NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Grey Man’ Extended Preview

CBS this Monday…
KENSI: I only want you to see the best part of me.
DEEKS: Best part? Is that your ankles? Cos you got pretty sexy ankles.
Let the spy games begin !
A secret agent is exposed…

HETTY: The elusive Grey Man.
DEEKS: What’s the Grey Man ?
CALLEN: Someone who has the skills to blend into any environment.
… and an agent secrets …
GRANGER: He has worked dozens of classified ops.
CALLEN: Question is – for who?
… will be revealed.
KENSI: Made a lot of mistakes.
A ‘can’t miss’ new episode of NCIS Los Angeles !!

2 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Grey Man’ Extended Preview

  1. Jess

    Have they deliberately edited this promo to make it look as though Kensi is the “leak” … or is she actually the leak?!! 🙁

  2. Christine

    I’ve got the feeling this is going to be an interesting episode. Can’t wait for Thuesday morning 🙂

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