NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium” Picture Review by @sindee303


Who are these guys in Hetty's house ??

Who are these guys in Hetty’s house ??

Oh *bounce bounce* I LOVE when they show our team being called in from what they time off... shows us so much about the characters... This Densi moment ?? Adorable !!

Oh *bounce bounce* I LOVE when they show our team being called in from their time off… shows us so much about the characters… This Densi moment ?? Adorable !!

I hear some of the fans yell "NOOOO"...

I hear some of the fans yell “NOOOO”…

Up and running...

Up and running…

So Granger is into Blondes ? Huh-uh...

So Granger is into Blondes ? Huh-uh…

Hetty's guard's nickname is Duke... how fitting...

Hetty’s guard’s nickname is Duke… how fitting…

Hetty's houses... NIIICE !!

Hetty’s houses… NIIICE !!

The team thinks he was "just late" but he already talked to LAPD etc ... Show them, Owen !!

The team thinks he was “just late” but he already talked to LAPD etc … Show them, Owen !!

"You OK?" Aww...

“You OK?” Aww…

"Leave the worrying to your enemies." Great advice !!

“Leave the worrying to your enemies.” Great advice !!

Hetty lost another one dear to her heart... poor woman...

Hetty lost another one dear to her heart… poor woman…

IT department at PETCO... *paaaaniiiic* LOL

IT department at PETCO… *paaaaniiiic* LOL

"You're a dirty little hoarder." *snort*

“You’re a dirty little hoarder.” *snort*

So now they are at Hetty's other house ?? Who are these guys ?? And I thought they only got one address for those 250k....

So now they are at Hetty’s other house ?? Who are these guys ?? And I thought they only got one address for those 250k…

"I thought we were doing word association." That's what I thought !!

“I thought we were doing word association.” That’s what I thought as well !!

Oh my... NOOOO !!

Oh my… NOOOO !!

Hetty fainted ?? HA !!

Hetty fainted ?? HA !!

"Everything?" oh, that panic in his voice... I wonder what came to his mind... LOL

“Everything?” oh, that panic in his voice… I wonder what came to his mind… LOL

This was all set-up by Hetty ?? Phew... I was fooled there for a moment...

This was all set-up by Hetty ?? Phew… I was fooled there for a moment…

A nice dash of bromance here and there...

A nice dash of bromance here and there…

What an awesome performance, Barrett !!

What an awesome performance, Barrett !!

"I'm a federal agent, man." ROFL

“I’m a federal agent, man.” ROFL

Callen in a hand fight... nice seeing him holding his own and not - like mostly - having Sam for his rescue...

Callen in a hand fight… nice seeing him holding his own and not – like mostly – having Sam for his rescue…

"You wanna know what we do. This is what we do." Yeah, show her, Sam !!

“You wanna know what we do. This is what we do.” Yeah, show her, Sam !!

"Who are you?" Yeah, good question... [Note: Read our interview with guest star Cuyle Carvin]

“Who are you?” Yeah, good question…
[Note: Read our interview with guest star Cuyle Carvin]

"I like cheese." "You're fine." Yeah, me too !! *cough cough*

“I like cheese.” “You’re fine.” Yeah, me too !! *cough cough*

"Do you have any idea what I went through in captivity?"

“Do you have any idea what I went through in captivity?”

Just wow !! What an awesome Densi moment... How feels Densi so much different to me this season ?? Well done, writers !!

Just wow !! What an awesome Densi moment… How is it that Densi feels so much different to me this season ?? Well done, writers !!

"Keep your eyes open." *snort*

“Keep your eyes open.” *snort*

It's Leon!!

It’s Leon!!

"We're under attack... we're out-manned and out-gunned."

“We’re under attack… we’re out-manned and out-gunned.”

"I love Hetty." "I just wish she wasn't so small." *grins*

“I love Hetty.” “I just wish she wasn’t so small.” *grins*

"So what do we do now?" "We make good on our promise... we hunt him down... and we kill him."

“So what do we do now?” “We make good on our promise… we hunt him down… and we kill him.”

WOW and the action continues… this season start arc really has me captured… it will make great NCISLA marathons in the future…

I’m going to rewatch the ep later and join the convo in the comments with more thoughts about it… til then it’s your turn… How did you like the episode ?? Let us know in the comments…

32 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Praesidium” Picture Review by @sindee303

  1. Sosou

    This episode was really really good !
    An epi that start with Densi sleeping on Kensi’s couch is obligatory a good one ! Look’s like movie nights at her appartment are not only in fanfiction. That was an adorable moment, comfortable and grumphy ! I really want more hints about the team life outside of work.
    The tension is still increasing !
    Granger and Eric interrogations were awesome. I like the way they played with them.
    I did’nt know that they really gave the money to the talibans ! I maybe just wished Kensi’s interrogation was a little longuer, the tearing Densi moment too. But it was a very honest one. Even if it was short, it was real talking, and Kensi letting him see that she’s vulnerable is a big big step for her. The way they look at each others, they are waaayyy beyond just partners.
    Congratulation miss Erin, really really good for a first episode. I hope she will be writing another episode !!

  2. mckenna

    Great picture recap! Wow, considering how great of a show this is, I was so blown away with this episode. I’d say it is one of my all time favorites, at least top 5. It had everything we love about this show; great Callen and Sam bromance, cute and beautiful Densi scenes, Nell working her magic, a silly and hilarious Eric (which I really enjoy seeing), stellar teamwork, great action and fight scenes, and a sneaky Hetty always with tricks up her sleeve! I could go on and on about how much I loved it, but I’ll just mention my favorite parts because I can’t resist. 🙂
    -LOVE when we see the team getting called in before work, Densi scene was unexpected and a treat, and I felt seeing Callen cut his hair was a good transition and great to put in. (At this point I already knew this ep was going to be stellar)
    -bromance scene outside had me cracking up so bad I had to pause the episode 🙂 Love those two!
    -Eric’s scenes during his interview had me cracking up badly as well, Barrett plays Eric so well, I love his character!!
    -I got angry at the lady when she interrupted their stakeout, and thought Sam would too since he stayed back instead of backing up Callen. Glad nothing happened 😛 (on a side note, nice fight scene with G!)
    -The team with the agents at the boatshed was great! Was a little surprised when they actually stopped Callen, but loved how Sam knew he’d go through the trap door 🙂 And of course, Deeks talks to annoy the other agents, lol!
    -Kensi’s scenes and the subsequent Densi scene were so beautiful, stellar acting and the Densi scene felt so *them*.
    -loved how Vance was back!!
    -The fight at Hetty’s house was so intense, and loved Sam’s comment about Hetty being so small, ha!!
    -“She’s never killed anyone before”. feel so bad for Nell!! 🙁
    -Mattias is back!!!!! (loved how many references to past eps they’ve made, it makes all the cases seem connected and like its their lives)
    Have to congratulate Erin on her first script!! The episode was so amazing! Cant wait for more of her scripts!! This season feels so fresh, new, exciting, oh I can’t wait till next week!! 🙂

  3. densidream

    I gotta say, I found this ep more awesome than 6.01 and 6.02. It had so many great scenes!
    It was funny: Eric’s and Granger’s interrogations were hilarious, and I really loved Granger, he was so part of the team! I think “I thought we were doing word associoation” is going to be my favorite quote of him 🙂 Also loved Ms. Wallace in Sam’s car, how she was like scared all of a sudden 😀
    It was character revealing: great start with calling the team to ops. Conveys seriousness about the situation as well as it gives us insight in sweet little moments.
    It was action-laden: A lot of firepower, car chasing, fights… great!
    It was emotional: Nell in a Hetty costume, from behind she had me fooled for a moment. And how Nell sat there in the bathroom after she shot the bad guy, ohhh 🙁 But she seems to become tougher every time she’s in the field. Go Nell! How on earth did she know about the secret getaway through the wardrobe though? I’m glad that Hetty collapsing was only a fake to escape. I’m exited to know where the Hetty story goes, now that it’s revealed that her interrogation about Afghanistan was only a plot from Vance to get her away from L.A.
    And it was Densi: As a devoted Densi fan, I guess I enjoyed the Densi scenes probably the most. I’m amazed at how far the relationship seems to have progressed obviously, because there are now scenes that I know only from fanfiction! Them spending the night together with movie and takeout, talking about moving in together, and then of course that lovely, lovely scene in the boatshed. I loved how Deeks was joking with the agents from DOJ and literally the second they were gone, he asked Kensi if she was ok. Kensi opening up to Deeks… I think it they continue on this road, we won’t have to be waiting that long to see complete Densi happening.
    Great episode, great acting, great writing, and also great picture recap, thanks for that!

    1. OhBuddy66

      I agree with everything you said here, densidream. Seeing situations that, up until now, we’ve only read about in fanfiction is pretty cool. I also loved when Sam joked with Callen about him sounding like Deeks. Something else we don’t see enough of – Kensi and Sam both agreeing with Deeks when Callen wanted to hop the next flight to Washington. Just three episodes in and this season is definitely looking like the best one yet!

  4. Elizabeth

    OH MY . . . . . . . wait until Hetty sees all those bullet holes in her house!!! Everybody – RUN!!

    1. Mogorva

      I can’t add anything to these 4 replys, you just seem to stole every thought I wanted to write down. I agree with every word. I think season 6 is the best so far. And gets even better with every episode.

      As for the “how did Nell knew about the escape route?” question: Hetty called her, that was the buzz, which gave away her position behind the door. I assume, after Hetty said: “Listen carefully: …” she told Nell about the passageway. I just loughed loud on Sam’s comment on the stairs.

      1. Jeannie

        I knew when Nell’s answered her phone & talked to Hetty that Hetty was going to give her some kind of “insider” info to help the team escape from her house. Poor Sam, he looked a bit uncomfortable in the Hetty-sized hallway.

  5. Rayanne

    This show has just gotten better with each episode this season. Nell was great as Hetty, for a minute I thought it was Hetty. Nell was great in the field and I loved that the team was worried about her afterwards. Yes she has been in the field before but by all accounts she was still a little innocent.
    I loved seeing Callen wet and then without a shirt. I knew when they put him in the room in handcuffs it wouldnt be for long and he would be able to escape. I was a little sorry to see him shaving but it was nice to have his look back again.
    I think my favorite line was Sam’s line in the escape tunnel. “I just wish she wasn’t so small.”.
    I really felt for Kensi and thought that scene in the boatshed was great even though I teared up also. All in all it was a great episode and I can’t wait for next Monday!

    1. Sol

      I’m agree with ALL of you.
      Little special Densi moments again, Sam’s “interrogation” in the car, humor, action and Nell!
      Yeah, LA, welcome back!


  6. Julie Merritt

    Hetty and Team will come through this, and Hetty’s team will get the bad guys. No one harms Hetty.

  7. Fenix

    Greay recap, thank you.

    OK, I will continue with my controversial way. 😉
    About this picture (crying Kensi):

    “Just wow !! What an awesome Densi moment… How is it that Densi feels so much different to me this season ?? Well done, writers !!”

    We can look on that scene, little bit differently.
    Especially after Deeks words.

    D.:”Come on, partners don’t keep secrets.”
    D.:”I mean, that’s what we are, right? We’re partners.”

    After those Deeks words, I really not sure, what she mean, with:

    “I just want to forget what happened.”

    Because her other words, wasn’t clear.
    Don’t know, if she speaking about Afghanistan, or about past with Deeks?
    So, what for she want forget?

    Maybe she have to go on date, of course not with Deeks.
    Maybe after that, Deeks start acting like man, who finally get clue, what he really want.

    I know I know, we will see later. 😉

  8. shelia

    What a great episode, there was something for everyone. Personally I had a love/hate thing going with Callen shaving his head. He has such pretty hair, looks so soft and fluffy, I just want to run my fingers thru it. On the other side Callen looks much tougher and more like the badass he is with the shaved head.

    Eric and Granger’s interviews were hilarious, and spot on for keeping the Dept of Justice distracted. Callen escaping thru the trap door was a perfect scene plus we got wet Callen and shirtless Callen.

    Loved all the action but didn’t think Sam taking off and leaving G was such a good thing. Of course Callen handled it in his usual smooth fashion, but it could have been a bad thing.

  9. CCalicott

    Ok first things first…….LADIES!!! Callen was wet and SHIRTLESS?!?! I wasn’t very coherent for awhile after that, and may have watched that scene again.
    Ok. I’m done.;)
    Besides that season 6 is blowing me away. Every week seems to top the last. And next week looks just as good.
    Here are my favorite parts.
    I loved the interviews with DOJ. I think Eric’s was my favorite. He had me laughing out loud. I think we need more of him. And Sam’s interview, was just hilarious. I can’t believe she was even able to form a sentence in that car. I would….well I’m not sure what I would do, but I wouldn’t be able to form a sentence that’s for sure. Kensi’s interview made me want to punch that woman in the face. She, in my opinion, crossed a line. But, it made for a great Densi moment.
    Another favorite moment was the scene with Nell and Granger. I think it showed that Granger really does care about Hetty and the team.
    I wonder though when Hetty comes back if her and Kensi will talk about Afghanistan over tea or scotch? I think Hetty might owe her a conversation at least.
    Also did anyone notice at the beginning when they were talking about someone kidnapping Hetty, someone ask what they would do or want. Kensi made a remark about how she had a few ideas. And Callen and Granger gave her a look. I just wonder what they are thinking.
    I can’t wait for next week! 🙂

  10. skippy

    Thank you for the recap, it was really funny, I had to laugh a couple of times, again.

    This episode was good, really really good.
    I like the plan Vance revealed to Hetty. Great plan indeed.
    I love Deeks and Kensi finally are back to partners and NOT lovers.
    Granger shows another side of his character and that he cares for the team.
    Eric was hilarious during the interview.
    Callen and Sam are back to the good old days (sorry, I mean like S1-3).
    And Callen finally fighting alone without the big strong back up. And COD really did some of the fight and not the stunt man (nothing wrong with the stunt man but this time the directing, cutting and editing was much better than usually).
    Also someone really has an eye for details (e.g. you could see the scars from the shooting from the 5th of May). All these are small issues but they matter if an episode jusr okay or good, bordering great).
    I still don’t see Nell in the field as an agent. I don’t think she is that good. And since she is always in trouble they should let her stay in ops.

    So yes, I love this one and I hope they will keep up with this quality and action the next episodes or even the entire season.

    1. mckenna

      About Callen’s scars, I always hoped they’d remember to have them if he was ever shirtless again. I actually tried to notice them but didn’t, I was probably distracted ;). Will watch again but glad to know they were there. It really does matter, adds to the credibility of the show.

        1. Mogorva

          They were there. Little red(ish) dots on the upper parts of the chest and the shoulders. Maybe the scar on the right shoulder was the one, which could be seen the best.

  11. VirtualFriend

    Good episode, Lots of action for the fans and the usual Densi snippets for the shippers.

    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Densi is what is it and nothing more. They are good partners who occasional spend some time together but that about it. They support each other in difficult times but we (Densi shippers) shouldn’t fool ourself with the imaginary being together/together, it’s adorable though. And as usual great acting by DR.

    The DOJ investigator showing up during the ‘stakeout/undercover’ operation of Sam and Callen was unfortunately ridiculous. So that’s minus 1, which leaves us at a decent 7.5 out of 10.

  12. Richtsje

    Again, I loved this episode. It had everything I loved from those first two seasons… Loads of action, great banter, suspense…
    Kensi and Deeks really had some great scenes, which were surprisingly sweet and – contrary to season 4&5 – simply fitted! The escape from the boathouse ánd the cuffs was great, so was the for too short scene immediately after.

    Loved the investigative conversation between Sam and that DOJ-madam while following that car. It was so far from her reality! Meanwhile Callen had to fight his own way out – would love more scenes like that.
    Nell and Eric each managed to stay upright and did it great.
    Could go on and on.
    Erin Broadhurst did a great job on this episode, I hope she’ll have a few more!

  13. Linda

    This season keeps getting better. Its reminding me of the show’s early seasons. The episode had just the right amount of light moments and more heartfelt moments. Best Densi scene yet. I also loved that they had Callen show the most concern for Hetty. It took me back to the obvious tight relationship the two of them had in the first 3 seasons. I think that kind of got lost the last couple years. Callen’s boat shed escape was awesome, and Sam’s bad guy chase with the DOJ lady was priceless. I loved this episode!

  14. BH72

    Awesome recap, thank you sindee. What an awesome episode, it was great performances by all involved. The mystery behind it all keeps you glued to the seat and you find yourself going through the emotions and the banter with the characters. This season I think is incredible. Wow, just wow, each episode is incredibly written and performed. So much better and refreshing than the original and NOLA. NCISLA is the best show, delving into the past of each of the characters and pushing them further to make them even better than before. Always love Callen becoming protective of Hetty, but that escape by Callen was brilliant. Got to love seeing Callen wet and changing his shirt. I enjoyed the car chase having Wallace on board and Deeks’ fun with her minions (as Granger referred to them – got to love Granger’s references) and then Kensi’s emotional scene, which led to the Densi moment afterwards. Hats off to Barratt, who was amazing whilst being interrogated. This season has proven that Hetty has selected the best people to be guided under her wings and they work so well together.

  15. LasiaMsinRed

    Wow, this season keeps getting better and better with every episode,right?
    I loved this episode!
    First of all I have to give Granger some love!
    – I like how he’s interacting with the team: the way asks for their opinion, how he allowed Nell to ask her question and didn’t just cut her off. I also like how subtle his voice gets when he’s comforting them.
    – Did someone notice that we saw more Callen and Sam moments recently ? How the BOTH looked at Kensi when she made comment about being held hostage (aka in captivity), how they talked about Nell, how they no longer “bully” each other,…..something might be up.
    Of course, I also loved all the Callen scenes. I liked how he managed to fight his way out w/o Sam’s help. Yes, they are partners but I like to see that our lone wolf is perfectly capable of looking after himself.
    Do I really have to mentioned how much I liked his escape?? Ladies, please! No words needed 😉
    – Sam’s little presentation of “This is what we do” kicked ass.
    – Eric’s interrogation……….all smiles.
    – Hetty’s escape ….nice move!
    – Even though I’m not a Densi fan and I’ll probably never will be. I do at admit that they had a impressive scene in this episode. Great writing and great acting.
    – I liked how Nell went undercover to help the team,etc. but I still think that she need some more -watch-and-learn-moments on the show.
    Thank you, for this great picture recap, Sindee. You’re awesome!!

  16. LasiaMsinRed

    Forgot something….
    Did someone notice that the lady in the suit mentioned that Lauren Hunter and Grace Stevens were trained far beyond NCIS protocol ? I remembered how Dave K. ( I think it was him) once tweeted that Callen’s training isn’t part of the standard military curriculum. I think it pretty much goes into the same direction as “far beyond protocol”. I wanna find out more about that!
    BTW: Granger totally rocked that interrogation!

    1. I Feel Possessed

      I loved this episode. So far with season 6 each episode has been an improvement on the last. And the premiere was fantastic! There was something of fans of each character / pairing. The Densi moments were very special but as always, did not take over the entire episode. It is always a treat to see the characters on their own time, in their own homes outside of work, even if only for a few minutes so I enjoyed the opening and what it reveals about the agents.

      OK, I will admit my favourite moments were Callen being cuffed, swimming to escape and being shirtless. I would actually love to see him being collared by DOJ Wallace in the next episode as it would be very interesting to see how he deals with being interrogated about Hetty. And would Wallace discuss ‘Hetty’s Orphans’ and being trained beyond NCIS protocol? BTW who trained Callen, as yes, Dave Kalstein has tweeted Callen has never served in the military. And I don’t believe Callen knew Hetty prior to joining NCIS.

  17. Domingo

    This was really good, a good old fashioned fist fight for Callen, then a traditional shoot out, some secrets still to solved and on going, a nice Kensie a Deeks moment, and the lady from Washington got a taste of what they do well, and Hetty still rules the roost.

    Keep it coming……..

  18. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    awesome episode ! callen wet & shirtless wow!! season 6 is fantastic so far loving it!!!

  19. Linda

    First, thank you Sindee for a great recap as usual. I loved this episode. The first 3 episodes have really kept us on our toes so far. It was exciting and funny. There was good banter between Sam and Callen, but what was really funny was the scene with Sam and the DOJ agent in the car. Eric was terrific in the scene with the other agent while stalling for time. Nell proved once again that she can hold her own out in the field. Deeks and Kensi had several touching scenes which also provided some humour. Granger is different this year. He seems more in tune with the team and we also see that he has some kind of private life. It was good to see Vance again with Hetty. She of course always seems to be in charge. My favourite scene though had to be Callen coming out of the water. We all know why. All in all a wonderful cast and crew effort.

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