10 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Humbug’ Extended Preview

  1. BH72

    Kens says, “I want to be bold.” Which is why Deeks takes the opportunity and is bold in being passionate with her on the ice rink.

    I can’t wait to watch this much anticipated episode. To see this other side of Callen with Joelle and how the case pans out, will be interesting. But most of all, I think we’re all very keen to meet the Hanna children.

  2. Mogorva

    After a promo like this, if Kensi and Deeks doesn’t get all smoochy in the episode, all the fans will be marching to the studios initiating a riot 😀

    I’m still skeptic though. Yes, based on what we see, it does look like Deeks goes for kissing Kensi, but this is a promo video. And everything we see in it is cut together to reel in the biggest audience possible. This is the midseason finale afterall. On the other hand, disappointing a huge fanbase after a promo like this will cause some uproar. (There were some huffing in the spoils of war deleted scene theme also, if I remember correctly.)

    I’m sticking to the “wait and see” method, I watch every episode regardless of the promos and sneak peeks anyway.

  3. Richtsje

    Well… woow?
    It looks like there is a lot we want to see indeed. Like Sam’s kids. And Callen and Joelle? Ehm. Still not too sure. As I said… We’ll have to wait & see 🙂

  4. I Feel Possessed

    So no new teasers on the Densi kiss….I wonder what will happen there. Hopefully enough to satisfy the Densi fans but not enough to detract from the other characters and plots.

    No peaks on Sam with his family – but it does seem that it is Sam, that Hetty is calling a ‘Grinch’.

    But a new side of Callen? Real? Playing a part? And I do believe it is him fly-tackling some chap to the ground (presumably outside Joelle’s house). Jealous? Keeping her safe? Revealing a more violent side to him that Joelle is unaware of?

    It really is criminal how much can be read in to these promos – and I bet I’m totally wrong on my guesses!

    1. BH72

      I agree with you, I Feel Possessed. It is Sam who Hetty calls a Grinch. I have watched the extended promo linked up to my tv, it looks like Sam to me. And is that Callen tackling a bad guy outside Joelle’s house? Or are we led to believe it? Many questions, but regardless on how they piece the clips together to lead us to think one thing, it’s still fun to watch and I still look forward each week to watch a fantastic season of the show. The writers have had us gasping, laughing and wanting more. I did gasp at the end of Reign Fall, Sam saving that boy, was way too close. I wasn’t disappointed after seeing it in the promos, so I’m not too worried. The passionate kiss from Deeks and Kensi, whether it be for a cover or not, it’s still fun and a great teaser for the Densi fans. Good question on whether Callen is being himself with Joelle, or just some other alias. Time will tell on that front. It’s still all fun.

    2. Mogorva

      I agree that Sam is the one called Grinch. But why would the dedicated family man be the one called Grinch?

      I took the liberty of watching the promo frame-by-frame at some points, and there is nothing much more to see this way, than it can be seen at normal speed (In the scene with Kensi and Deeks there were 2 or 3 additional frames which were just a glimpse at normal speed, but neither of those had anything definitive.)

      The guy tackled by Callen had a submachinegun. Since the synopsis told us, Joelle is a key witness, I’d assume, it was her garage door in that scene.

  5. Sol

    It seems a very interesting episode.
    With or without kisses, Kensi is so sweet, taking Deeks’ hand.
    But the most important question of all the season: Who’s the Grinch? And how can the team stop him, or give him a happy Christmas! 😀

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