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16 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Omni” Review **Fan-Made**

  1. Jan

    After the drama and angst of the last 2 episodes, it was a tough task in this episode to get things back to almost normal for our team. The case was much more interesting than last week’s, but did not appear to have the same long term implications. Mostly, what held my attention in this episode was the team dynamics and Deeks reacclimating.

    I loved the opening scene with Deeks and Hetty. It was so indicative of Deeks’ state of mind that he didn’t really know if he planned to stay or go. Clearly, he needs some time to readjust before he can make any major life decisions. And Hetty’s gift and note to him were so appropriate. Really, how did she know Deeks would be back? Deeks’ frustration with the new gun was visible, and perhaps a foreshadowing of his reluctance to take a shot later on.

    The bromance between Sam and Callen felt comfortable, exactly what we’ve come to expect from those two. But how weird is it to have Sam defending Deeks? Still, I loved Sam’s reaction when he first sees Deeks, and that Sam is the one to pull Deeks into a hug after they shake hands. And then again at the end, after Callen has confronted Deeks about his readiness, Sam is the one who tells Callen it’s time to go. He couldn’t have been more obvious if he had said out loud for Callen to leave Deeks alone. As a fan who would love to see more Sam/Deeks interaction, I found that scene very satisfying.

    I thought Deeks and Kensi seemed a bit awkward at first, still feeling out where their partnership stands in light of everything that has happened, much of which they don’t seem to have discussed. It was a nice touch that Kensi remembered the junkie snatch that Deeks cited as a reason for his preference for his old gun. As for Kensi’s torture jokes, humor does seem to be the best way for Deeks to cope with anything, so that seemed appropriate. But I wonder if they have discussed the torture privately, since she seemed aware of how loud he had been screaming, and that information could only have come from Deeks himself (or possibly Sam, but I doubt he would reveal any of the torture details to anyone else). Her concern for him when he didn’t take the shot was touching, as was her refusal to push the issue once he explained why he hadn’t. It’s very hard to tell at this point where the line is between the support she’s offering as a partner and friend, versus closeness that indicates something more. At some point they will have to address that, but right now they both seem to need to reconnect without pushing it too far.

    One last thing: Where was Granger? I can understand him not being part of last week’s episode, as it was all about healing, and Granger doesn’t have the kind of relationship with the team that would allow him to participate in that healing. But I do want to see him more integrated into the team dynamics. I’m looking forward to seeing him next week.

  2. SD

    I agree with Jan..completely. Other than that what I liked best was the way Deeks pushed Kensi to go for a drive because he wanted to get out of the comfortable position in the car. It gave us a comic interlude with him being pro about Kensi driving the Cobra, Eric discouraging Kensi and ending up with nice results because of the push. We have Kensi driving the Cobra, giving Deeks time to investigate the garage, find evidence, have Hetty enjoy Kensi’s driving live…Hetty infact along with Eric and Nell were the only ones watching Kensi live in action. It was interesting. One of the best part which later added up to other scenes.

    The other thing I liked was how Deeks and Kensi both have a correct observarion about the doctor….that he is socially awkward and that he may be hiding something. Deeks seems to always understand the social vulnerability and anomaly about people and never be judgmental about them. On the other hand, Kensi is judgemental about the same social vulnerabilty as she has a strong instinct towards behavioral patterns when someone is under influence of fear. I would say, both Deeks and Kensi complement each other through their partnership with one creating an understanding of levelled field to build trust and other working on issues through that trust. They can help people in this manner.

    While the episode material was nothing about recurrent material, it was definitely focussed on Deeks coming back to work. It was done nicely….the way Hetty wanted. She always knew when she had to intervene and act, but she executes her plan in the professional manner so that no one questions her intentions. She sought Nate’s opinion (professional in nature) and Nate had nothing new to tell her that she did not know. Yet, it was required of her like the way she did for Sam. Then she knew Deeks would be back to respect her warning about replacement. But then she fed Callen the news that Deeks might not be ready so that Callen as the Team leader also pays adequate attention on Deeks. We have seen Callen wanting to take Sam back to work in last episode and Hetty had to stop him….and we see in this episode that Callen is not the same with Deeks as he was with Sam…he is bit more closed about taking him back. Though we may not like this, but may be Hetty knew, this harsh view would be just about the right call for Deeks to come out vocally about what he wants to do.

    In the end Hetty is the happy one that Deeks is back, which clearly tells us that she never cared about Nate’s view or afraid of Deeks not being himself, all she wanted was to have Deeks return to his NCIS family where he will feel wanted and useful and be happy.

    Kensi throwing all her jokes in one go….just proves how much Deeks has an upperhand over her by seeming to humour her for her jokes, because Kensi clearly knows that Callen and Sam do not reciprocate to her jokes. So its not just Deeks, it was about Kensi as well, as to how happy she was with Deeks being back to work. And Hetty loved it for both of them. The opening and ending scene was beautiful with Hetty.

  3. SD

    Ooops !! it should have been “uncomfortable” position in my opening para of the comment. Haha!

  4. Carrie

    I liked the episode… I died laughing when Kensi was reciting her jokes to Deeks. I loved that Sam is making an honest attempt and I like how they didn’t jump to being best buddies… it was awkward and friendly and I think that is exactly how it should play out.

    I realized I haven’t forgiven Sam for what he said to Deeks. I hope we get another conversation between Deeks and Sam.

    I am having a hard time with Callen here. His last comments to Deeks were harsh and I understand why he needed to say that. I’d like to see Deeks and Callen team up. I think I read somewhere that the 100th episode is of course important to Callen but that its a turning point for Deeks too? or maybe I read that wrong.

    I think I still harbour some hope Deeks and Callen are related. Especially if that really is Callen’s Father…

  5. justdreaming-83

    I also liked the opening scene with Hetty and Deeks. (Our Hetty is such a wise woman.) It would have been unrealistic for him to have just shown up at the same time as the others and jumped back into his role. We, the viewers, needed to see that he was still processing what had happened to him and how he fit in with the team.

    Loved the Sam/Deeks “man-hug.” Even though they are few and far between, those have always been reserved for his partner. Being Sam is not a touchy-feely person, it went a long way in showing his acceptance of Deeks.

    Kensi and Deeks got started on an awkward track. But that, too, seemed appropriate. After all, he’s been through a lot, and has been off for a while. And they both must be feeling pretty unsure about where they stand in their relationship.

    The plot was great! Kensi driving the Cobra was amazing. And Hetty rooting her on as she zipped around the track was perfect!

    I am a Callen fan, but I almost threw something at him when he told Deeks he didn’t want him. It shocked me. When Deeks was new, it was Callen who made a few attempts to defend him when Sam was all resistive of the new guy. I understand Callen’s protectiveness of the team. Second to Hetty, he is very perceptive of what his team is feeling. But I’m not sure why he was so rough. Does he see something the others don’t? Maybe he was testing Deeks. If he WASN’T ready, he would have probably ducked and run. We did see Deeks flinch. And there was some hesitation. But in the end, thankfully, he came through with a fairly convincing response.

  6. Andieke

    Not really happy with Callen and how he’s dealing with it all. Or maybe not deal with it?
    As far as we know he’s not been in contact with Deeks when he was holed up in his own home, he’s barely talking to Deeks as he’s back on the team and then suddenly comes around and says ‘I don’t want you here’

    I get that Callen is looking out for his team, but what he said could have had a bad effect on Deeks. Ofcourse it’s also possible that Deeks is hiding behind a mask and right now Callen is the only one to see it. Personal experience perhaps?

    The interaction between Deeks and Kensi is good. But, I don’t know, it might be just me, but it seems that Kensi is taking ‘let’s pretend the world is alright, so everything will be alright’ route. And Deeks is kinda going along with it, only for Kensi to be faced with situations that clearly are telling her things are not okay: the moment in the beginning where Deeks is struggling with the new gun, and at the gun fight where he doesn’t take the shot.

    At the end, I would have like her to catch on to the fact that something serious has happened, she might not have heard what Callen said, but I feel she should have picked up from his body language that something happened.

    I’m happy with Sam and Deeks. They are not the best mates and probably never will be, but Sam defending Deeks is something nice to see. They seem to have found some sort of connection between them that turns whatever happened to the two of them into something positive.

    Hetty will be Hetty, unpredictable and that’s the way we like it 🙂

  7. Jess

    I’m just hoping we get to see Callen “explain himself” if not to Deeks, then to us somehow 😉 in a later episode … it kind of felt like a strange thing for him to say, right then, and I’m glad I’m not the only one to have noticed. I’m the biggest Callen fan out there, but there are ways to express your concern for someone, G! 😉

  8. Evi

    Diane I hope the personal reason is nothing too serious. We can’t wait to have you back.

    I liked the episode. I found it a nice relief after the first two even though it still broke my heart seeing Deeks so uncertain.

    I loved Sam’s welcome. What a change and character development. I immediately recalled the scene from the debt, where he refused to hug him!

    We weren’t granted with a lot of Densi, but let’s not be greedy. Like Jan said at first it felt a bit awakward. Of course I knew they wouldn’t show us any more details on their “sleepover” from last ep, but there are some things I would like to know. Like, how many days have passed since that night? Did Kensi continue visiting him? Have they talked about the torture?

    Kensi’s jokes were hillarious but when she mentioned his screams I got a feeling it went a bit too far. Anyway, Deeks seemed to enjoy them regardless so that’s enough for me.

    Awwww….the “I’ve missed you” line! It came out so effortless it was absolutely sweet. I got a bit angry that she tried to explain and justify her declaration since Deeks has so openly expressed his own feelings during the first two episodes (not to mention the elephant in the room – the kiss). But then again, Deeks tried to make a joke out of it which completely dissorientated Kensi. If for once he hadn’t spoken but just listened to her instead, she might loosen up and say what she feels for a change.

    It was very interesting that Kensi noticed he didn’t take the shot. For the first time her worry was aobvious but I apreciated the fact that she didn’t mention it in front of G and Sam. During the last shoot out, where he saves the lady, at first I thought he run to her safety in order to avoid shooting again. But now, having watched it one more time, I think he just rushed to her aid without even thinking twice.

    I am still thinking about the break hearts line. I can’t make up my mind wether it was simply meant as a joke or is it foreshadowing something worse.

    Oh, Callen I like you but this time you just too bold. I understand that he is worried about his team but since Hetty aproved Deeks comeback he should have respected her decision. Not to mention how insensitive he sounded. He didn’t even cared to ask him how he has been doing. Despite all these people are humans Callen, not robots. I loved how firm and postive of himself Deeks was though. Maybe that was the boost he really needed to get his self estime back. Someone to doubt his abilities face to face.

    The ending was really sweet. I hope they stick to it and provide us a Densi bonding every week. It is interesting to see Kensi all goofy and cheerful, and Deeks enigmatic and insecure.

  9. Sweet Lu

    I have watched the episode three times now. So here are some of my thoughts. I think when Deeks walked into the Mission he was unsure how he would feel and was literally feeling his way through the entire day. He was awkward and I think a little scared, especially after his session at the gun range. It was if he couldn’t bear to hurt someone, or even a paper target. He has always used humor to protect himself and his true feelings, so it seemed right to go overboard with that humor as he tried to get back to “normal”. I think his inability to fire his gun and his attempt to save that woman at the end of the episode shows he is dealing with how hurt he really was both mentally and physically by the torture. I think it will get him in trouble, because he is Kensi’s backup and I think that’s what bothered her when he didn’t fire his weapon in the parking garage. This all said, I think Callen saw all this. He saw that Deeks was pushing things and being crazy and overconfident when he didn’t feel that way at all and it made him concerned. I don’t think he wants Deeks off his team, I just think he doesn’t want him to get himself or Kensi killed because he came back too soon. When Deeks got serious there with him at the end, that was true and what he said to Callen is what he wants to be true. But I still think there is a lot he has to overcome for him to be right again and I think that will play out over the season.

    As for Sam’s welcome. I thought it was sweet and completely honest, but I was curious about Deeks’ reaction. It didn’t seem as if he wholly accepted Sam’s hug and the sentiment behind it, but I may be reading too much into it. I think Deeks wants to be cared about and he is like a little kid trying to get it. He keeps telling them he’s okay and good, but is it to convince himself or them? It was an awkward episode, but maybe that’s as it should be. Sam has changed his attitude completely, treating him with care and defending him to Callen, hoping he will be okay. He owes his life and his wife’s life to the man, and now he is a buddy and he will be as loyal now to Deeks as he is to his SEAL brothers. That seems right for Sam.

    Kensi still seemed unsure about how to treat him. She was worried, but not to his face, making jokes instead, which I found weird, but she was supportive. I remember Sam telling Nate in the last episode that everyone was being too nice to him, and that’s the way Kensi came across to me, and maybe to Deeks as well. She is not back to “normal” either.

    So much left to explore here and I am looking forward to it.

  10. Lumy_Mee

    Great episode, I loved all of it. I loved the Callen & Sam banter.
    I think Deeks will need a very loooooong time to come back – if ever – to normal.
    I read some time ago(before the start of the season that Kensi’s behaviour around Deeks changes this season and I was wondering what that meant. Now I kind of see what they meant: she is trying to be Deeks for him, as he cannot be – at least for now. She does not know how to cope wih this sad and lost Deeks, who by the way, kissed her just before a very dramatic episode in his (and hers up to a point) life. I think she has done some progress since her promise to her partner that she will try to lighten up. And I saw Deeks noticing and appreciating that. He liked her joke about Eric, but turned to conceal his smile. I think he is still trying to figure out what and how she feels about the whole situation. They are both trying to figure out how to take things further, first professionally,but also on a more personal level.
    Humor is good for now, friendly lunches and dinners do, but the pink elephant is still in the rooom.

  11. Evi

    I agree with Sweet Lu, everything is all but normal. I just hope Deeks won’t do anything to jeopardize Kensi’s life and that will be the catalyst for Hetty’s decision to split them up.

  12. Cintia

    Hi !!!! I loved the episode 3, but I have my serious doubts from the beginning deeks shut note that it began to see deiferent deeks??? and after the talk he had with the end, I have even more fear as Sweet Lu says !!!!!! I think deeks, commit a mistake, and someone could be hurt be kensi??? an therefore separates hetty??? I think it will have many problems down the road??? hopefully I can get through!!!!

  13. Laura

    I have been thinking about the episode non-stop since Tuesday and really appreciate all your thoughts above because I have no one handy to discuss my obsession with in person.

    Can I just start by saying “hands in the air” to our wonderful actors and especially Eric Christian Olsen for their amazing portrayals of these characters, so that we forget completely that we are watching a show, and feel that we have a window into the real lives of some fascinating and heroic people?!!

    From the moment Deeks appeared, he just exuded that vulnerability and incompleteness which I would imagine we’ll see from now on because really–he hasn’t gotten treatment for what he went through, at least not that we’ve been privy to. We learned that Sam has, but not that Deeks has. If he is trying to just “get over” his trauma by his own self, that isn’t going to work.

    I hadn’t thought about him endangering Kensi by being unable to fire his weapon or by firing it inaccurately, but that makes a horrible kind of perfect sense. That would certainly result in the need to split up their partnership AND in him leaving the team later in the season–probably for much needed therapy. Lord, I hope they are not planning to ax him.

    I may be in the minority here but I really did not like Kensi’s jokes, although I love Kensi, she is adorable and was especially so last night. Why she made them, I kind of get that, but the last one about him screaming was just–ugh. Honestly, it rang false to me, and I don’t think it was true to Kensi, who went through PTSD with Jack. It might have been something that could have been left on the cutting room floor. Deeks’ reaction to those was perfect (ECO=awesome).

    The analysis of Callen as Hetty’s engine to wake Deeks up to the need to get a grip is pretty brilliant. That very well could be and I would even add that Callen was glad to do it because he worries for his team, plus he might have been a teensy weensy bit jealous of Sam’s new love for Deeks.

    The broader glimpses of Nell and Eric this season have been fun. I love those two and it is great to see their friendship growing. Her hair is odd, though.

    Speaking of hair, does anyone else think that Deeks’ hair is looking less surfer dude and more One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest this season, too? or is that just my imagination?

    Thanks for letting me get all that off my chest.

    Thoughts and wishes to Diane.

    Laura C.

  14. Domingo

    I liked this episode, good banter between Sam and Callenm fast cars a good race around the track, only one thing wrong, they blew up a red Ferrai, how could they, almost my favourite sports car, not quite a Porche but second best.

    This was almost getting back to series 1 in its style and humour, yet they still manged to cover the major points, Deeks return to work and his lack of confidence, Kensie coverd for him whe he failed to take the shot, Callen’s concern that he is not ready to return, and could endanger the lives of the team. ( perhaps he rembers his own return to work after serious injury) remember how Sam asked him if he was confident, and Callen replied after last time, not really”

    Naturaly he will have concerns, but wise Sam cut him short, and I don’t think Callen is in any way jelous of Sam’s friendship with Deeks, that would be petty, not in Callens make up.(IMO)

    Kensie and Deeks have some team building to do, and it will take time.

    Loved Hetty and the Cobra car espcialy when she said niether of them could drive it, wonder what wheels Callen will have this season.

  15. @diannesarahkayep

    I agree with Domingo. I really love the episode because the aura of the episode seems to be like the episodes in the past. I love the familiar feeling I got while watching it.

    I enjoy all the banters they have.

    The scene where they all greeted Deeks before they went up, a silent scene that speaks a lot. No words was spoken but it said a lot from the look of their faces and the gestures they made.

    Too bad the Porsche blew up! It’s such a sexy car.

    From the last episode, I thought Hetty underestimated Deeks when she said, she didn’t want him back, if he is not the person he used to be, but now, I’m glad that it didn’t seem that way. I was actually disappointed of her before because she’s better than that, and I’m sure she had met people like him before who’s gone through worst and made it anyway.

    Deeks and Kensi’s scene where she said she miss him, is so natural and funny. It’s just like before the torture happened. I guess, that’s everybody’s cover, if they’re standing on the edge, the best thing you could do is go back to what’s familiar. Of course, I still don’t get Kensi’s jokes. Is it just me or did some of you get it?

    I love the scene where Kensi is driving, and Hetty is acting as if she’s the one driving.

    Callen and Deeks scene, I didn’t expect it. Callen’s brutal honesty saying he doesn’t want him back, cut me to the core. I’m glad he repeated it and added something in the end. Is that really Callen speaking or Mr. Dave Kalstein? Hehe… just kidding.

    I’m pretty sure he won’t see this so

    Love the last scene with Deeks and Kensi. Kensi’s bulgogi dance is weird XD but she’s right, Bulgogi is delicious! XD

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