasiaMsinred

    I do have to admit that I this promo brings out the dumb blonde in me.When I watched for the first time and saw Callen’s supposed father I felt like: “No way!They don’t even look alike!” **what a great DNA test,right?**
    Now that I’ve re-watched it several times I start believing that the guy has G’s eyes.(probably the other way around).
    BUT I love it and I can’t wait to watch it !!!!

  2. justdreaming-83

    wow. We’ve seen G’s eyes red and watery. And we’ve seen a few tears roll down his face. But those tears, and those red eyes are only after a long, hard cry. And that look on his face when he sees the man claiming to be his father? That stunned/vulnerable expression for him is rare. This looks like one emotional ride for him.

  3. Richtsje

    Haven’t counted how many times I pressed ‘play again’… Find it hard to believe what’s happening. I mean: he’s crying, he found some dear stuff, we see him floored on the street and definitely vulnerable and the astonishment when in that position, he finds his father [or, of course, the other way around].

    Of course, in a sneak peek we mostly see ‘the best of’, so I am very curious what 5×04 brings us as a whole. Since Mr. Brennan himself is responsible for this ep, it must be v.e.r.y. special indeed!

  4. ChrisDaisy

    I’ve watched that promo over and over again… maybe hoping to get some answers here and now without having to wait another number of days…

    But then – knowing Shane Brennan we might not get any answers at all next Tuesday but a whole bunch of new questions instead.

    It will definitely be a highly emotional episode – for Callen and for all Callen fans who followed him on his journey so far.

    Can’t wait!

  5. April

    Eager to see an episode about Callen, was taking too long to happen. Everything is Deeks and Kensi and Sam. I want more about Callen.

    I think this man is not the father of Callen. And I think that Granger should know the Father’s Callen. It would be great if he was agent and beautiful as the G. hahaha

  6. I Feel Possessed

    I too have watched the trailer repeatedly and think the scenes may be out of order. Is that man really Callen’s father or all part of an elaborate ploy by the Comescu’s? If he is Callen’s father then I am concerned about the bad guy standing behind him with a hand gun. And with Callen’s tears – by betting is that he watches his father get shot by the Comescu’s…

    I reckon that yes, some questions will be answered but other questions will remain unsolved and some new ones will also appear. After all, the show is really about Callen and his journey.

    Though I love the other characters and am keen to see how the Deeks/Kensi relationship delevop and how their partnership will be split up (I think the seeds are being sown, and I don’t think Callen was convinced by Deeks saying he was back at the end of Omni).

    I want to see more Callen. In fact I want to see Callen and Deeks partnered up. But more Callen will do!

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