NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium” Ratings



From we got the following ratings news…

NBC The Blacklist 2.8/8 9.83
ABC Castle 2.0/6 9.30
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 1.6/5 9.09

13 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium” Ratings

  1. VirtualFriend

    I think every show has it’s audience. Something like Scorpion is aimed (imo) at younger viewers who just want to consume, don’t think to much about what they see and go with it.
    NCIS:LA had (!) it’s more mature audience with the lead in of NCIS on Thursdays. Mark Harmon (one of the producers of NCIS: NO) has played his card to secure this time slot for his own show.
    This leaves NCIS: LA at the Monday 10pm time slot and the lead in from a show with a different audience.
    NCIS:LA seems to me as a (very) expensive show to produce and it may need more then 9 million viewers.

  2. Caitlin

    This makes me feel a little better now that the gap of overall viewers isn’t quite as large as the past couple weeks! Still not on top, but closer!

  3. Sharon

    I swore off the ratings watch but I can’t seem to stay away. I read an article on spoiler tv (I think that’s the right name) that seemed to feel that CBS is getting just what it wanted from ncisla…a much bigger share of the pie on Mondays.

    If that is the case they should say how pleased they are and give ncisla fans some peace of mind. I know I am worried.

    1. Linda

      At least the gap has closed some. NCISLA has increased the ratings for CBS in its new time slot. It might be enough to keep the show around for at least one more season. Here’s hoping.

  4. MsPeach

    Updated ratings for Monday…NCIS LA beat Castle! And was the only 10pm show to grow viewers from previous week.
    NCIS LA 9.24
    Castle 9.17
    Blacklist 9.76

  5. Sol

    The problem is not the number of viewers but the demo. 1.6 is low for a network like cbs, that has high standars. I know, the three shows appear so close now and I’m happy, but it’ll be much better if LA will have 2.0 in demo. Maybe, when The Blacklist will be moved on thursday… I hope a lot of people will choose LA and not State of affair.
    Anyway, there is also the Live + 3 days, or 7, right? The first episode added two or three million viewers and even the demo was much much better!

    A question for sindee. Last week I didn’t read anywhere about LA live +3 numbers, but I read about great numbers for Blacklist and Castle. I missed something, or cbs didn’t release any news about those numbers?


    1. Nim

      I’ve seen many people who watch Blacklist and LA, so there is definite hope that LA numbers will go up once Blacklist moves to Thursday.

    2. CCalicott

      I honestly don’t understand how they read the numbers. Its good to see they are growing. I hope once Blacklist moves they make a huge jump.

  6. Linda

    The ratings for all three shows are a virtual dead heat. I will also be curious to see what happens when The Blacklist moves. I’d also be curious about the +3 days DVR numbers as well.

    1. Sol

      It will stop airing in November, (11/17, if I remember correctly), but it won’t be moved on Thursday until February.

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