5 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Deep Trouble” Sneak Peek I

  1. Fenix

    Well well, Kensi now is your turn, even you like it, or not.
    Because Talia go after Deeks, like bear after honey.
    And because Deeks is (again) babbling like donkey.
    We will see. 😉

    BTW Deeks babbling, is little bit out of reality.
    Can writers give him some new trick, how to make him self awkward?

  2. Tonette Marie

    First I thought deep trouble only had something to do with sub in the trailer. But I can clearly see “Deep Trouble” is what DEEKS is in because I am guessing he never said anything about being partnered with someone else (and a female to boot) to Kensi. And the “other two” agents are just loving it. They can see the slap (tongue or hand coming and maybe a punch or two) LOL

  3. tati

    SHE DID IT AGAIN!!!! She called him partner. Well sweety don’t you get. He is not your partner and he will never, ever be. Poor Kensi. She was jealous. Wwhen she heard someone else call her partner ”partner” must have felt like a stad in the chest. Poor girl! 🙁
    Now it’s time to fight for your man. This is gonna be a big fight!!

  4. Buffy

    Sorry, Kensi can suck it up like a big girl. I am so so so sick of her belittling Deeks any time there is another woman in his view. Maybe she can be a big girl and own up that he is a catch, and other women DO find him attractive. Ready for the show to go abck to crime fighting and not soap opera.

  5. Spokoze

    Very nice clip.
    Without getting into all the sappy possible Densi ramifications waiting for fall….Can I just say that I loved Talia’s reaction to meeting/seeing Kensi.
    Couldn’t help think the character was thinking to herself…”Wow. This Kesni looks a lot like me. How cool is that?….” Also liked that she protected her ‘partner’ making it clear to Kensi that she knew Deeks was her’s…..and that she understood some of the depth of their relationship….and also clear that if circumstances were to maybe change….

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