NCIS Los Angeles Christmas Episode ‘Humbug’ Scoop **NEW**

Airdate: Monday, Dec. 15 (CBS, 10/9c)
Why You Need to Watch: Because Callen may be forced to reveal his true identity to girlfriend Joelle — who’s been innocently caught up in a major software theft — in order to save her life. ‘Tis the season!


4 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Christmas Episode ‘Humbug’ Scoop **NEW**

  1. Lisa-Marie

    Is Joelle the same woman or a differ net woman from 5×14 I think her real name was Elizabeth Bogush I think she was in the new us series stalker on CBS
    Please let me know thanks

    1. GG

      Yes, she is the woman from 5×14. Yes, her real name is Elizabeth Bogush, but I think Elisabeth Rohm plays in “Stalker”

  2. BH72

    This is exciting. Sounds like Humbug will be another great episode with Sam’s son Isaac making an appearance too.

  3. Lisa gallagher

    So it’s the same woman from 5×14 when Callen was set on the blind date with Joelle by Sam’s wife Elizabeth Bogush . Because it doesn’t look like her to me maybe because it’s far away to see so .
    I hope it’s the same woman and i hope they don’t break up over Callen’s lairs .
    Because he did it to keep her safe

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