NCIS Los Angeles “Deep Trouble II” Picture Recap by @sindee303

Previously on NCIS Los Angeles...

Previously on NCIS Los Angeles…

Just some slight changes in the opening theme...

Only slight changes in the opening theme… 🙁

"What the hell are you doing there McGyver?" Yay, my fave bromance is back already... :)

“What the hell are you doing there MacGyver?” Yay, my fave bromance is back already… 🙂

Uh-oh... Big Guy is feeling uncomfortable...

Uh-oh… Big Guy is feeling uncomfortable…

"Mr. Beale, if you turn this off, you're going to regret it long after your wounds have healed." Woah, Hetty !!

“Mr. Beale, if you turn me off, you’re going to regret it long after your wounds have healed.” Woah, Hetty !!

Nell to the rescue...

Nell to the rescue…

"Say something nice at my funeral." Aww, Eric. As if Hetty would really hurt you... :)

“Say something nice at my funeral.” Aww, Eric. As if Hetty would really hurt you… 🙂

"Because I don't wanna go to the hospital." Riiiight... Pretty sure the script said 'Because I don't want you to ride alone with Thalia.'

“Because I don’t wanna go to the hospital.” Riiiight… Pretty sure the script said ‘Because I don’t want you to ride alone with Thalia.’

Geez... I'm getting short-breathed here with Callen & Sam... *breathe in, breathe out*

Geez… I’m getting short-breathed here with Callen & Sam… *breathe in, breathe out*

"We can if they're dead." *GASP*

“We can if they’re dead.” *GASP*

No air... uh-oh...

No air… uh-oh…

"Which means this is a suicide mission."

“Which means this is a suicide mission.”

Yeah, you better speak... we want our guys back !! (Great job of the makeup department there, no?)

Yeah, you better speak… we want our guys back !!
(Great job of the makeup department there, no?)

Careful when Kensi smiles at you like this. You're about to get headbutted...

Careful when Kensi smiles at you like this. You’re about to get headbutted…

It's getting hot in there... *smirk*

It’s getting hot in there… *smirk*

"She's back."

“She’s back.”

"If you open your mouth one more time unless it's to answer a question I'm going to wrap your tongue around my fist and beat you with it." WHAAT ?? LOL

“If you open your mouth one more time unless it’s to answer a question I’m going to wrap your tongue around my fist and beat you with it.” WHAAT ?? LOL

"I refuse to grow up..." Yeah... :)

“I refuse to grow up…” Yeah… 🙂

Really, give up the sub for a drink ?? Mmh...

Really, give up the sub for a drink ?? Mmh…

"I don't think I've ever seen you so excited about a suicide plan."

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited about a suicide plan.”

"I think somebody needs their catheter changed..." NIIICE !!

“I think somebody needs their catheter changed…” NIIICE !!

Nice MacGyver work, guys !!

Nice MacGyver work, guys !!

A letter to Michelle and the kids? *gulp* But... The KidS !!

A letter to Michelle and the kids? *gulp*
But… The KidS !!

"What can we do?" "Pray." *more gulping*

“What can we do?” “Pray.” *more gulping*

Kensi and Thalia teaming up? Run, Deeks, run! ;)

Kensi and Thalia teaming up? Run, Deeks, run! 😉

"You're going to be a beautiful bride." "I agree." Wow, from silly to profound in millisecs... Kudos, Deeks !!

“You’re going to be a beautiful bride.” “I agree.” Wow, from silly to profound in millisecs… Kudos, to the writer and actors !!

"I will do anything to get my people back." Aww...

“I will do anything to get my people back.” Aww…

Great job on the A-Team references there... :)

Great job on the A-Team references there… 🙂

OK, OK, so *I*'m barely breathing here and they still squueze in some bromance ?? Gotta love these two !!

OK, OK, so *I*’m barely breathing here and they still squeeze in some bromance ?? Gotta love these two !!

*hums Jaws theme*

*hums Jaws theme*

Kudos to Granger for really doing everthing he can... chopper, calls and all...

Kudos to Granger for really doing everthing he can… chopper, calls and all…

3... 2... 1... BOOM !! First Boom of the season... YEAH !! :)

3… 2… 1… BOOM !! First Boom of the season… YEAH !! 🙂

Tearing up here...

Tearing up here…

I see this little gesture turning into an animated gif and going viral...

I see this little gesture turning into an animated gif and going viral…

"Callen and Sam are alive." PHEW !!

“Callen and Sam are alive.” PHEW !!

The "Retirement Chat" in the first ep of the season... that's new...

The “Retirement Chat” in the first ep of the season… that’s new…

"What was that?" I wanna know, too ! *pouts*

“What was that?” I wanna know, too ! *pouts*

To friends... and partner... and an awesome new season of NCIS Los Angeles !! :)

To friends… and partners… and an awesome sixth season of NCIS Los Angeles !! 🙂

Oh wow, what a start to the new season… the episode definitely had everything I like about NCIS Los Angeles.
The Callen & Sam Bromance despite their life-threathing situation, the Densi innuendos in just the right amount, the Nell & Eric partnership, the Hetty & Granger motherly/fatherly caring… the action, the fun, the BOOM…

Maybe I’m paranoid but I think Sam saying “You son of a b*itch” and the team drinking their “Depth Charges” at the end wouldn’t have happened in an earlier time slot ?!

So, let me know… What did you like about the episode ?? Any favorite moments / quotes ?? Wasn’t it great to have the team back on our screens ??


On another note… Looks like this promo picture slipped in from a rehearsal or something… I didn’t see Callen wearing that sweater… 😉

18 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Deep Trouble II” Picture Recap by @sindee303

  1. mckenna

    LOVE LOVE LOVED the premiere!! So glad to have the team back (and the picture recaps back)! I was so happy and relieved when Callen and Sam got to the surface 🙂 Looking forward to S6!!
    P.S. Hope the promo for next week will be posted somewhere!

    1. Wendy

      It’s nice to see thes picture recaps. Now we can follow season 6 also for a little bit.
      We’re still waiting here for season 5 :'(

  2. Fenix

    Thanks for recap, excellent like every time.

    I finally watch part I, adn part II (yes, I really ignore cliffhangers, and watch in september 😉 ).
    Was just perfect, and funny.
    So many interesting things happened.
    For me was best one, twist with Talia.
    From hate to fun, that was …. awesome. 🙂
    Granger…well, I like him, so no surprise.
    Kensi Deeks….looks like, we going somewhere, finaly!

    Part I. adn part II. well played.
    Keep going guys, and good luck with numbers, and ratings!

  3. Linda

    Loved the show! So many times the resolution of cliffhangers don’t live up to the hype, but this one did. I can’t wait to see it again. I do want to share a little bit of a rant. Over on Eonline, NCISLA was not even mentioned in their column about last nights tv shows. There were raves for Castle and The Blacklist but not even a mention of NCISLA. I tweeted @Kristin Dos Santos about it in case any one else is interested in doing the same.

  4. VirtualFriend

    Season 6 did start OK and the script was IMO quit good. Yet the ratings are slightly worrying.

    IMO Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J just can’t carry the show. The funny scenes are not the problem but to often the drama scenes with these two don’t feel believable.

    If the producers can’t capitalize on the Densi thing there is really not much left to hold on to… Still a season to go for but coming from the IMO moderate (at most) season 5, I’m worried.

    Season 6 needs to be good, really good.

    BTW, around 39:30 it looks like our surfer boy has a receiving hairline…

  5. jeannie

    I loved it! I have to admit I was prepared to be disappointed, but the entire show held my attention. Loved the entire Kensi/Deeks/Talia shenanigans….thought Deeks was going to freak out when Kensi & Talia were talking to each other, on good terms.

  6. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for a great picture recap. It is really good to have everybody back. I thought the first episode was wonderful. Very exciting. I was on the edge of my seat. This episode put me in mind of the early years of the series. Lots of action and everyone was represented in proportion. It was good to see Granger soften up a bit. He might be a team player yet. The tension between Densi was there but just the right amount for now and the scene between Kensi and Talia wasn’t too bad. Loved Nell and Eric as usual. Welcome back Hetty too. My favourite scene of course was Sam and Callen coming to the surface. I could finally breathe again. I found that I was tearing up along with everyone else. Great episode all round! Welcome back! And, Deeks, never grow up!

  7. Ileenie Weenie

    Loved the recap, as usual. The ratings are worrisome, but it’s only day one. Overall, I enjoyed the episode. I was kind of bummed that the intro didn’t change much. Seems like a weird misstep but hardly worth mentioning. I’ve really missed this show. These characters are so much fun to watch (and they’re not bad looking either!). I’m looking forward to more episodes and more recaps. Welcome back!

  8. Sol

    Good action, the old nice banter and bromance, and little sweet romance in the right direction.
    I’d say the best Ncis:La we knew is back. On Tuesday maybe it would have had a great night with great numbers, but… the ratings here?
    I’m not American, so I don’t know your networks. I read a lot of comments about the numbers. Many people say that LA is been moved on Monday because it could lose viewers and Ncis:No couldn’t. Others just say the ratings are terrible, a disaster, a sign of an imminent end.
    So I ask you: is it possible? Does CBS seriously consider the very high competition with other shows, (I love Castle too, for example), or just consider cold numbers?
    How much is important the quality of a show or the enthusiasm of its fans? Or maybe… DVR! 🙂
    I mean, three good shows on the same night? In my country we say: it’s a battle lost before the beginning.

    I’m just a little bit worry, but I trust the quality of the show. Thank you.

  9. Sosou

    I think we need to consider the ratings of the other shows too. Castle AND The Blacklist are under 11 millions viewer. It seems pretty normal for that time slot.

    The Blacklist : 2.8 10.51
    Castle : 2.2 10.75
    NCIS: Los Angeles : 1.9 9.48

    It’s the first time for NCIS LA on that time slot, peoples need to get used to it (peoples who can watch it, not like me !). I also think that the cliffhanger in Castle was more intriguing and stressful than the one on NCIS LA.

    1. Sol

      Thank you, Sosou.
      After reading tons of comments around the web today, I’m agree with you. A really tough night for three shows together. Tuesday numbers were simply impossible, (they could be much better, but not the same).
      And it was even more difficult with Castle’s premiere, that was very misterious and promising.
      Now, if LA stories will be intense and funny like this first episode, I hope the series will be safe. And maybe with also a little better rating.


  10. skippy

    Thank you Sindee for the great pic recap. And also the new design of the magazine looks great. Thank you for all your effort.

    The episode deep trouble II was good, probably even great. I loved the banter and how Callen tried to keep Sam focussed. This is so season 1 and I love it. Also the two together came up with the plan how to get out there or how to stop the terrorist, great partnership.
    There was a lack of action though but it was okay. Hopefully more action coming up the next episodes.
    I also like the back to partnership between Kensi and Deeks (I love Talia!). So maybe we will get lucky and the NCIS LA from former seasons is coming back. Former seasons excl. S5. This was just a mess.

    The ratings are what you can expect after the last season. The viewership last season dropped by 800.000 compared to the S4 and S3. Now we have to see if NCIS LA will manage to get back some of these or if they lost these viewers forever. It is the most difficult task to rebuilt the strong viewership after loosing it.

    But not only the last season might be the reason for the lower ratings. Of course the new time, the bigger challenge to compete against Castle and I might add also the lack of promotion. I mean right now the new promo for NCIS NO is out but not for the LA Team.
    My worst case scenario is that NCIS LA is on its last season. We will have to wait and see but my hopes are not too optimistic. It would be sad but reasonable if the rating will not improve big time.

  11. LasiaMsinRed

    Great recap,Sindee!! I missed it over the summer!
    I’m going to start with the things I didn’t like about the episode and finish with what I liked.

    The whole Thalia/Kensi/Deeks thing was just inappropriate for that particular situation.
    Kensi’s and Thalia’s fight…..PATHETIC
    The ended the “thing” with a bonding scene between the gals.Why couldn’t these adult women get from the very beginning IF the wanted the episode to end like that? Personally, if fighting had been a necessity I would have preferred a clean fight on a gym mat. I like the idea of Kensi having a new friend so I guess good idea/ wrong approach.
    – Sams has kidS again…..well I guess we’ll never find out….
    – Deeks’ humor….a giant fish net…I liked that joke 🙂
    – Deeks’ interrogation ….NICE 🙂 He’s a great cop/operator and more important perfectly capable without Kensi.
    – the bromance in the sub was awesome. I never expected Callen to come across with black humor in such a situation. I knew our boys are smart but I got to be honest, I never saw these two MacGyvers coming 🙂
    I think they’ll be trying to evaluate Callen’s character this season. I sense something 😉
    – Granger (well, I always liked him so that’s not fair) earned some huge points this episode. I loved this scenes. Especially, the moment in which they thought Callen and Sam were dead and he just stood there covering his eyes, he didn’t do much but for me his body said it all….great acting!

    I’m not going to lie to you -39% is a bummer…..BUT I think it can and it WILL get better! I’ve been trying to figure out this “trending” thing or better say how other fandoms do it.Unfortunately, I didn’t find a good answer yet.

  12. Mogorva

    Thank you for the recap.

    It was a really good episode, I might say, one of the best season premieres so far.

    The only thing I can’t wrap my head around is, how did Talia and Kensi got along so well after that fight? Did I miss a few scenes? I loved the fight scene and the scenes where they were friendly with each other, because they were funny and fit into the storyline well, just miss the explanation, how they made up so quickly.

    Maybe it would have made more sense to add one scene showing them making peace/become friends. (In my opinion after exchanging a few punches over a guy, you hardly team up with your opponent in a few hours to tease him.)

    That is the only confusing thing for me, but owerall it was a very good episode.

    Does anyone else too fell like Hetty will pull back a little from this point on? After that last talk with Granger I get the feeling, she will stand back a little, and let Granger and Nell take the lead, maybe preparing Nell for replacing her as operations manager.

  13. jsm

    Wonderful recap. I hadn’t realized how much I missed them. I liked the episode which surprised me. I liked the humor, explosion and cool escape from the sub. I love the partners and friends at the end. Not sure where they are taking us this season however I am looking forward to it. I am a little concerned about the ratings. There has been little promotion about the time change or the show in general and established shows to compete against. So I am not surprised about the numbers.

  14. CCalicott

    YAY!! The band is back together!!
    I’m late to the party. But This episode, actually I and II, are on my favorites list. I agree with sindee. It had just the right amount of everything. A really good balance.
    I think the reason I thought it was such a good episode is that even though I knew Callen and Sam were going to get out of that sub, I still found myself worrying that they might not.
    I think this is a great start to a new season. I do worry about the new time slot and ratings, but hopefully everything will work out.
    Thanks for the recap Sindee, great as usual. 🙂

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