NCIS Los Angeles ‘Reign Fall’ Picture Review

If it's not Joey Wilson's ep starting with a BOOM! then who's ?? :)

If it’s not Joey Wilson’s ep starting with a BOOM! then who’s ?? 🙂

What did Sam dress as at Disney ?? And the bromance for the ep begins... :)

What did Sam dress as at Disney ?? And the bromance for the ep begins… 🙂

"Whistling Eric" is back...

“Whistling Eric” is back…

Aah, *there* is the NCIS connection...

Aah, *there* is the NCIS connection…

"We git it." Yeah, Kensi seems to be a fan.

“We got it.” Yeah, Kensi seems to be a fan.

So "Marty Mar" knows the Basketball Hunk...

So “Marty Mar” knows the Basketball Hunk…

Sweet Kip-Deeks-Kensi Scene !!

Sweet Kip-Deeks-Kensi Scene !!

For the NERIC fans !!

For the NERIC fans !!

Wow, that kid...

Wow, that kid…

Lucky them that Nell consulted on this other similar case... [/sarcasm]

Lucky them that Nell consulted on this other similar case… [/sarcasm]

Yeah, let's send Johnson out as bait !! [Sorry for all the sarcasm today...]

Yeah, let’s send Johnson send out as bait !! [Sorry for all the sarcasm today…]

Callen is right, at least Sam's father was *there*.

Callen is right, at least Sam’s father was *there*.

Ah, so with the step-mother the kid is somewhat normal...

Ah, so with the step-mother the kid is somewhat normal…

Nice tackle, Callen.

Nice tackle, Callen.

Great casting with this guy IMO !!

Great casting with this guy IMO !!
And nice how they tricked him into slipping up…

Mummy is worried about her little boy...

Mommy is worried about her little boy…

I thought Deeks was overly aggressive with this guy. Your thought ??

I thought Deeks was overly aggressive with this guy. Your thoughts ??

Awesomely distrubed family. [Geez, what's with  me today that I love that so much...]

Awesomely disturbed family. [Geez, what’s with me today that I love that so much…]

Shoot-out with Callen and Sam ?? Yeah, good luck with that, boy !! ;)

Shoot-out with Callen and Sam ?? Yeah, good luck with that, boy !! 😉

Um, maybe Callen & Sam could back off a tad, please ??!!

Um, maybe Callen & Sam could back off a tad, please ??!!

Klick !!

Klick !!

More BOOM!

More BOOM!

Water's "perfect"... *smirk*

Water’s “perfect”… *smirk*

Sam and his dad. Aww !!

Sam and his dad. Aww !!

Ooh, the resemblance... *snort*

Ooh, the resemblance… *snort*

Sam calling his dad... More aww !!

Sam calling his dad… More aww !!

Well, well, I’m curious what you all think of this episode… it definitely had its share of BOOM! and action… nice (even though rare) Densi and Bromance scenes… smoochy Neric… little Hetty, no Granger (his absence was addressed but cut out due to lack of time according to a tweet by writer Joey Wilson)… What else ??

EDIT: Since I’m an annoyingly nosy little fan 🙂 I asked Joey Wilson if Deeks’ “harshness” was planted… here’s what he answered:

The harsh interrogation tactics were a show to prompt the mom to give up the other brother. Due to issues I can’t get into – it came off as Deeks being a little harsh which he wouldn’t do.

19 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Reign Fall’ Picture Review

  1. Mogorva

    I can’t exactly pinpoint what I loved in the episode, but somehow it really carried me with itself.

    That overly military kid and the “relationship” with his father was more than a little weird and creepy, but the hilarious scenes with the Kensi, Deeks, Kip, Sam and Callen more than made up for that.

    In this episode there were no Granger, basicly no Hetty, Eric and Nell barely appeared, the balance shifted mainly to the 4 field agents/detective. I can’t complain though, because dispite the lack of tension and suspense I immensely enjoyed almost every minute of the episode (with the exception mentioned above).

  2. BH72

    Thanks, sindee for your recap. I loved the Kensi/Deeks/Kip moment and the bromance between Sam and Callen never lets us down. Joey Wilson and his BOOMS! He’s famous for them and hasn’t let us down. I was gasping at the end when Sam saved that kid from the last boom. Boy that was close. Good thing there was a pool there, hey. What’s with Nell’s weird dress sense returning? Is it me, or do they dress Nell to be more fashionable when she’s out in the field to when she’s locked in her hamster cage with Eric? I like Nell, I see her as more than just a geek, so can we please have her dress better in the future (request to the clothing department). I found it was a good storyline to set things up for when we meet the Hanna family. Sam mentioned his son, Aiden for the first time in this episode and the constant banter over what Sam wore to his daughter’s party also has us eager to meet his kids, at last. You could see Sam reflecting, not only as the son of a military man, but also as a father to a son in a military school. I think he found Johnson’s son OTT in his behaviour around his father, but it was nice to see him relax with his father’s finance once he left. Perhaps father and son need more time away from uniform and be just who they are.

  3. Kristy

    I was under the impression we were meeting Sam’s son on last nights episode. Am I wrong or was it it out?

  4. Ryan

    I honestly thought Deeks was bluffing. But considering his actions in Afghanistan it isn’t that OOC for him to get intense in the interrogation room now. And I have seen simile interrogation tactics on Law & Order SVU. As for the episode my favorite part was with Kip. Did anyone else notice how Deeks appeared to be getting jealous?

  5. I Feel Possessed

    I enjoyed this episode, it delved into the four main characters providing us with a little more insight into their backgrounds – particularly with Sam and sets the scene well for next week’s episode. As a big Callen fan I loved the tiny snippets of information on him, namely when Sam said “give em a boy at 8 and return a man at 18”, to which Callen says “I think I took a total of 18 classes” [which Joey Wilson said refers to Callen at school, not military academy].

    The father – son theme which was so prevalent in S6E8 The Grey Man returns again, with Callen reminding Sam that even though his dad pushed him hard, he was there following him on his runs in the snow and that Callen never had anyone to push him, no one to care about him. But not said with a sense of self-pity but to reassure Sam of how much his father cared for him.

    The bromance was great, Nell kissed Eric, and yes I did notice how uncharacteristically aggressive Deeks was with the unstable boy in interrogation. But at no point did any of the others, who knew exactly what was going on, stop him. So to my mind it was planned.

    I’ve only watched this one once (except those Callen scenes referred here), and first impressions was an enjoyable episode without loads of odd questions or loose ends. Great stuff!

  6. Jess

    One thing was bugging me right at the start of this episode. Why wasn’t our LAPD Liaison Officer more knowledge about the case when it was revealed that LAPD were at the scene?!! 😉
    Okay, but aside from that, I think it was the “family” aspects of this episode that endeared itself to me so much … and isn’t next week’s Christmas episode supposed to reveal more about Sam’s family? Nice sedge way, this week then, don’t you think?!! 🙂

  7. LasiaMsinRed

    Ok, I have to leave a quick comment here before I leave the house.
    First of all, I’d like to thank Sindee for this wonderful recap. Keep up the sarcasm, ncislasister! I love it 😉
    – the bromance was great and I liked that Sam opened up to G and vice versa.
    Callen’s definition of fatherhood and caring for your child was very simple but beautiful. I hope that one day he’ll find out that his dad also “followed” him and cared for him all of his life.
    I didn’t expect Sam’s father to be as strict as he seems to be(was. I still have the delected scene from the 100th episode in my head, in which G asks Sam weather he took his dad to a game on the weekend, so Sam refereing to his father as “Cornell Hanna” was quite a surprise to me. Now I’m even more curious about Sam’s relationship with his son Aidan.
    – I missed Granger in that episode. I would have liked seeing him overhearing G’s and Sam’s “fatherhood” conversation.
    – yes, Deeks was too harsh with that boy. IMO totally out of character which doesn’t mean that I consider him a softie but simply a great cop who USUALLY knows when to push someone’s buttons and with better people skills.

    1. BW

      Yeah, I thought about that scene too. Showed how much Callen is struggling about his Father’s absence and questions of why he is not there. The Grey Man episode allowed that hurt to bubble out.(Still my favorite ep.)

      I have to admit Sam being a military kid does seem so OOC for the little background they have given us in 5 seasons. I did like the set up for Aiden and am looking forward to his story.

      Father’s does seem to be the theme of this season especially for Callen.

      Thank Sindee for the recap!

  8. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for your recap. Very amusing observations as usual. I really liked this episode as I have for all the others in season 6. I thought again that we did see the team work as a whole. There was very little Hetty, no Granger and not too much of Eric and Nell, but their kiss did inspire Nell to come up with a new lead. The story did really concern Sam and Callen, Kensi and Deeks. There was a lot of action and thanks to Joey Wilson, several wonderful explosions. We had humour and banter throughout which was hilarious in places. Just think of Sam as a big furry blue monster. To me we were learning the meaning of family and especially of fathers. Sam and his father and Sam and his own kids. What fathers do for their children and in the case of Callen what they don’t. We had all kinds of links to their background stories. Deeks was quite funny with his NBA buddy and we even saw a little of his background too. I think that his aggression with the kid was planned as we really haven’t seen him like that before. Now we also have a lead in to next weeks episode with the mention of Sam’s son. I am really looking forward to that. All in all it was a very enjoyable episode.

  9. Jackie

    I enjoyed this episode. As far as how harsh Deeks was with the boy, I’m thinking it was planned, possibly to push the mother into giving up the location of her older son. It would be really hard for a mom to watch her ‘baby’ be bullied like that, knowing how unstable he is. They were desperate to stop another attack.

  10. Linda

    This episode had all the elements I love best about this show: lots of Sam/Callen and Kensi/Deeks. The father/son theme seems very big this season. I enjoyed seeing Callen being the one encouraging Sam with his issues, usually it seems to be the other way around. This episode was a good Segway to next week’s episode with Sam’s kids. The show has really delivered this season so far, I can’t wait for more.

  11. skippy

    Thank you sindee not only for the perfect recap but also for you sarcasm. Let it all out, please. So funny.

    This episode was as nice as expected. The writer has a certain style. Some bombs and some humor / bantering but nothing too personal for any of the team members. (Sams issues with his father can’t be too serious since we know they went to a basketball game in S5 and it was okay as he mentioned to Callen).
    So this was just a nice entertaining episode.

    Yes, Deeks was pretty harsh to the kid but we already knew he tend to be unstable from time to time (we have seen this action also with the blind man in S5). Though you mentioned it was a show for the mother, IMO there should have been another way to do it. This only shows the lack of self-control and / or the lack of interrogation skills.
    My favorite part of this episode was not the banter this time. It was the scene where Callen and Sam met the young cadet. Callen couldn’t stop grinning while this kid tried to act like an adult well trained marine or whatever. This kid was so the opposite of what Callen had been as a kid (I assume) or of what he is right now and ever will be (hopefully).

    1. Cheryl

      For the record, Skippy, what Deeks performed was part of the good cop/bad cop interrogation protocol. If it had carried out, Kensi would have been the one to be the good cop–after Deeks would have left the room, Kensi would try to “comfort” the suspect to get information from him. It was obvious to me that it wasn’t inner Deeks’ rage, and I’m glad that Joey Wilson confirmed that because it definitely would have been out of character. In reality, sometimes, it’s the easiest way to get a suspect to talk. It’s been used from time immemorial to get info from suspects and it’s successful for the most part which is why it has become a favorite interrogation tactic.

      Thank you, Sindee, for another fun recap.

  12. Rayanne

    Thank you for the picture recap. I loved the bromance banter between Callen and Sam. I did not like the way that Nell was dressed for this episode. . I thought she looked more like a little girl. My favorite part was the facial expression on Sam’s face when he said the water was perfect. I almost thought that he was going to pull Callen in the water and we would get another wet G Callen moment!!!

  13. jsm

    Love your recap. There was so much to enjoy in this episode. The father/son issues, Deek’s friend, and the banter. I am tired of all the interrogations ending in threats of violence. I think a little balance is needed. I thought Sam was going to call his son so was surprised it was his father.

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