NCIS Los Angeles Season Five Finale Date Set

Though it feels like yesterday that Sam & Deeks were so horribly tortured and Callen locked up the Chamaeleon the Fifth Season of our beloved show started its last third already and the season is slowing building the story arc for a what-we-suspect-to-be-awesome season finale.

From the newest CBS press release we learned that the NCIS Los Angeles Season Five will air on May 13th.

NCISLAFamilia get ready for some exciting weeks until then !! There will be only one week with a rerun until the finale…

8 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Five Finale Date Set

  1. Charla

    I wonder what this season finale is going to be? Last season was pretty clear with the nuclear bombs. I wonder if its going to be Kensi and Deeks related. Either way I’m sure they are going to make it a painful wait all summer.

  2. andrew

    with this finale i hope that deeks and kensi are not a the front of whatever is going on i dont think that i can take anymore #densi problems this season.

    1. mckenna

      I agree, they’ve been the focus of this season, wouldn’t be fair to have it center around their characters and I can’t take much more Densi anymore until we at least get a nice break with the rest of the characters.

  3. Richtsje

    Again, it’ll be a long-long summer without my favorite team…
    As you all, I am very curious how this season will end. Hope it’ll be very team-centered indeed.

  4. vasohara

    spoilers at the start season 6 said someone don’t survive at season ends.I have a feeling the person who leave would be hetty or sam .I wish this spoiler be fake.

    1. Chara

      I don’t think it would be Sam. Sam and G are the main characters of the show. Hetty I don’t know, I hope not outside of Callen she is my favorite. I have heard these rumors about someone leaving. I wonder if its going to be Nate. Or if its just the writers messing with our heads again.

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