NCIS Los Angeles ‘Humbug’ Sneak Peek I

What did you get your boyfriend for Christmas ?? 😉

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  1. SnoopGirl

    So glad I watched it! No real big spoilers–LOVE the leather gym bag idea 🙂 Did anyone else LOL at Callen wearing a suit & tie EVERY day? Thinking back to his conversation with Sam about wearing a tie for his “blind date” with Joelle? This is going to be a GREAT episode 🙂

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      Deeks: We should probably interview Joelle.
      Kensi: About the case,right?
      Deeks: Yeah, no, that,too.
      Deeks: Joelle Taylor, Detective Tony. Hi!I’m Detective Marty Deeks.LAPD. This is my partner Kensi Blye. NCIS.
      Kensi: Hi.
      Joelle: Hello. Who did you say you worked for?
      Kensi: Oh, we’re Federal Agents. Please, have a seat.
      Kensi: Sorry,all this happened to you. How are you?
      Joelle: I’m fine. I’m just glad the police caught the guy.
      Kensi: We’re looking into the case right now. Did you see anything that might help us track the guys that got away?
      Joelle: Well, I told the police.I didn’t see much. I heard the alarm and then I saw the Santas, the men, running. I didn’t know what was happening.
      Kensi: Do you have any idea where they might have gone to?
      Joelle: They ran into the lower level department garage,over there and that’s when the other one(??) grabbed me.
      Kensi: Alright.Thank you.That was very helpful.
      Deeks: So, Prestons is a pretty high-end men’s clothing line.
      Kensi: ha,ha….Deeks.
      Joelle: Yeah, I was here buying a Christmas gift for my boyfriend.
      Deeks: Oh, what did you get him?
      Joelle: I bought him a dress shirt and a tie. He’s a securities trader. I don’t really know what that is but he’s got to wear a suit every day. I think he’ll love it.
      Deeks. I’m, I’m sure that he will.
      Joelle: I know it’s aweful. I mean, who does that? Buys her boyfriend a safe gift.
      Deeks: What is that? What is a “safe gift”?
      Joelle: Zero risk. Something that says anything but you’re the most important person in my world.
      Deeks: Well, you obviously thought a lot about this. (**So not sure about this one)
      Joelle: Oh, I’m good at “the safe gift.” It’s a girlfriend thing I could be better at.
      Kensi: I think he’s gonna love the shirt and tie because it’s coming from you.
      Deeks: Not that he wouldn’t enjoy a, you know like a leather gym bag a tad bit more though.
      Joelle: It’s actually a really good idea.
      Deeks: It is. I know.(??)
      Joelle: How did you know? ….Oh, speak of the devil. That’s my boyfriend.
      Deeks: Well, nice to meet you.
      Joelle: You,too.
      Kensi: Bye.
      Joelle: I’m so glad you got my message. You’d never believe what happened to me.
      Callen on the phone: What happened? What’s going on?
      Kensi: Office.
      Deeks: Yeah, definitely…coming.

  2. Jess

    So when Callen turns up at work with a leather gym bag, we’ll know who it came from – heh heh! 😀
    Looking forward to this episode a lot!!!

  3. Jess

    Was that Deeks dropping hints for Joelle to get Callen … or for Kensi to get him?!! 😉 Heh heh
    This episode is going to be fun, I can tell!

  4. I Feel Possessed

    Joelle seems so sweet, lovely & genuine – I can see how she is good for Callen. But if he tells her the truth about him, his job, his life, then i don’t think she would be able to cope knowing how he is placed in life threatening situations all the time. I also can’t see how she would forgive Callen for not telling her the truth.

    Still hoping this episode lives up to the hype for both Callen fans, and Kensi/Deeks…

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      Yes, she’s very sweet and kind. You have no idea how much this sneak peek is killing me. She obviously cares for him. Unfortunately, I still don’t think she’s a food fit for Callen. Again…writing these lines is k.i.l.l.i.n.g me. It feels like I’m hurting her but I can’t help it.That’s what my gut feeling is telling me. Please, let her have a happy ending….with someone else.

  5. Richtsje

    So far I never liked Joelle – or was I simply envying her? – but in this scene I liked what I saw. She seems sweet and truly in love. Definitely not to sure what to buy her boyfriend.
    I like the idea of Deeks, and the way he suggests another present wasn’t even that odd, coming from Deeks 🙂
    Will she find out about the real Callen and if so, will she be able to live will the truth?

  6. BH72

    This was a great sneak peek into tonight’s episode. It’s ironic after the banter Callen had with Sam over him wearing a suit and tie on his blind date with Joelle. Good on Deeks for suggesting the leather gym bag. Always the detective, looking out for Callen and Joelle’s best interests? We’ll soon find out if Jallen survives Humbug. I don’t want them to get hurt, she seems nice, but ignorant to his real job might be too much for her to deal with. Thanks sindee for posting this on here.

  7. Janice

    Joelle seems too low key. I envision Callen with someone who has a bit more fire in her spirit; something like Ziva David from NCIS. Unfortunately we haven’t seen enough of Joelle to truly judge her fairly.

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