NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Grey Man’ Sneak Peek III

DEEKS: Hi! Sir? With the bubblewrap… Sir? I see you are very busy. I was just wondering if you’ve seen my buddy. [shows the pic] That’s him on the left. We served together in Afghanistan and he said he’s going to be living down here. No? OK. … Kenselina, I’m striking out here. Nobody remembers [??] or they are too disturbed or too high to remember anything.
KENSI: He left his wallet on the table and I was trying the address but he doesn’t live there anymore. Do you know him? No? OK. Thank you.
DEEKS: Having any luck down there, Kens?
KENSI: That would be a negative. And I’m on my third cup of coffee and not sure how much my bladder can take it anymore.
DEEKS: I could kill for a cup of coffee right now. You wanna switch me?
KENSI: And put on that jacket? No, thank you. I wouldn’t let Artie touch me.
DEEKS: Well, I have you know that you are not really Artie’s type anyway.
[Kensi glances at homeless woman and gets serious.]
KENSI: I used to be.
DEEKS: What? What do you mean?
KENSI: You know I lived on the street down here after my dad died?
DEEKS: Ehm… No. I… I didn’t know that.
KENSI: You’re lying to me. I know Hetty told you.
DEEKS: Hetty? Nah, come on. Hetty didn’t tell me anything. Actually she specifically said that she didn’t tell me anything.
KENSI: You can fool everyone else, Deeks. You can’t fool me!

10 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Grey Man’ Sneak Peek III

  1. Mogorva

    Am I the only one with the feeling we will have another one of Deeks’ and Kensi’s “best friends comforting each other” moments?

  2. Fenix

    Kensi’s secret from past is resolved.
    Well, resolved …. for us, who read fanfics that’s nothing new. 😉

    1. Mogorva

      I don’t think the Kensi lived on the street part is the big secret, we already know that from “The Fifth Man” (04×03). I think it’s more about her past as an agent, maybe not just as an NCIS agent.

    1. Fenix

      What do you mean with “translate”?
      English subtitles for video?
      If yes, sorry.
      1’44” long video is approx 45-50 lines in subtitles, and that’s is just too much.
      I thing you have to wait for full episode subtitles.

  3. Cam

    Thank you for the subtitles. Personally I still do not understand anything but with the help of the translator is any good.

  4. Ali

    Big thanks that you’ve added subtitles. I couldn’t understand any word before (I don’t think it in all seriousness, but it really helped me :)) . I wish it have everytime, but I understand, that I want too much.

    I’m so looking forward the episode and hope that it won’t disappoint me. And if, it won’t change anything. 😀

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