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Do you have anything for us NCIS: LA/Densi fans? –Krisztina
When I spoke with Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith (aka Eric and Nell), they confirmed that there will be “some transition issues” when Kensi eventually makes her way back to the States…

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11 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Densi Scoop via TV Line

  1. Fenix

    Nell and Deeks again together on the field?
    Perfect! 😀
    Of course, under Kensi surveillance from ops. 😉

  2. Tara

    I wonder if Kensi will get in trouble for going off grid, and leaving the base without letting anyone know. She did let herself get capture by the taliban. Will Hetty make her stay in OPS as a form of punishment??

    1. Fenix

      Maybe punishment.
      I think, she stay in ops for rehab, from psych trauma.
      And everyone (Deeks and Kensi) need some deep breath, and cool down, before new start.

  3. Christina

    I like the whole idea of Nell back out in the field and Kensi in OPS, it gives it a fresh look. Kensi needs to clear her head. She’s been through a hard time. Having to deal with Jack. She needs to really sit and let it go and regroup. I think once that happens it’ll be full on #DENIS!!!

  4. Lumy Mee

    Such a waste of skills, Nell doesn’t have Kensi’s skills for the field and Kensi will be useless in Ops. After having Kensi for so long far from the team, still keep her apart? It sounds like the punishment is for the viewers who were so eager to have her back in the old set up.
    I loved a few episodes, but not as many as in other seasons. Most of them were boring and the action plot in most of them is lame.
    Soon Eric will become super hero and him and Nell will replace Sam and Callen in the field, while Sam and Callen perform their magic in Ops – nothing will surprise me anymore.

    1. Fenix

      This is not about skills, this is about rest, and get back peace in mind.

      NCIS-LA is boring?
      Try NCIS, specially S11, then you see, what is boring. 😀

      1. Lumy Mee

        That’s why I stoped watching NCIS 2 seasons ago. I just couldn’t convince myself to invest time in it any more.
        I like NCISLA more than I ever liked NCIS, but this season was less interesting than the other seasons, I had a feeling of ‘near miss’ with a lot of the episodes.

    2. Monty

      I’m in agreement with you … at least partially …
      I’m not densi, and I hope that Martin is finally free!
      I really like Martin and Nell: they have great fun together.
      And so, Kensi will have a psychic trauma?
      If by “heal” from the trauma, Martin he needed a few words and one meeting with Nate (the care was very ridiculous!) … Kensi, what will she do? Will stop the universe to help Kensi?
      Lumy Mee, you’re right. The fifth season is really boring and far-fetched.
      Kensi go away, bye bye.
      Sam go away, bye bye
      I want a new team.
      I want Martin magnificent and finally happy!

      Sorry for my English.
      Monty from Roma (19.30)

  5. vasohara

    Lumy Mee think positive this give a change to densi be together us a couple,and fresh the team because cases are almost the same if we dont see something new or a new person at the team we start boring soon and season 7 it will not exist .

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