NCIS Los Angeles ‘Humbug’ Picture Review

"Security in pursuit of a couple of... ehm... Santas." *snort*

“Security in pursuit of a couple of… ehm… Santas.” *snort*

Uh-oh... Joelle held at gunpoint... beware of the Callen revenge...

Uh-oh… Joelle hold at gunpoint… beware of the Callen revenge…

Sam's not happy about those holiday plans...

Sam’s not happy about those holiday plans…

"And be totally honest with her." Why do I sense that this remark will bite Callen soon ?? ;-)

“And be totally honest with her.” Why do I sense that this remark will bite Callen soon ?? 😉

Malware - the terrorism of the internet...

Malware – the terrorism of the internet…

Squeeing over this comforting gesture here...

Squeeing over this comforting gesture here…

Dress shirt + a tie = safe gift of choice for Joelle

Dress shirt + a tie = safe gift of choice for Joelle

"The guy put a gun to Jo's head, Sam. I wanna have a little *talk* with him about that." Uh-oh... told ya !!

“The guy put a gun to Jo’s head, Sam. I wanna have a little *talk* with him about that.” Uh-oh… told ya !!

So the baddie escaped... might be better for him...considering Callen's mood...

So the baddie escaped… might be better for him…considering Callen’s mood…

Creating the bad to fight the bad...

Creating the bad to fight the bad…

"It's the stuff of nightmares." His words plus the music was so overly dramatic it was awesome !!

“It’s the stuff of nightmares.” His words plus the music was so overly dramatic it was awesome !!

"... maybe... you... wanna come home with me." Zoossh !!

“… maybe… you… wanna come home with me.” Zoossh !!

They are going snowboarding together... and the whole Densi fandom is high-fiving each other !! ;-)

They are going snowboarding together… and the whole Densi fandom is high-fiving each other !! 😉

So this guy doesn't like Rex anymore...

So this guy doesn’t like Rex anymore…

I could hardly pay attention to the scene cos I was so amused by the dying alarm of the car... Great job there, dear sound department !!

I could hardly pay attention to the scene cos I was so amused by the dying alarm of the car… Great job there, dear sound department !!

Maybe finding a *body* would have been better afterall...

Maybe finding a *body* would have been better afterall…

This guy hitting on Kensi?? Creepy good !!

This guy hitting on Kensi?? Creepy good !!

Finding out that Joelle might have the thumb drive...

Finding out that Joelle might have the thumb drive…

"Boyfriend Callen" going all in to find the thumb drive.

“Boyfriend Callen” going all in to find the thumb drive.

"You have no idea how scary it is having someone holding a gun on you." Yeah, about that... LOL

“You have no idea how scary it is having someone holding a gun on you.” Yeah, about that… LOL

So the trip... Personal or Practical ?? Wait, I bet I know your answer... ;-)

So the trip… Personal or Practical ?? Wait, I bet I know your answer… 😉

Hetty + Sam = HI-LA-RI-OUS !!!

Hetty + Sam = HI-LA-RI-OUS !!!

Oh, *thaaaat* was nothing...

Oh, *thaaaat* was nothing…

"Who are you?" Oh, believe me, Jo, there's not enough time to answer that now...

“Who are you?” Oh, believe me, Jo, there’s not enough time to answer that now…

Let me recap... Callen had a gun, this lock-pick thingy and handcuffs on him which Joelle didn't notice when they slow-danced... Hands up if YOU would have noticed... *evilgrin*

Let me recap… Callen had a gun, this lock-pick thingy and handcuffs on him which Joelle didn’t notice when they slow-danced… Hands up if YOU would have noticed !! *evilgrin*

Great scene to get behind the meaning of the episode title !!

Great scene to get behind the meaning of the episode title !!

Will Eric remember what she said or is his camera a hidden Neutralyzer ?? *smirk*

Will Eric remember what she said or is his camera a hidden Neutralyzer ?? *smirk*

Granger is BAAACK !!

Granger is BAAACK !!

Their sweet smiles were even better than the kiss(es) IMO...

Their sweet smiles were even better than the kiss(es) IMO…

Proud daddy Sam...

Proud daddy Sam…

"How abot we start with your first name?" Yeah, good luck with that... :-)

“How about we start with your first name?” Yeah, good luck with that… 🙂

As always I gotta run but I’m curious what you all think about this episode…. Let’s talk in the comments… I’ll join you later !!

This was the last episode for 2014. Thank you all for your support of the NCISLA Magazine website/twitter/Facebook and especially my picture reviews which are very precious to me. See you back in 2015 with more episode of our favorite show to talk about. Until then…


40 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Humbug’ Picture Review

  1. Mogorva

    Thank you for the recap sindee, perfect, as always.

    Christmas present for everyone. After watching the episode, I almost thought we are already at Valentine’s day. But it was a nice present for everyone.

    The case was fresh out of a tin can, and was just the frame for the character interactions. But I thinnk this was the point.

    We saw the personal relationships of the team, the Hanna family coming together, Sam, the father figure of the team being proud of and happy for his son and his family.

    Eric being addressed as boyfriend as a “reason” to meet Nell’s family and being almost scared or at least surprised by it. I had to laugh – reminds me of someone I know.

    It was interesting to see, how Joelle didn’t have any idea what his boyfriend and friends did for a living – her whole world regarding them turned out to be lie. I can totally understand her reaction, but I think she would have noticed Callen’s bullet scars before… (same with the gun and tools and handcuffs 🙂 ).
    Eventually the Christmas spirit struck everyone and Joelle an Callen had a happy ending. I wasn’t sure if they will be together at the end, but it would have ruined a little the Christmas episode.

    The road for Kensi and Deeks in this episode was almost too smooth to be true. Kensi agreeing with the personal/practical holiday trip basicly without hesitation, and the fact, that she was the one breaking the ice on the ice ring was a little unexpected for me, I thought Deeks will make the first move. Their smiles told everything. But the real Christmas gift for the shippers were the kisses. And thus the “how will they hide their relationship and tell the team eventually” questions became a little outdated in an instant.

    I loved this episode. I hope we will see more of these, every time a little more personal details from our favorite team.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All of You!

  2. skippy

    Thanks for the picture review sindee. Great as ever.

    You are so right with the Mustang and the kisses. The Mustang alarm fading was hilarious, the kiss was hilariously funny. Love and passion usually looks different, but hey who cares. They finally kissed and I was so so happy. For the Densi fans cause they got what they have been waiting for, and for me cause now they can drop that issue and move on or forward or whatever.
    They just have to keep in mind that this is a crime show.
    The story itself was okay and the actors who played the bad guys were really good even creepy sometimes.
    I love the scene Callen saving Joelle together with Deeks and Kensi. Deeks remarks during that as well as Kensis concerns (partnership and Callen).
    Callen and Deeks should be a team at some episodes. This would be fun guaranteed.
    Though the episode had lots of fun, banter, some action and evil it was a tad to cheesy at the end for my liking. I just have to remind myself that this was the x-mas episode and they tend to be more ‘love is all around’ -ish.
    The episode was as good as you could expect from this writer, he has a certain style which I like.

  3. VirtualFriend

    Did we just watched a deleted scene again or has Densi, after 5+ years, really happen?
    The timing of it was imo a little awkward and out of character for Kensi. I mean, with Callen and Sam around I think there were more suitable places/moments to make Densi official.

    Anyway, Densi being officially confirmed, we have to get ready for the breakup. Every shipper knows by now the way Shane Brennan works. He give us things and then takes it away so we have to restart the longing (and keep watching the show during the process).

    This understanding leaves me with a difficult question. Should I end watching the show? Kensi and Deeks are finally together together, it doesn’t get better then this.

    According to an earlier interview, Deeks is being sent back to LAPD, we don’t know why but it doesn’t sound good… There must be a reason and it will effect Kensi for sure.

    Why torture myself, week after week, with the ‘will they get together again’ after a terrible and dramatic breakup? Tough decision…

    1. skippy

      “…Anyway, Densi being officially confirmed, we have to get ready for the breakup. ”
      LOL, please no. Let them have kids, a happy relationship and whatever they want. But not the ‘will they won’t they’ again for the next 4++ years, please. It was more than enough the last couple of years, actually pretty annoying.

      Deek back at LAPD is not a bad thing. We had this before and it was just case related.

  4. Christine

    Thanks for the pic recap, Sindee!

    Deeks interrogating the drunken suspect was hilarious. I laughed so hard, my dog gave me strange glances *LOL*

    My heart skips a beat every time I watch the ice rink scene. I would have never guessed they kiss for real. No undercover kiss :-). I honestly thought the producers again play games with the fans. I’m sooo glad I was wrong! Now I’m curious how they include the relationship into the new episodes. 🙂

  5. Jess

    Best. Christmas. Episode. Ever!!! 😀
    And a perfect way to “end” the first half of the season, let the team have Christmas holidays, and come back to … hmmm, I have a feeling things could get interesting on the return to the “office.” 😉
    Also, I reckon since Jo had her hands around Callen’s neck while they were *cough* dancing (heh heh, don’t worry G; I haven’t danced before either!) … she wouldn’t have noticed the gun and cuffs which were on his belt 😉
    And I was laughing so much as the Mustang alarm died, that I totally missed what the dialogue was – haha! That whole scene by Deeks was brilliant!

  6. Sol

    A very good Christmas episode! I liked it 🙂
    Now it’s clear that there is no Tiva here, like many people said.
    I knew Densi was different. Writers can now explore love and partnership, (but always remembering that it’s a crime show!)
    I’m not worry about the future. Every couple has ups and downs. Deeks can go back to LAPD for a while, but I don’t care. I’m curious. And don’t forget the rumors about Ray coming back! Maybe Deeks will be in trouble with the infamous alias Max Gentry. Or maybe he’ll make difficult decisions in a case that reminds him of his terrible past.

    Anyway, this is the show I like! Action, banter, humor, and now… love.

  7. Shelia

    It was a very warm and fuzzy episode, had a little bit of something for most viewers. Finally the Densi romance is our in the open, the kisses and dialogue were fun, light hearted and serious all at once. I’m glad they brought it out for all to see, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the team reacts.

    I didn’t care for the handling of Nell and Eric’s relationship, to me all I see there is a great friendship almost a brother/sister thing going on there. When the show pushes that romance it makes me go eek!

    As for Callen and Joelle, all I can say is NO NO NO! She is not the woman for him in so many ways I don’t have the time to list them. I want Callen to be happier, maybe even have a woman in his life but in my humble opinion it needs to be someone a lot more fierce. Heck, he didn’t even look that happy around her.

    1. BW

      ITA Shelia!!!

      I have soooo many reasons, why Joelle is wrong and how this episode proved that but I won’t because I definitely will be here all day with the world’s longest post !:-)

      Overall liked the episode, do hope Sam and Aiden backstory is explored,hoping the drop about Sam giving up a Football scholarship ties into their story.

      Happy for Densi fans!

      Thought Neric were cute.

      Thanks Sindee for this site and the Screencaps!

      Hope everyone has a Blessed Holiday Season!

    2. SnoopGirl

      My take on why he didn’t look happy around her was that he was lying to her AND he was doing an “op” on her to get the thumb drive. His demeanor changed dramatically at the ice rink. He obviously likes her or he wouldn’t have left her a message to meet him at the ice rink AND want he to meet his “family”.

      1. BW

        I think he left the message because he did not want her to be like every attempt of relationships he had: being left or abandon.

      2. BW

        I think he left the message because he did not want her to be like every attempt of relationships he had: being left or abandon. Guilt also.

    3. Book Geek

      So gald someone else sees how awful & forced Neric is! Eek dosen’t begin to cover that one.

      Callen needs feisty, strong, intelligent & sassy & joelle while pretty & smart just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  8. tati

    The kisses did actually mean that they are together together, or it’s just me who really wants it? I hope the new year will find Kensi and Deeks TOGETHER!!! I was wondering, before I saw the episode, why do we get to see the Hanna family and Joelle and not Kensi’s mother? Well, she explained the reason and I just noticed that she and her mother haven’t spent a Christmas day since they saw each other again. In season’s 4 episode she was on a ship, in season’s 5 episode she was in Afghanistan and now it was her mother who was absent.

    I also noticed that Jo has very beautiful blue eyes just like Callen. I bet their kids will have too.

    I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    Thank you Kyle Harimoto & Andrew Bartels for the Densi Christmas present.

    1. Fenix

      “The kisses did actually mean that they are together together, or it’s just me who really wants it? ”

      They did it at front of colleagues, at public place, so it is really together together.
      I know, is still hard to believe, but it is, what it is.
      Same like Nell boyfriend….

  9. Fenix

    Thanks for the review sindee, superb as ever.

    And WOW, WTF is happened?! 😉
    They did it!
    And not just Densi, but also Neric and Jollen!
    My jaw hit the floor. 🙂

    Well, but I am glad for that.

    What next?
    That’s tricky question.
    I know, Shane B. and his “give us things and then takes it away.”
    We will se, because now is DR not pregnant, and now can be things different than year ago.
    Well, we even don’t know script from year ago, without DR pregnancy, so all “give us things and then takes it away” is just speculation.

    We have some nice samples, how it can be.
    Bones, Castle, The Mentalist…all succeed.
    So why not that way?
    Ofcourse I highly expect teasing, short therm relocation in LAPD, or whatever, but no breakup.

    Now we have 3 couples, and many many many possibilities.
    So many troubles, funny times, problems….on the way.
    We all waited for that, so we have it, and now we have deal with that. 😉 🙂 <3

  10. Caitlin

    Densi!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I need to say on that subject!
    As far as Nell and Eric. Do we think they are actually becoming a couple or just for show for the family? Just for the family is the way I took it, but now reading some of the comments I’m not so sure….

    1. Mogorva

      My money is on they will be a couple by the time they get back to LA from visiting Nell’s family.

      Based on the last few episodes I’m sure, they will become a couple in a very short time. Actually I’m surprised, they aren’t one yet, the last scene of “Traitor” showed them very-very close, but Eric’s reactions in this episode clearly showed they aren’t together, at least officially.

    2. Book Geek

      I truly hope they stay friends as there is NO spark or sexual chemistry between them at all. I find it painful to watch and just hide behind my hands when they flirt.

      Lets hope the writers come to their senses!

  11. Rayanne

    Thank you for the recap. This episode was great on many levels. I loved sseeing Callen as the protective boyfriend with the comment “I want to have a little talk with him…” It just gave me chills and I would not like to have been the bad guy then! I also liked seeing Callen in the hand to hand fight with the bad guy. I think we’ve seen more of that this season and COD looks good!
    I am not a fan of Joelle though. I’m not sure why since she’s only been in one episode. Maybe it’s because I want Callen to remain a lone wolf or because I’m just jealous it’s not me with my arms around him dancing! And I have to say that if it had been me, my arms would not have been around his neck and I definitely would have felt the gun!
    I didn’t really care for the ending with the team separated. I wish that Nell and Eric had been at the skating rink also. I was happy that Granger was back though. I also wish that we could have had more than a minute with Sam’s family. It was nice to see them all though and to finally get names for his kids.
    I wonder if Joelle and Callen will continue or if she won’t be able to get past the “lies” and it will end. A good episode for the end of 2014. I guess we’ll see 2015 will bring.

  12. BH72

    Thank you, sindee for another wonderful recap. This was a wonderful episode with the spirit of Christmas intwined into a case. It was great to delve into Callen and Joelle’s relationship, after hearing so little about them in the past. His reaction to the L word, I wonder what went through his mind? He obviously cares about her, why would he feel the way he does over the guy who’d held her at gun point? But he got his time with this Rex guy and pelted it out of him. Yes it must have been a shock for Joelle to feel betrayed like she was, I would feel the same. But with time and reflection, perhaps she might realise why they are Humbug. It’s hard to accept that this may be love eventually for Callen, but I like how she told him that she’d wanted to get to know the real him. That left us with some hope, which was just perfect. I know many fans are divided on Callen being in a relationship, but he’s settled since watching that film of him with his father and sister as a baby. That he was loved and it’s given him peace inside of him that he is okay. So he’s ready for a relationship that might take him to settling down. Why not, doesn’t he deserve the happy ever after?

    With regards to Neric, hmm, I still only see them as friends, best friends, not boyfriend and girlfriend.

    We need to go back to when Deeks rescued Kensi in Afghanistan. She knows that he was there for her and he understands what she went through in captivity. So he’s given her the time, been patient with her and is allowing her to make these steps forward with regards to their THING. That is why it was important for Kensi to be BOLD, it told Deeks, that she was ready to continue on with what they started just before she was shipped off to Afghanistan. Their friendship is a solid foundation for their relationship, which will survive the test of time. They’ve not jumped in quickly, it’s developed over a long period of time and trust each other fully as partners and friends. Now they can give each other All of Me and All of You (as the John Legend song goes).

    It was good to see Granger back, but I would have hoped he would have mellowed after his time off recovering. I was enjoying the softer side of Granger this season.

    Thanks to the cast, crew and writers for a wonderful Christmas episode. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all. May 2015 be a safe one for you all, wherever you live.

  13. Linda

    I thought this was one of the best episodes we have seen . There was something for every character’s fans. The Densi fans are clearly over the moon and Eric and Nell had their moments as well. For Callen and Sam fans like me, there was some awesome stuff there as well. I have no problem with Callen finally being in a relationship. No one should be a lone wolf forever. I don’t know where things will go with Joelle, but hey, doesn’t Callen deserve to be happy too?

  14. LasiaMsinRed

    Oh, boy! I feel like I’m about to pop a bubble…..
    First of all, I’d like to say that I really liked the episode.
    I liked :
    – the Christmas spirit in general
    – the touch of comedy
    – Michelle’s surprise for Sam. (Does someone else think that Junior is a hottie? )
    – Eric and Nell (Good luck, with those shorts and the scarf,Mr. Beale)
    – Granger’s comeback! We’ll see if he’s ok now but I think he’s takes a lot more than poison to get rid of him 😉
    Okay, let’s get down to the part I didn’t like or better say to the details I didn’t like about it. Before I continue I’d like to point out that I’m not some crazy teenage girl whose jealous of Callen nor do I hate Joelle, on the contrary I like her a lot which makes it even harder.
    Since season 1 all of us Callen fans ( let’s face it mostly Callengirls 😉 ) have been wishing for him to find the answers about his past, to find some peace within. Well, all of us knew that we wouldn’t get them handed on a silver plate because that would mean the end of the show, but we were hoping for some progress. We wanted him to find someone who would love him unconditionally, with all the UN-known aspects of him.
    So here comes my dilemma…. does Joelle love G for who he is? Or does she just love the cover he presented to her?
    Does Callen really want to lead the life of a securities trader? Personally, I think that every inch of his body screams “I’m not a securities trader!” I consider him to be a natural operator, someone who was born to do this job, a legend ( so tells the story passed around the JAG guys 😉 ).
    The whole scenery of Callen coming home with groceries, drinking wine, cooking…was just surreal. I didn’t like watching it.
    So, yes! Joelle is incredibly cute and loving but she seems like the kind of woman who wants a securities trader.
    I’m a huge fan of gestures and chemistry, not too much words needed, sparks and palpable tension in the air. What I’ve seen on screen was just cute and loving.Of course, I enjoyed seeing a flirty Callen.

    Thank you so much for this recap, Sindee. I can’t believe it’s the last episode in 2014.

  15. I Feel Possessed

    LasiaMsinRed – I very much agree with your comments, and with most of the others posted already.

    I absolutely loved this episode. I felt it was a little away from the norm for NCISLA and was also unusually Christmassy (in comparison to other Christmas episodes). The focus was very much on relationships and honesty; from Sam lying to maintain an easy life in his marriage, to Nell and Eric faking relationships as a cover for Eric to go home with Nell (what’s wrong with just saying he’s a very good friend?), Kensi & Deeks finally being honest with themselves & to each other…and then Callen & Joelle.

    Callen who offers advice to Sam about being honest with Michelle about not liking the Christmas plans (queue Sam stating the level to which Callen doesn’t understand marriage is astounding, and Callen stating his purpose in their partnership is to offer advice – well that had me chuckling)! This is the same Callen whose relationship with Jo is based on lies. And Jo, who cannot be honest with herself in admitting her feelings to Callen. Witnessing this, was the catalyst behind Kensi being bold. We all know Kensi cannot be honest with her feelings or go further than a first date in relationships. With Callen we are aware that his serious relationships have been when he’s undercover. There are very interesting comparisons between Callen and Kensi, particularly noticeable during Humbug. But that kiss. Yes, as a Callen-girl I was shouting at the TV for the two of them to kiss. Densi is official!

    Joelle did say “I love you for coming to be with me,” so she does admit her feelings to Callen who freezes, literally. He is only there with her as the bad guy hid the thumb drive and mostly he seems to be able to lie easily to her. Don’t forget he’s spent his life pretending to be other people, lying on both a personal and professional level. Apart from wanting to chat with the baddie who held a gun to Jo, at no point did he show the same level of anger as when Hetty’s or his team’s lives were placed in danger. He was not even close to disobeying orders or going rogue. So this has me questioning how deep Callen’s feelings really go. Sure I think he likes her a lot, but at the moment is seems that is it. And his portrayal of the boyfriend is very different to the Callen we know from the 6 ½ seasons so far. It seems a little forced to me.

    We know Callen is closed off but this episode shows how emotionally retarded he actually is. He does start to redeem himself by leaving a message for Jo to meet him at the ice rink, presumably to meet his family – his team (as per their brief conversation). Again not to focus on himself or his feelings but external factors that remove the emphasis from him. But Joelle needs to fall in love with the real Callen; orphaned, abused, loner, killer, violent, closed off – very different from the safe securities trader he pretended to be. But at least this offers us hope and rounds to episode off with some well meaning Christmas spirit and warm fuzzy feelings particularly with the closing lines about Callen and his first name.

    So where will NCISLA go from here? Densi is together but surely after a few episodes they will be ripped apart? Will they be allowed to continue as partners if they are officially an item? And we know Callen is supposed to have a romance with someone connected to his past in S6 part 2. This would suggest that at some point Callen & Jo split (as I can’t see Callen cheating on her)…although I’m convinced he could lie his way through it and justify it to himself…PS – I think Joelle is great for Callen, I just can’t see it lasting ;(

    Most amusing moments; the car alarm on the Mustang, dying as Deeks entered the motel, and the drunk Santa in interrogation.

    And I almost forgot the perfect family ending for Sam, reunited with his son and the rest of his family for Christmas.

    Essay over, sorry – my thoughts are many! Good job twitter only restricts me to 140 characters!

    1. SnoopGirl

      “the real Callen; orphaned, abused, loner, killer, violent, closed off”
      –> Yes he is these things but he is also loyal, respected (in his profession), compassionate (Spoils of War & Purity) and a human being with feelings, wants, needs & desires. His line of work, coupled with his past have led him to a life of “loner” status. BUT he is a man in his 40’s now and just might be realizing that living in the past isn’t a healthy way to live life. AND if he is going to “get over” his trust issues, then he knows he needs to reciprocate that trust. And that means being as honest as his he can be without disclosing sensitive information about himself, his work and the people he works with/for.

      The word that sent a chill down my spine was “killer”. Whomever he is with will definitely have to accept that part of him.

      1. I Feel Possessed

        I suddenly got caught up on how much I had written so only touched on the human element of Callen. Since S5E4 when he found out about his father and saw the footage of him with his family as a baby, Callen has seemed more relaxed and stable – he stayed on the blind date and continued the relationship with Joelle. She is so normal and boring (compared with Kensi, for example), that she is exactly what he needs; companionship, love, stability, normality. Even in S3 Partners, he comments that no one can live that way forever (meaning alone).

        can’t wait to see how the second half of the season develops for Callen, particularly in terms of this relationship. As long as Callen/Joelle & Kensi/Deeks romance doesn’t remain in the forefront of every episode…I watch this show for the characters and action, so I don’t want it turning into a soap (which I don’t believe would ever happen).

    2. LasiaMsinRed

      @IFeelPossessed I totally agree with you.

      He obviously cares for Joelle but the level of concern and anger was nothing in comparison to when Hetty or Sam were in danger. To me it seemed liked he genuinely wanted to be the guy who is there for her,because she’s such a sweet and kind person, but he didn’t feel the actual NEED to be with her/ to protect her.
      Yes, he does need some stability in his life and she looks like a great candidate for that but I just don’t see the any chemistry.
      Let me underline my opinion with a quote:
      “Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.”

  16. SnoopGirl

    I LOVED the episode! Best of Season Six (so far) and most definitely goes in my top 5 favorites of the series.
    -> The “Densi” scene at the ice rink was really well done!
    -> Nell & Eric = boring
    -> Sam & Hetty with guy interrogation room = priceless
    -> Liked the visit from Granger with Hetty-although I was surprised that Granger took Hetty’s drink from her–brave man 😉
    -> Although it was great finally meeting Sam’s kidS, the scenes were TOO SHORT, given viewers had to wait until Season 6 to meet them/learn their names.
    ->Kensi was tres cool in taking out guy outside Joelle’s home. I love kick ass Kensi! And Callen’s reaction was funny/predictable 🙂

    As for Callen & Joelle — it was about time that we saw her again! It appears that Callen wants to seriously try and make amends for his deception and he took a big step by asking if she wanted to meet his “family”. Only thing I didn’t like is Joelle not knowing what a Securities Trader does. Seriously? Come on, that was ridiculous writing in an otherwise wonderfully, well written episode. It came across that even Callen wasn’t sure what a Securities Trader does and that is even more ridiculous as we have seen him very adept at knowing his alias’ and their profession, ie: printer in “Keeping It Real” & EAP Inspector in (Can’t remember episode name).
    Moving along since that aspect of their relationship is no longer a part of it ….

    What stuck out most for me in this episode between Callen and Joelle was that Callen was nervous/anxious/cautious UNTIL Joelle discovered he wasn’t a Securities Trader. That must have been a HUGE “weight off his shoulders”.
    I’m a bit confused though at how he can “blow his cover” like that. He, and the rest of the team have worked SO HARD to keep their covers, it appears that they are all out in the open now. Or are they? Will it be only certain things he tells her while glossing over the “sensitive information”? Like not knowing his first name. It could be explained and not sound “absurd”. But I would think he would have to leave many details out, like his mother working for CIA, which I would think is “sensitive information”.
    G. Callen is a man first and foremost. It seems that he has come to the realization that he can still search for the answers about his past he so desperately wants/needs BUT he can also live in the present. And that he doesn’t “have” to do it alone.
    He has (finally!) accepted that he is capable of loving someone and he is capable of being loved, for who he is:
    -> the man with more holes in his past than a brick of Swiss Cheese
    -> the man who doesn’t know his first name; the man who has no blood relatives (that he knows of)
    -> the man who has made several enemies in his career that don’t hesitate, given the chance, to try and kill him
    -> the man who can/will disappear at any given moment for weeks or months at time
    -> the man who puts his life on the line each and every day for his country and its citizens
    -> the man who is compassionate, stubborn, loyal, trustworthy
    -> the man who will need help in making that step forward in buying furniture for his home 😉

    It was an amazing episode to end 2014 with. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings for NCIS:LA
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

  17. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for a great recap as usual. Well, like everyone else I Loved the episode. It was a great Christmas show. However, this time the cyber threat plot took second place to the relationships of the characters. It was wonderful to finally meet Sam’s family and to see Granger back again. Nell and Eric were funny. Eric’s reaction to be going home with Nell was hilarious. All the Densi fans should be very happy with the kiss. My focus however, is Callen. I really want him to be happy and one day have a meaningful relationship, but I don’t think this is it. I like Joelle , but she isn’t the woman for Callen. She is just not strong enough for him. I know that at the end of the episode she is willing to give him a second chance and that is great but they really need to have a serious discussion about his work and what it means. I believe that he likes her and cares about her,but he doesn’t love her. He froze up when she said the ” L ” word. He didn’t act like a man in love. There was no real passion or anger involved like he had before when Hetty was in danger. Anyway it was a nice way to end 2014. We will see what 2015 brings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  18. Book Geek

    Nice all round episode except for the Nell & Eric thing!

    Maybe it’s just me but they have absolutely no chemstry what so ever, It’s just painful watching them interact on a so called romantic level. Their friendship chemistry is great and funny to watch but Nell has far more sparks with Callen and even Deeks when she was partnered with him.

    Really hoping they leave these two as friends because it would be even more cringeworthy to watch.

    Seeing Joelle’s character this episode has me thinking that while Callen enjoys her company and cares for her there is not alot else happening there.

    Someone mentioned recently a Callen & Nell pairing which i found strange but after watching them interact i can see why it would actually work.

    She is beautiful, fiesty, spirited and incredibly intelligent. Callen would certainly have met his match in all aspects of personality. I think i would greatly enjoy seeing these two hit it off. The snarky humour from Callen and quick witted sassines from Nell would be fantastic to see.

    Anyone else think i am mad in relation to Nell & Callen? Strange i never noticed them before.

    What can i say about Deeks & Kensi? they have definitely got that spark in every way and are a joy to watch every week.

    Merry Christmas all!

  19. Rayanne

    I’m a big Nell & Callen fan. I too think they would be good together. However I think we’re a minority.

  20. ChrisDaisy

    I know I am late but I finally managed to watch Humbug, right in time for Christmas 🙂

    I enjoyed Humbug and it was a good Christmas episode in my opinion. It had all the „ingredients“ I like about NCISLA – action, suspense, fun and some character driven scenes, spiced up with some Holiday spirit for the special occasion. I’ve enjoyed all the episodes written by Kyle Harimoto and Andrew Bartels so far and they really make a good team. I hope to see the two of them working together again in the future.

    It was great to see Granger back and he and Hetty shared a nice moment. And we finally got to see Sam’s family (yay) – even though I would’ve loved to see a little more of them, that scene was too short in my opinion.

    I also enjoyed Kensi and Deeks at the ice rink – their talk, the kiss. It was a very sweet scene, not overly “sugarcoated”. Very well done, true to their characters and I am curious to see where this is going. I can really see this working.

    As for Callen and Joelle:
    I am not quite sure what to make of that. First of all, there were some things that bothered me about their relationship – just small ones and I don’t want to appear petty-minded, for sure, but some things just didn’t add up in my opinion.
    Like the face that Joelle calls Callen by his last name the entire time. So he did make up a backstory about his job and everything but he did not come up with a first name?
    And Callen recognized Joelle in the video of the robbery only when Hetty asked for the scene to be zoomed in. She is his girlfriend, they have spent time together – he even has a key to her house – and he didn’t even see some resemblance between her and the woman on the video? He needed Hetty to point it out?
    So I am not sure about Callen’s feelings for Joelle. She’s sweet and likeable and all but I am missing something there.
    You can see how uncomfortable he gets when Joelle explains her feelings – someone in the comments said (I think it was IFeelPossessed) that Callen’s emotionally retarded due to his upbringing– that’s true.
    I get it that he’s doing his job at this moment but still – if he has feelings for her, shouldn’t he show a little more emotion here? Or is he that professional?
    He seems more concerned and agitated when Sam or Hetty are in danger – and he is still acting professional then.
    Or is it that he just he wants to love her, that he longs to be in a relationship to pretend some kind of „normality“ – is he maybe betraying himself a little here? Trying to create something that isn’t really there?

    I’ve stated it before, I am not a fan of Callen and romance but I think I could live with Joelle, she seems nice and sweet and obviously cares for him but (yes, there’s a but) – is she really the right one for him? I am actually not sure about that… Time will tell whether she can live with the „real Callen“. I agree with the theory that she’s more the type who falls for a security trader. Could she live with the fact that he’s risking his life every day? That he will be gone for weeks without a single call? That there will still be secrets, things he can’t tell her? Or is she looking for more stability in her life in the end?
    And Callen – he’s got a lot of enemies out there. First of all Janvier – does he really want to drag Joelle into that? She could always be a possible and easy target (other than Michelle for example).

    It was a positive ending, though, and it’ll be interesting to see where this is going – not only with Callen and Joelle but also with the other team members. The writers did a pretty good job this season and I trust that they will continue doing so.

    Oh – and not to forget – I absolutely loved the fact that Callen refers to his team members as „his family“! I know he did that before (occasionally) but this was the first time that he acknowledged that to someone outside of the team!

    A good episode to end the year, can’t wait for more to come in 2015!

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