21 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Field Of Fire’ Sneak Peek II

  1. Rhodanos

    In every episode since and including Fighting Shadows kids were mention in some way or other. Well, I haven’t seen Beacon yet apart from the snippet uploads on LAs YouTube channel, so I don’t know if they were mentioned there (were they??) in some way but they have been mentioned in Fighting Shadows, Blaze of Glory and Rage. And now here, too. I didn’t miss the way Kensi looked at Deeks here and then went (retreated? fled?) back to her desk rather abruptly…

    Back in Fighting Shadows Kensi told Sam that they haven’t been thinking about kids, that they live in the now and don’t want to think too much about tomorrow or even farther ahead than that (‘not even thinking about dinner’). But obviously Deeks has been thinking about kids and I’m almost certain that Kensi also has since her talk with Sam. They just haven’t broached the subject together yet.

    The “lower case ‘g’s” line? Pure gold 😀

    1. Mogorva

      I don’t remember “kid talk” in Beacon, but I’m with you on that one, it became a frequented topic. And Daniela Ruah seems to wear a little more loose tops than before.

      Or am I just being paranoid?

    2. Patty

      This Chad is not only like Deeks. He spent six months on the street, like Kensi! Wow.

      I think kids were also mentioned in early episode this season (baby name banter). This season’s theme seems to be ‘Family’, so maybe just that. Or maybe Callen’s kid will appear suddenly, I don’t know.

      BTW, I thought Deeks was going to return to LAPD, but it seems not gonna happen. Is it possible that is because of this storyline??

      1. Mogorva

        I think all stories regarding Deeks’ past were just a lie. I wouldn’t be so sore about not seeing these stories if SB wouldn’t talk about them early in this season. If they don’t make these stories, than don’t talk about them. Everyone would handle the lack of “great Deeks story” better if it wouldn’t have been mentioned at all. At least I wouldn’t feel deceived, and I guess, I’m not the only one.

        I’m really excited about this episode though, the humor sounds great, and maybe we’ll get a little more info about that Afghanistan thing.

        I don’t want this season to end. It’s too soon.

    3. amyabn

      Dani’s tops have gotten looser and the kid topic keeps popping up. I suspect she and David are expecting again and they’ll write it into the storyline this time. At least that’s what I hope! Little mutant ninja assassins with perfect hair running around.
      I also hope they address their 5 year anniversary as partners this episode. Dani posted a picture on Instagram 6 weeks ago entitled set life, a beautiful evening setup in a backyard. We haven’t seen that in an episode yet, so it may be an important moment for Densi.

    4. Fenix

      Often mentioned kids, can be only highly practical reason, we no need too much speculate.
      If DR decided, she want second baby in her private life, she probably made some deal with SB & writers.
      They allow put mention about kids in some episodes, and prepare viewers for that possibility.
      Then we can see her real pregnancy on screen, like part of Densi story.
      Because second disappearance from screen, like abduction, or another brainless action in Afghanistan, will be too awkward.
      In this “line of work” (acting in tv show) they don’t have too much time for some privacy during pregnancy, so they can make some nice story from it, and use it on screen.
      And….maybe I am wrong. 😀

  2. LasiaMsinRed

    Help me,Jesus!
    Callen wants to have kids with Joelle?! Sure, pick a woman who doesn’t know if she wants to see you after work to be the mother of your children.
    Seriously, it’s that tofu and he’s probably suffering from an iron-deficiency which is making him delusional.

  3. I Feel Possessed

    Family has been a prevalent theme this season, whether it be relationships, fathers, childhood or children. i love this sneak peek. We know Sam loves his kids dearly, that Deeks wants kids and the Kensi and Callen are not so keen.

    Deeks to mentor a kid that is a “mini-me”? Funny! Interesting to see how Kensi silently moves away when Deeks starts talking about having his own kids…Will that end up being a deal breaker in their relationship?

    And Callen. Oh how far he has come since the show started. In the last two episodes h’e opened up to Sam a little on his youth and his emotions. In Beacon (as Sam pointed out) we’ve seen that Callen goes to extremes…he may be honest with Joelle now but not to himself, eating Tofu, veggie chinese…He has no idea how relationships work, but it is hardly surprising considering the reminder in Rage of how he has grown up. And now he thinks they’ve sorted out their problems and he’s ready to have kids with her! Delusional.

    Just underlines my theory that when Callen jumps all in to a relationship, he goes all in…Then it ends, he gets hurt, puts up his defenses again so it’ll be another five years before another serious relationship.

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      Yup, Kensi moved away which might be a sign that she’s not ready for this kind of conversation nor to have kids OR she’s really expecting a baby and the topic hits to close to home. The second option would be a bit of a nightmare for me. No, I don’t want a Densi-baby.
      Of course, if Daniela is pregnant ( I had feeling when she chopped off her hair like last time + the looser clothes) I wish her all the best, an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby. My objections against a tv baby have nothing to do with her. How could they?! But lets not get deeper into it we don’t even know if she’s pregnant.

      Now about Callen:
      I think that going “all in in” has something to do with his desperate urge for stability and a so-called normal life. He probably thinks that he has nothing to lose so he wants to give it a try.
      What concerns me the most is that he never admitted to have strong feelings for Joelle. He doesn’t even behave like it when he’s around her and still he chooses to shall we say “compromise” and spend the rest of his life with her? Start a family with her?
      Sam told him to take it slow and I don’t think it was only the responsible father who spoke trough him. Even though he started the whole Callen/Joelle thing as his partner he probably feels,well and sees that they’re not meant to be together.

  4. Ryan

    My take on Kensi’s reaction as she doesn’t want their relationship to end but is afraid Deeks may resent her if she decides that kids aren’t something she wants and that resentment may cause them to breakup. I think she is on the fence on wanting kids or not.

    1. amyabn

      I got the feeling that Kensi is just uncomfortable discussing essentially their love lives at work. I thought she was uncomfortable in Fighting Shadows when Sam was going on about them being together. Kinda like talking about sex with your parents or big brother. Awkward.

      I think Deeks mentoring a kid on the weekends is about redeeming his past as well as having some time apart from Kensi (needing some space). I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn that they moved in together full time, but are using other opportunities to have some “me time.” That essentially is what the first fight was about. Is it Monday yet? 🙂

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      In this picture …definitely not but it could be an old one 😉 I really don’t want to keep the rumors’ pot boiling but I have to agree that some things seem suspicious.
      I just don’t want a tv baby…..

      1. Fenix

        Picture is new (check how big is River).
        I don’t remember any pregnancy symptoms at my wife during….
        During thinking about pregnancy, during decision to get pregnant, during “practising” for it, even not during first 3 months of pregnancy. 😉
        And before us is 4,5 months break…..
        In those time, could be happen anything. 😀
        “I just don’t want a tv baby…..”
        We can’t dictate DR when, or if, she can be pregnant.
        Or if creators can, or can’t, put it on screen.
        Our only decision is, watch it, or leave it.

        1. LasiaMsinRed

          See, here is the thing…..
          I’m not trying to dictate DR what to do with her life HOWEVER not wanting a tv baby is the writers’ choice. They managed to hide the first pregnancy so they could do it a 2nd time without writing it in. Yes, these are all speculations and yes, as writers they could create a Densi baby no matter what. That’s the point. Writers and creators are not powerless when it comes to those decisions.
          Please, don’t get me wrong.I don’t mean to attack anyone but I’m tired of pretending like some situations or not so good episodes happened bc the writers/producers didn’t have another choice. ( Not talking about the pregnancy but some other story lines) They are the ones making the decisions. If something doesn’t work out the way it should have or isn’t accepted by the audience the way they wanted to,well, that’s life. Bad decisions-happened to all of us. All they’ve got to do is learn from it.

        2. LasiaMsinRed

          Dear Fenix,
          my previous comment was generally spoken. Please,don’t take it personal. I didn’t mean to attack anyone.
          You’re absolutely right as viewers we also have a choice…to watch or not to watch.

  5. Jess

    What did Callen call Sam’s daughter? It sounded like he said Kamran (spelling!) but I thought her name was Hannah …

  6. Rhodanos

    Guys, you should know by now that speculating gets us (almost) nowhere and that it turns out to be wrong most of the time anyway 😀

    If and when Dani decides she wants to expand her family that’s her decision. But I gotta be honest: I don’t want to think about that at all right now. Season 5 had some of the series worst writing and episodes but also some of my favourite scenes. The writers had a (for them) difficult situation to handle and yes, they could have done better, but they did the best they could I guess. The way she had to clothe being a woman in a war zone no less helped them ‘hide’ her belly last time. I’m not at all sure that they could do that again. And there isn’t all that much that I can think of what else they could do if the timing of another pregnancy would be similar to the first one with her being visibly pregnant and then delivering during a running season.

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