12 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Humbug’ Promo Video

    1. Mogorva

      CBS next monday is full of surprises…
      DEEKS: Merry Christmas to me.
      With Callen in love… and guys in disguises… There’s so much to see, you won’t want to miss…
      Kensi and Deeks, and their passionate… Khm-hm. You’ll have to tune in for that one…

      HETTY: You’re such a Grinch…
      A jolly new NCIS:LA , CBS, next monday.

  1. EnterTextHere

    Haha, with Sam and Callen nearby (according to promotional photo’s), Densi is not going to happen. Just some undercover inspired ‘action’ to fool the shippers.

  2. Christine

    I don’t trust the previews. They are usually trying to fool us. So I believe it , when I see it ;o) #densi

  3. diane

    I agree with others above. Don’t trust the promos either (or the show, for that matter.) I don’t get excited over these promos anymore

  4. Linda

    Promos are designed to draw in viewers. As long as I keep that in mind, I don’t let misleading promos bother me. All the networks do that for their show’s promos.

  5. Mogorva

    I fell for a few promos, so after that, I handle everything in a promo video as a lie.

    I’m not so sure about the “it won’t happen in the show” thing though. We’ll see. Maybe this will be a chistmas present for the shippers? 😀

  6. densidream

    Seriously, even if the kiss (if it really happens) will happen when they’re undercover, Kensi and Deeks are always a bit themselves when acting undercover as a couple… 🙂
    So I still have hope! And whatever it is, it’s definitely a Densi Christmas present for me.

  7. densidream

    BTW, who wants to bet that Hetty means Granger with the “Grinch”? :D:D:D
    Grinch-er… Granger… I don’t really hear the difference, do you?

  8. I Feel Possessed

    I don’t trust promos either, they are purely to hook in the viewer. So does that mean that Deeks leaning in to kiss Kensi is fake? Probably, or undercover. Callen kissing Joelle? Well that’s probably real but certainly in that clip there was seemed to be no passion. Will they still be together by the end of the episode? Well the whole team (plus Sam’s daughter and Joelle) are all in the promo photos at the ice rink…

    And all this is knowing that Sam’s full family make an appearance. Hmmm this is promising so much, I just hope it delivers. Don’t think I can stay away from the sneak peaks on this one…

  9. Kris

    there is a new preview and kensi is saying “i wanna be both”. i hope she means his girlfirend and his partner. so just maybe it’s a real kiss. i hope so. sorry for my englisch

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