NCIS Los Angeles “Zero Days” Picture Recap By @sindee303 — Part 2

Meanwhile in Afghanistan…


Kensi's Sat Phone ?? Uh-oh...

Kensi’s Sat Phone ?? Uh-oh…

Sabatino... riiight... he's MIA as well...

Sabatino… riiight… he’s MIA as well…



Wow, there are still some strong feelings...

Wow, there are still some strong feelings…

Picking the lock to her chains ?? Now that's my girl !!

Picking the lock to her chains ?? Now, that’s my girl !!



"I... I came here... to... um..." *leans back* Yeah, WHY, Kens !!

“I… I came here… to… um…”
*leans back*
Yeah, WHY, Kens ??

She thought he was dead...

She thought he was dead…

He thinks they will be before the night is over.

He thinks they will be before the night is over.

Kensi taking care of Jack.

Kensi taking care of Jack.

Jack is only helping his village ? Can he be trustet ?

Jack is only helping his village ? Can he be trusted ?



You can really SEE how hard it is for her to hear his story...

You can really SEE how hard it is for her to hear his story…

"They send a CIA operative." Sabatino ??

They sent a CIA operative.
Sabatino ??

"No one wins war."

No one wins war.

Yeah, Kensi's *tribe* will get her !!

Yeah, Kensi’s *tribe* will get her !!

"I've renounced violence." 'Really? Even if it means saving your own life?" That IS a valid question IMO !!

“I’ve renounced violence.”
“Really? Even if it means saving your own life?”
That IS a valid question IMO !!

Smoking the place out ?? Niiice...

Smoking the place out ?? Niiice…

Just when they had a plan to get out. Coincidence ??

Just when they had a plan to get out. Coincidence ??

"We have a situation. Blye is missing." Finally he comes clear...

We have a situation. Blye is missing.
Finally he comes clear…

"No, my people don't choke."

No, my people don’t choke.

"So, you actually have two operatives missing."

So, you actually have two operatives missing.

Oh my... Hetty's REALLY concerned...

Oh my… Hetty’s REALLY concerned…

"Do you know something I don't know, Henrietta? Because if you want your girl back, [FADES TO BLACK] now would be the time to tell me."

“Do you know something I don’t know, Henrietta?
Because if you want your girl back,
now would be the time to tell me.”

This was the second part of my picture recap for NCIS Los Angeles “Zero Days” [>> check the first part here <<], written by Andrew Bartels and directed by Tony Wharmby.

Again I must say I REALLY REALLY liked this episode… literally EVERYONE of the team had a (or several) moment(s) to shine… everything felt so naturally and smooth… though I know this show inside out this episode stood out for me in regards of the actor’s performance as well… and kudos to the entire crew for making the Afghanistan arc work like it did…
I’m definitely intrigued what next week’s episode will bring… and what the season finale arc will be…

Thoughts ?? Let us know in the comments…

18 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Zero Days” Picture Recap By @sindee303 — Part 2

  1. Bella

    Can we just give Daniela a huge round of applause!!! Daniela is great at playing the comedic, tough, smart, badass side of Kensi Blye but she is equally brilliant when given the chance to show the serious, dramatic side as well. She performed the later w perfect precision during last night’s episode! I felt every emotion Daniela conveyed as Kensi & I shed tears for the hurt, sadness, & vulnerability of a character I’ve come to love over these last 5 1/2 seasons.

    I knew would see some amazing performances coming from Daniela as this Afghan arc comes to a conclusion and last night’s episode proved me right. Can’t imagine the emotions of Daniela & cast during next weeks epic episode.

  2. Tara

    1. Good to know I wasn’t the only one wondering if Jack could be trusted. Regardless of whether he’s telling the truth or not what will this do to Kensi?
    2. I kind of figured she thought he was dead. How could you not considering the frame of mind he was in when he left her.
    3. As for her reaction to seeing him for the first time in 9 years, well obviously there was some strong feelings, but how would anyone react to seeing someone they thought was dead?
    4. I believe Hetty does know more than she’s been letting on, and it doesn’t have anything to with whatever it was that happened between Kensi & Deeks before Kensi left.
    5. Awesome performance from Daniela!
    April 1st cannot get here fast enough. The previews look action packed!

  3. Bella

    Whether Jack is the good or bad guy … he is not the guy for Kensi.
    And I don’t just say that b/c of Deeks but just by Jack’s overall nonchalant attitude. Where was a simple, heartfelt, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for hurting you, sorry I couldn’t be the man you needed me to be … it wasn’t you, it was me, and you were good enough. Something! His whole attitude was flippant, nonchalant, and uncaring!
    I want Kensi to get closure from this situation, that’s what I hope comes out of this whole thing.

  4. mckenna

    Daniela blew me away in this episode. Her performance was just incredible, you could really see how much Jack affected her. Made me sad when he never even acknowledged that he hurt her and that his attitude and lack of feelings toward her hurt her at that moment too. I really hope Kensi can find some closure when this is all over. The tension in Granger and Hetty’s scene was so thick you could cut with a knife. What more does Hetty know? This seemed like a bad omen for what’s to come.

  5. LasiaMsinred

    Figured it would be better to write my recap here since this part included the scenes I liked most.( Both recaps are equally great, of course! Thank you, Sindee 🙂 )
    It definitely was a good one. A lot of banter which I always enjoy.
    When Ira offered Eric the freelancer job I got a little worried. I knew that Barrett wasn’t going to leave the show but it looked like Eric had his doubts for a moment weather the others appreciate his work or see him as the weird guy who likes video games.
    I’m glad he had his moment to shine. Eric is a great guy.I think his Pj’s are bad luck though 😉
    I totally agree with the “AWESOME PERFORMANCE” picture.I loved those scenes. Great acting. Some ppl claimed that crying/being emotional is not very Kensi-like. This is the way I see it: It was/is Jack! The man she wanted to spend her life with. She thought he was dead so her emotions just took over plus, eventhough he hurt her,I’m quite sure Jack has already seen her vulnerable so there was no need to keep her guard up.

  6. Spokoze

    By all appearances the White Ghost story arch is about to end.
    Thank goodness.
    Seems most are thinking Jack is the WG.
    Perhaps I just wanted to believe him. May not have perceived it correctly. (Remember well how my 1st impression at the restaurant when Kensi surprised, stood up, and without a word walked out…thinking Deeks had shot himself in the foot by shooting so straight with her about what he really meant/wanted and that she had freaked….)

    Sabitino isn’t the WG. He’s tight with Michelle, Granger knows him, he has been very open about his attraction to Kensi and even sorta came to like Deeks.
    Having thought about it some and inspired by many comments here thinking Jack IS the WG…maybe it goes like this:
    Kensi got half truths from him.
    He did return to Afghanistan and convert to Islam, leaving behind his old life….
    But had already fallen for the Afgan girl…and there was a baby on the way…. 9-10 years ago …and he dumped Kensi because his heart wasn’t with her anymore and goes back….then the drone strike killed his wife…and in his anger he becomes the WG, is out for vengeance, captures & beheads Sabitino’s other partner….and we are set up for the team arrival next week….

    Sindee303…I’d give my pinky finger for an edit button.

  7. blue dogs rock!!!!!

    awesome episode!!eric in jail & deeks to rescue.had me laughing. deeks & sam banter!!! eric & nell scenes were excellent. loved eric being out of ops!! nell bossing sam around. kensi talking to jack wasn’t quite convinced that he is telling the truth. 50/50 on that. callen in definetely looking forward to next weeks episode.ira & eric talking about going to the dark side.
    it was a wonderful episode

  8. Lumy Mee

    I was very impressed by Daniela’s performance, I felt so sorry for Kensi and understood more her attitude towards men and relationships. If Jack doesn’t do something unxpected that shows Kensi she was important to him once and he did love her, Kensi will be scarred for a long period and there will be no more Densi. Not because she wouldn’t trust Deeks, but because the wound would be deep and open and will take a long time to heal. She will be on the bottom of the lake.

  9. Debbie

    Thanks Sindee for 2 wonderful recaps. Keeps us viewers outside the US in the loop and connected – so thanks again.

    Plus there´s the odd scene/sneak peak on yout tube – but the most pertinent info I find here – so thanks again!

    I´m glad as well that the WG story arc will come to a close. But I don´t think that Jack is the villain here, my money is more on Sabatino, at least presently.
    Might turn and twist with those 2 guys before all is over.

    Actually I find that meeting Jack again (though circumstances are bit contrived IMHO but nonetheless really entertaining and intersting) will give Kensi some much needed closure in the long run. Let´s face it: the charater is quite traumatized when it comes to trusting men (her father, the Jack fiasco) or trust in general, es epcially when it comes to the deeper emotional levels. I´m certain Kensi shut down most deeper levels of feeling when Jack left without warning or notice and out of an already tense situation (PTSD).
    Deeks has worn down many of her defences, even so far as for her to risk a deeper level of commitment to him.
    Returning to LA I´m sure she will probably keep her distance from Deeks at least for a while, but hey, it´s a lot to digest and sort through. Wound´s bleeding again but there is finally the chance of the character to grow in new directions by beginning to heal truly (and I imagine also with a little help from Deeks) – and then Kensi can learn to trust herself again.
    Hope TPTB pull that off convincingly.
    Here´s hoping for more!

  10. Tina

    This was a great episode. Really enjoying the Afghanistan arc, but ready for the climax as well. There was some really great acting by Daniela in this episode. I too do not trust Jack. What really stuck out to me was the fact that he says he renounced violence, yet last week when we first saw him, he was being protected by armed people who shot at Kensi when she fired a warning shot. If you renounce violence, wouldn’t you not be traveling with people who are openly carrying rifles? Also, how did he know it was Kensi that was captured. I doubt she revealed herself to the militants that captured her. Lots of things are pointing to Jack completely lying.

  11. tati

    If a man ”who said he loved me and asked me to married him” did that to me I wouldn’t even talk to him. And yet Kensi was taking of him. I thought the story was that he left her on a Christmas day. But Kensi said she thought he was dead. From what I saw on that episode I believe that Jack may die and telling that Kensi would be hard.
    As far as Jack is concerned I didn’t expect him like that. I mean that guy is an ex-marine (but according to Gibbs there is no such thing as ex-marine), he should be stronger. He have probably been through a lot. He was trained for such missions. And the possibility of being captured always exists.
    One thing that I want to see to the next ep is a talk between Jack and Deeks or probably a small fight. They both love her even if Jack married someone else and even if Deeks is not admitting it, they both care about her. Deeks more. He will tell him that she didn’t deserve that and what he did to her is unforgivable.
    Anyway it was the best ep I have ever seen. And I am pretty sure that the ”Spoils of War” is going to be better. Keep it that way.

  12. bb

    Now that the emotional talk is done with between Kensi & Jack, I would like to see her let him have it. He left her, she spent 9 years thinking he was dead while he moved on with his life. He never officially ended things with her. He left her scarred by relationships. He acted so very nonchalant about where he had been for the last 9 years. What kind of a man does that? A man that does that is a coward. He is totally playing her.

  13. Buffy

    So I went back and rewatched it, and the JAAAACK thing makes even less sense. She had not seen her mother for 16 years, and kept her composure enough to kick some ass. Her acting was awesome, but it seems so out of character for her to blab everything to a man she was betrayed by (leaving your fiance Christmas morning ) Nobody in my team knows Where I am, my mission is to kill you, really Kens? She must know he can’t be trusted. So she is playing the helpless female to get him to let his guard down. She left her Sat phone where she knew it would be found, not just on her bunk with her rifle. Sorry for the rant. I know I am a one person downer.
    She is my favorite. I was yelling at my tv not to trust him….
    The rest of the episode just got better, seems like they can all work with each other like a well oiled team. Love that.

  14. Fenix

    Kensi’s reaction on Jack…love is blind.

    I am still suspecting Sabatino.
    Kensi get idea with fire, and reaction comes immediately…someone listen them.
    Maybe Jack’s (WG?) people, or someone else…Sabatino???

  15. Jo Ann

    Great recap. I have mixed feelings about the Afghanistan scenes. Daniela Ruah did a fantastic job, but I am struggling to understand why the writers put Kensi in that place emotionally. Why did Kensi act like he had been gone 9 months instead of 9 years? Did seeing him take her back to the moment she realized he had disappeared?

    I think Jack really is the white ghost but did the same thing Stone did in the previous episode — pretend to be one of the captives instead of the captors.

    We will see next week. Is it Tuesday yet? I can’t wait for Deeks to see Kensi again.

  16. jrwjr

    I personally think Kensi is getting played. Here is why…

    1) Kensi sees Jack moving freely around a bunch of Taliban Soldiers before “missing” the killshot. If he was a captive in the cave, wouldn’t he have been bound and not allowed to freely roam around in the convoy?

    2) Jack says he heard ‘you’ (Kensi) were taken hostage and wanted to see if he could talk them into getting her released? How did he hear about this? Is he that friendly to the Taliban Fighters? And just how was he going to get her released?

    3) Seemed almost like Jack was “planted” with Kensi. Why would they suddenly drop him in front of Kensi and then suddenly just disappear, allowing them to talk? Then suddenly when Kensi decides to try throwing their clothes on the fire to possibly escape, Jack is suddenly removed and the fire is put out?

    4) In S2 E11 Disorder, Kensi said that Jack was deployed in Fallujah (which is in Iraq). Why would he go to Afghanistan and not Iraq on his personal quest for peace?

    5) Jack tells Kensi he converted to Islam, got accepted into a more moderate village, got married and had a child. Then his wife is killed by a drone strike by the US and I then wonder if his peaceful nature wasn’t replaced with rage against the US for his wife being killed? Some might say that an incident like that could cause someone to possibly desire revenge instead of peace….

    If Jack IS the White Ghost, Kensi has just told him that her team will be coming to get her. So the Team’s element of surprise is now gone as the Taliban will now be on alert. That is not good. As it is, I think Kensi is going to have to answer to Hetty/Granger for some of her professional actions, once she gets back to LA.

    Loved Daniela’s acting job on her scenes. It will be nice to finally tie up this White Ghost storyline and get the team back together again!

    1. tati

      Now that you mentioned all these things that happened I am starting to believe that Kensi is probably being played. How did Jack know that she was captured? Why was he taken right before they were about to escape? And also why wasn’t he tied with a chain in the leg like Kensi? Too many questions that are needed to be answered!! 5 more days. 🙁

  17. Jericho Steele

    I’m with jrwjr on the subject of Kensi getting played.

    1) Wasn’t Kensi chained to the wall while Jack was not?

    2) As soon as the plan to smoke them out was spoken, the Taliban walked in and not only pulled Jack away, but dosed the fire … I doubt that was a coincidence.

    3) We only ‘saw’ the Taliban fighters strike Jack once in the jaw, yet when he’s dragged into the room, he acts like he’s been severely beaten. Just as the plan to use their clothes to smother the fire is formulated, which would reveal if Jack was really injured or not, they are interrupted. In fact, he seemed a little perplexed at Kensi’s suggestion. It could have been that ‘wow … I’ve been gone nine years and she still wants to look at this’ or ‘aw crap … if she sees me without my shirt on, she’ll know I’ve been faking my injuries’.

    4) One of the cardinal rules in holding prisoners is that you keep them seperated so they can’t share information, form an escape plan and act together. There was no logical reason for Kensi and Jack to be kept in the same room.

    5) Jack remained fairly emotionless throughout Kensi’s breakdown at his ‘story’ … like he has disassociated himself from everything in his past. While we are concentrating on Kensi’s reaction to seeing her former fiance … what about his ‘non-reaction’? It was like he knew who ‘the female prisoner’ really was and that she was already there. Even her ‘missed’ sniper shot may have been a setup to throw her off her mission and now the Taliban not only have a hostage, they know a team is coming to rescue her.

    If Jack turns out to be a good guy, I will be surprised but not shocked … the writers are doing a pretty good job of keeping us on our toes this season.

    I also worry that if Jack turns out to be a good guy …

    – After it’s all over, will he stay in Afghanistan and the season ends with Kensi leaving LA to go look for him, leaving a devastated Deeks behind once more?
    – Will he die protecting Kensi and she can’t deal with losing him for real this time?
    – Will Deeks have to kill Jack (if Jack is indeed the White Ghost) to save Kensi and Kensi resents Deeks for it?

    Who knows … but I guess we’ll find out in the next few weeks.
    Great photo recap, great comments from the reviewers, and another great season.

    Semper Fi

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