2 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Field Of Fire’ Sneak Peek I

  1. I Feel Possessed

    Very interesting. Hetty clearly has more faith in Kensi’s mental stability than Granger. And I love Granger’s suggestion that Hetty has lower standards about how Deeks can scrub up nicely.

    Granger is having some fantastic lines this season. And he has mellowed since being poisoned. As long as he and Callen still bang heads sometimes – I’m liking Granger even more than before.

    1. Fenix

      This is, why I hate Hetty.
      Again her brainless Jedi mind tricks with someone from team.
      Why Kensi, why another trauma?
      Because she has a faith with her?
      No, its not about faith, its test about her ability for hard work.
      But… its fare away from reality!
      Hetty, like team something (manager or whatever) MUST inform team about her plan, and MUST ask , if someone have problem with it (trauma from past, can be huge problem).
      Especially if it goes about kill someone.
      (unless you are army brainwashed monkey, what Kensi doesn’t seems to be)
      Doesn’t matter, for what reason, because killing is not walk true the rose garden.
      Mission is first, and if she don’t want compromise mission, she MUST by absolutely sure about every part of team, about them capabilities BEFORE mission start, and with them knowledge about what they have to do, during mission.
      She can’t test any member of team during operation!
      It’s dangerous, and with Hetty’s background, again brainless!
      I really like Granger, but right now, I am disappointed with him.
      What for he’s in there?
      He’s Hetty’s boss, and if he doesn’t have faith in Kensi capability, he have/must stop Hetty’s another “genial” action.
      He doesn’t learn his own lesson from Afghanistan…!?
      I know, I know, without it, and if they used Sam, it will be not tham much “breathtaking&mind-blowing&nerve-wracking” action.
      For me, just another unnatural pressure at viewer feelings.
      Someone can use sentence “what doesn’t kill me, make me stronger.”
      Yeah, in tv show can be, but I don’t buy it anyway. 😉

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