NCIS Los Angeles “The Frozen Lake” Sneak Peek #2

“I didn’t have a shot!!”
Well, somehow Kensi seems to think otherwise…

NCIS Los Angeles with Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Miguel Ferrer, Daniela Ruah, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith and Barrett Foa airs Tuesday at 9/8c on CBS.

9 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “The Frozen Lake” Sneak Peek #2

  1. Lumy Mee

    Actually I read this as Kensi trying to save their partnership – it’s a wake up punch, if I can call it like this. And he understands. If Callen had witnessed that, he may have taken some tough call on Deeks … worse than a punch. Plus, those guys getting away seems to have some consequences that they need to fix, with some price…

  2. Evi

    My thoughts exactly. There is no way in hell she intentionally wanted to hurt him. Yes, it was a bad move from her behalf and I bet she regretted it afterwords.
    According to the other sneak peek she doesn’t seem to be mad at him. She is actually really worried and like she said Deeks is trying to find a way to redeem himself for the previous failure.

  3. Elszy

    I don’t agree – the punch was totally uncalled for. The bad guys’ car comes flying around the corner, there would have been a terrible gunfight and no one would have come out unscathed. Plus, I don’t think Deeks HAD a good shot: there was a whole lot of Kensi in the way. In fact, and don’t burn me for saying so, Kensi got herself into that mess by not taking better care when she addressed the little girl… just stood there, complete exposed with her back to the place where the danger came from… Nah… this was too easy a pick on Deeks.
    (Okay, ducking now to avoid the tomatoes…)

    1. Jan

      We think alike Elszy. Why punch the guy in the jaw? At least she seems to have punched him on the opposite side from where Sidorov’s thug drilled him so mercilessly.

      Maybe Kensi is just projecting how badly she feels for leaving herself so exposed and taking it out on Deeks. And he truly did not have a shot.

      We’ll just have to see how it works out in the context of the episode.

  4. Evi

    Haha…there is no need for tomatoes Elszy. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    Yes, Kensi should probably think twice before hitting Deeks (esp. taking into consideration his abusive childhood), but we don’t know what happened before that.

    Ok, Kensi put her guard down and allowed herself to be ambushed, but she was really concerned about the little girl.

    Anyway, promos and sneak peeks have their unique way of driving us crazy!!!! We will find out what happens in a few hours!

  5. Marina

    Yo no escribo aquí no hablo ingles y creo que tal vez ni siquiera lean esto ,pero hoy no puedo evitarlo ! Hoy estoy muy pero muy enojada con Kensi ,no entiendo su reacción ,el le dijo que no tenia un tiro y yo no se si es verdad ,que creo que si!,pero en todo caso todos sabemos que Deeks prioriza la vida de Kensi “siempre” que jamas la arriesgaría sin estar totalmente seguro y eso es desde antes ,no tiene que ver con su reciente relación y ella debería saberlo ,el golpe ,la violencia de ella hacia el es totalmente injustificada y no la entiendo ,ademas el echo de que ella sabe(o al menos supone) el pasado violento de Deeks el abuso de su padre ,me da todavía mas rabia hacia ella es como si el tuviera que aceptar todo lo referente a ella y el no tuviera derecho a nada ,ella hace lo que quiere en todo sentido, ella dirige y manda ,ella exige que el se comunique y ella no dice nada y no me vengan con eso de que el tiene problemas de comunicación ,porque a pesar de esos problemas ;la beso,le dijo como pudo lo que sentía por ella (pensé es ti en tu sonrisa en tu risa etc)y ella nunca dijo absolutamente nadaaa ,se puede tener problemas para expresar los sentimientos y creo que Deeks los tiene pero ella es completamente nula en ese sentido ,ella siempre espera que el haga todo el trabajo y ahora esto .La verdad su gran carácter de macho alfa me supera ,no podes ser tan dura y tan creída de que tus razones son siempre las verdaderas ,inclusive si el hubiera podido disparar su arma y no pudo por ella ,todos vimos a Sam hacer cosas peores por su esposa y nadie de sus compañeros ni siquiera lo critico ,entonces que pasa ?solo Deeks comete errores ? Kensi es infalible ?nunca hace nada mal?woowww que genial!Realmente no la entiendo o tal vez solo esta buscando una manera de separarse de el porque a pesar de que lo ama (eso espero)siente que “ella”no va a funcionar en una relación y esta asustada …igual en este momento la odiooo…solo un poco pero si!estoy muy enojada con Kensi Blye

  6. Cintia

    Hello People !! get to see the work I have to take care of, but they neglect kensi watching the girl, and then deeks not respond as it should be it !! but because the coup who is believed to be kensi!!!! ever wonder woman??? was wrong?? know the flaws that should have kensi and never said anything!! I hate grabbed me, and I´m with Evi and Marina!!!! kensi deeks was abused and mistreated by his father !!!! wise !!!!

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