NCIS Los Angeles “Zero Days” Picture Recap By @sindee303

Welcome to this week’s picture recap for NCIS Los Angeles “Zero Days” written by Andrew Bartels and directed by Tony Wharmby.

Since there was SO MUCH going on in this episode that I wanted to get in this review I decided to split it up between the LA storyline and the Afghanistan storyline.

So this is the first part with the pictures and my notions about the LA storyline:

Niiice view, my friend !!

Niiice view, my friend !!

"I've been shot at." "It's not a game." Good that he cleared that up...

I’ve been shot at.
It’s not a game.
Good that he cleared that up…

Uh-oh... so it was OUR Eric on the other end...

Uh-oh… so it was OUR Eric on the other end…

Oh, *THAT* picture... DELETE, DELETE, DELETE !!

Oh, *THAT* picture…

But the new Deeks & Sam (is it 'Seeks' or 'Dam' ??) banter is too gorgeous !!

But the new Deeks & Sam (is it ‘Seeks’ or ‘Dam’ ??) banter is too gorgeous !!

Note to EVERYONE: Hetty doesn't do SMALL !!

Note to EVERYONE: Hetty doesn’t do SMALL !!

"Last time you said that somebody ended up in a different timezone." DEEKS 1 - HETTY 0

Last time you said that somebody ended up in a different timezone.

"Earth to Nell." And start of some great Nell & Sam banter in this ep...

“Earth to Nell.”
And start of some great Nell & Sam banter in this ep…

OMG, this is happening to Eric...

OMG, this is happening to Eric…

Awesome Deeks scene here !!

Awesome Deeks scene here !!

Eric clearly doesn't know Gibbs or he'd know the "coffee thing"... ;)

Eric clearly doesn’t know Gibbs or he’d know the “coffee thing”… 😉

"How mad is she?" "Scale of one to ten? 13." Aww... poor, Eric !!

How mad is she?
Scale of one to ten? 13.
Aww… poor, Eric !!

Mh, clearly Callen does appreciate "the setup"... maybe I should ease up about it as well ?? *thinks* NOPE, still OC in my opinion !!

Mh, clearly Callen does appreciate “the setup”… maybe I should ease up about it as well ??
NOPE, still OC in my opinion !!

"Please don't shoot me." "Relax, Ira, we're Federal Agents. [edit: sindee - We don't shoot until you run. But then - you're most likely dead !!]"

“Please don’t shoot me.”
Relax, Ira, we’re Federal Agents. [edit: sindee – We don’t shoot until you run. But then – you’re most likely dead !!]”

Not sure if I would want Sam to help me get a scar... ;)

Not sure if I would want Sam to help me get a scar… 😉

Uh-oh, silent treatment from Hetty...

Uh-oh, silent treatment from Hetty… at least Nell could make him smile again…

Nell, as the DOD lady, shoving Sam around ?? HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

Nell, as the DOD lady, shoving Sam around ?? HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

"She's scary good!"

She’s scary good!

Someone else is trying to gain access to Russia's missile guidance system ?? Not good - so NOT good !!

Someone else is trying to gain access to Russia’s missile guidance system ?? Not good – so NOT good !!

Ira trying to drag Eric over to 'the dark (aka well-paid, fun and matter-ing ) side'... very deep convo... LOVED IT !!

Ira trying to drag Eric over to ‘the dark (aka well-paid, fun and matter-ing ) side’… very deep convo… LOVED IT !!

Not only blue shirt but blue SUIT ?? Thank You, Wardrobe Department !!

Not only blue shirt but blue SUIT ?? Thank You, Wardrobe Department !!

Deeks & Sam paired up again... I'm SO beginning to like this/them !!

Deeks & Sam paired up again… I’m SO beginning to like this/them !!

Not really sure what this angle was about but I'm pretty sure Deeks Fans didn't mind... ;)

Not really sure what this angle was about but I’m pretty sure Deeks Fans didn’t mind… 😉

Uuh... scary !!

Uuh… scary !!

"I bet you got somebody outside tampering with the power box." Uh-oh... busted...

I bet you got somebody outside tampering with the power box.
Uh-oh… busted…

"Lasers, man. I hate freaking lasers." Nice reference to 2x10 'Deliverance'.

“Lasers, man. I hate freaking lasers.”
Nice reference to 2×10 ‘Deliverance’.

And the Zero Day USB is gone. What now ??

And the Zero Day USB is gone. What now ??

Aww... poor Eric seeing Ira hitting on Nell... again...

Aww… poor Eric seeing Ira hitting on Nell… again…

Test ? What test ??

Test ? What test ??

Russian missile on it's way to San Francisco...

Russian missile on it’s way to San Francisco…

"Try not to get arrested this time." Hetty's sweet way of saying - GO !!!

Try not to get arrested this time.
Hetty’s sweet way of saying – GO !!!

"Nell's eyes? They're hazel!" [Insert Neric Fans squee here.]

Nell’s eyes? They’re hazel!
[Insert Neric Fans squee here.]

Holding my breath for Eric !!

Holding my breath for Eric !!

"I'm good. But I'm definitely changing my middle name."

I’m good. But I’m definitely changing my middle name.

Oh my... 0_0

Oh my… 0_0

Phew... breathe in, breathe out !!

Phew… breathe in, breathe out !!

"I think I'm good where I am." WOOP WOOP !!

“I think I’m good where I am.”

Hetty knows *everything* !!

Hetty knows *everything* !!

Just gotta smile with him !!

Just gotta smile with him !!

As you can see from the amount of pics I took I really really liked this episode. 🙂
What did you like (or even dislike – we’re open to everyone’s opinion!) in this week’s NCIS Los Angeles ?? Leave a comment with your thoughts…

And come back later for the second part of my picture recap about the Afghanistan storyline which leads us ultimately to the exciting episode next week.

EDIT: >> The second part of the picture recap is up here. <<

15 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Zero Days” Picture Recap By @sindee303

  1. vasohara

    ohh god where i must start !!!!first i think nell is great out from ops and she deserve hers chance,she have a quite power so different from the others !! I like this ep. we see more Eric it was nice ,i found wonderful idea to hear about joel but don’t make soap opera like they did with densi, of cource it will be nice to see her again but for 1 or 2 ep. like sam’s wife.White ghost, white ghost …i am very sorry for kensi all this years wait this guy come back…Jack is white ghost he play the good guy only because he want to know who else knows his location !i hope he die from kensi’s hand!And last “welcome back mr.Deeks” he was hilarious and he close with Sam and have good time together i like that very much !i want to say thank you to writter because we see the old DEEKS after along time!sorry for my english !

    1. Lisa-Marie

      I agree with u , Joelle should come back on screen with Callen like u said just for 1 or 2 episodes. and i think Sam might set up a double date with Him,Michelle,Joelle and Callen somewhere in this season maybe episode 22 called one more chance. Because jpk teaser Say’s Does Sam have something cooking? And i think it will be a double date?

      1. vasohara

        I don’t know but i want to say something ,for so much time we see this painful feelings between kens and deeks and most of people support this. All we have our opinion about this romance ,but why some people don’t like that callen find a woman to love ?i cant understand this ESPECIALLY if we don’t see her and she didn’t steel nothing from action at the show?i don’t remember what ep it was but i remember hetty say to deeks “nobody deserve live alone’ .

        1. charla

          What I’m trying to say is that I personally like the lone wolf character of Callen on the show. I know the writers have to grow the characters as the show goes on, but I enjoy watching strictly for the crime drama aspect. Sometimes I think they get away from that sometimes. Either way I will keep watching.

  2. Spokoze

    5 x18 Zero Days, even with the never ending White Ghost Saga, was the best Episode of Season 5 so far!

    Very much enjoyed the expanded role of Nell…”she’s good” as the team noted.
    Was also very please with Eric Beale’s character development in this episode. Have often though his character had so much unused potential and BF’s skills were wasting away an awful lot of the time unused.

    While a Trekie/Teckie/Nurd/Geek —Eric Beale has to be at least in his late 20’s and honestly should have bloomed quite some time ago. Eric shouldn’t lack an ounce of confidence in life and profession or as a man. An opportunity was lost when he didn’t pull Nell in there at the end—He could have—He should have. The character wants to. Know that’s not what a lot of NCIS-LA peeps would want to see….but it’s there… has been there… Eric Beale hasn’t forgot about how she nailed him under the mistletoe, in what might have been the best scene ever in all of NCIS-LA.

    Ya also gotta wonder where they are driving this JoElle stuff.

    Zero Days showed continued growth in the rapport between Deeks and Sam. They have traveled far from the chess table and further from the Warrior’s gym. Sam long ago told Deeks he, ‘Made the team better’ but it has clearly gone way beyond that–and probably ain’t done growing. Deeks ROCKS!

    Continue to think we are seeing less & less of Hetty. Can’t help but feel like we really will lose her after the end of Season 5. Most unfortunate.

    Are we back up in the air with Sabatino–being the White Ghost??
    Who knows?
    Still don’t think he is going to turn out to be the bad guy here.

    Kensi’s conflicted emotions are unsettling. Jack NOT being the White Ghost shows us Kensi’s instincts are still good. Jack gave us the line of the episode and one truly for our time— “No one wins in war.”
    Hoping for closure with Jack because I like the idea of Densi humping like bunnies—off screen, please.

    Can still here Hetty with the White Ghost file saying, “Always knew this day would come.” Sure would like the WG biz to be over….. My suspicion is that Granger might be about to endear himself to everyone!

  3. Tara

    Great episode from Andrew Bartels.
    1. Hilarious mug shot of Eric.
    2. Deeks taking a picture of Eric behind bars was too funny
    3. Sam thinking he was the mastermind behind getting Callen & Joelle together. Silly man, of course it all Michelle:)
    4. I too agree that Sam and Deeks have come a long way since…well Deeks joined the team back in season 2.
    5. Seeing those lasers and hearing Deeks say he hates freaking lasers took me back to episode 2×10 as well.
    6. Nell as the DOD lawyer, ordering Sam around very funny
    I could go on and on about how much I loved the LA storyline but I’ll just stop here.

  4. Joana Stumpo

    Haha! Great recap! I just didn’t like the part where you cut out everything that happened in Afghanistan, I mean, the most awesome scenes in this episode happened there!

  5. Charla

    Ok I wasn’t sure about this episode at first. But, I went back and re-watched it and I really liked it. It was just hard to follow between the LA story and Kensi. I would get so caught up in one and they would switch. But that was probably more of my problem (the kids all of a sudden needed everything). 🙂
    Anyway, I really, really don’t like hearing about Joelle and Callen. If I want fluffy romance I watch Downton. Ok I said it.
    I felt like this episode was the fast paced NCIS LA we are all used to. And when Eric was on the roof top and Ira chickened out and Eric took over, I thought Eric was a little more of a tough guy than he even gives himself credit for. I don’t think I took a breath for that entire scene.
    Overall, I like how this season they haven’t just worked with their usual partners but everyone has switched up and it seems like they are working together as a whole team.

    1. Callen

      Fluff romance? Really? There was romance between Callen and Joelle? How did I miss this.

      Callen mentioning Joelle being in his life (or any woman for that matter) is a good thing. This ‘lone wolf’ stuff has been going on long enough.

  6. Jess

    Is anyone else thinking Callen might just be “playing” Sam with this Joelle thing?!! 😉
    *clings onto that thought, anyway, and hopes*
    Ha ha!
    And just in case I don’t get to say it anywhere else … my instinct tells me Jack IS the White Ghost and he was fully playing Kensi back there in Afghanistan 🙁 Bad Jack!!!

    1. LasiaMsinred

      Right there with you!!! Awesome idea! Let’s hope he’s just playing Sam about dating Joelle 😉 ( I don’t have anything against her as a person)**Then again, I think that she would have told Michelle if they have stopped dating**
      Let’s hope,hope,hope!
      Even if he’s seeing another woman at least he’d be with someone he chose on his own.Well,and there’s no need to mention it in every episode!
      I can’t hold it back.There are so many unresolved storylines about Callen we just don’t need this one.

  7. Buffy

    Loved Eric getting more storyline. The Sam & Deeks pairing has grown so much, their banter is great. I think Deeks has grown a lot since he joined the team, he is never afraid to talk smack with any of them. Callen has been lone wolf long enough, that horse is a bloody pulp. I just don’t want him to get all syrupy. Eric and Nell are so great togetherI want it to go to the next level.
    Now I have a little issue with Kensi, she never ever EVER talks about her emotions, and yet she is getting blubbery over a guy who dissapeared on her 9 years ago? And she is buying his story? Seems really out of character. Unless she is playing Jack, who I still believe is the WG, why else would those guys come back and drag him off and not just leave him. 9 years Kensi, get over it. Don’t get me wrong, I think her acting was great, just the storyline leaves me a little perplexed.
    Crazy theory, could she be pregnant after her night with Deeks? How long has it been?
    Sorry about that… Over active imagination.
    I want to think Sabatino is tracking her, and is a good guy who has lost too many partners.

  8. mckenna

    Such a great episode. I really enjoy Eric’s character and glad he got the chance to shine and venture out of the safety of ops again. Too much happened that I loved for me to mention, but these were the highlights for me…
    The jail scene and his mug shot were hilarious!
    Eric’s polar bear PJs 🙂
    Love Deeks and Sam scenes, one of my favorite things about this season.
    Nell kicking Sam out, can’t say I ever thought that would happen! lol.
    Eric’s jealous moments, he’s so funny when he does that. Even better that Sam and Deeks noticed.
    Callen undercover, in blue! No more words needed!! 😉
    Trick they played with the power was awesome.
    Deeks’ lasers comment, great scene.
    Enjoyed Sam and Callen’s references to October. This season has a recurring theme of Russians, doesn’t it?
    Great insight into Eric during his scenes with Ira.
    “They’re hazel.” lol. go Eric!
    Ending was so intense, was holding my breath the whole time. Love how Eric didn’t hesitate to keep working while bullets flew around him. Great scene of the guys protecting Eric. Deeks’ distraction was so risky! And Eric’s ‘I’m good where I am’ while the team made sure he was okay was the icing on the cake. Oh, and Eric and Nell’s last scene was adorable, I have to say. Nice to see Eric without glasses, I immediately saw Barrett at that moment.

    Ok, I know this is long, but only thing I didn’t love was all the Joelle mentions that I guess we need in every episode now. Maybe if Callen is happy, I should just accept it, but I’m holding out hope that this is for some storyline and not something that only will take away from the Callen/Sam scenes I love. Sorry, but I’m hoping somethings happens and Callen stops seeing her, or he is just fooling Sam. It just seems ooc for me for Callen to change so much in a few episodes. I’m not completely against Callen dating(though I don’t like romance), but I think it should be someone with more depth or character than her. I know we only saw her once but just doesn’t seem like a teacher is right for Callen. And a relationship based on lies? Many examples of how that never ends well. For me, Densi is more than enough romance for a crime/action drama. I’d rather see Callen chasing bad guys and running from exploding buildings than see him on a date or getting prodded by Sam about Joelle, but if it absolutely needs to happen it should be someone who compliments him without changing who his character is.

    Sorry for my rant, but I needed to share my opinion. I really loved the episode overall, I just really didn’t like this one part of it.

    1. charla

      Very well said McKenna, about Callen. That’s exactly what I was trying to say earlier, but my words didn’t come out that well. 😉

  9. Linda

    I really am late with these comments, but I did want to have my say. Thank you for a great picture recap as usual. It was a monumental task as there was so much to cover. I felt really that there was too much information for one hour alone. I did enjoy this episode though. There was something for everyone. There was great banter as usual between Callen and Sam regarding”Joelle”. I have nothing against Callen dating, but I don’t need to have it included in every episode. There is a good relationship between Sam and Deeks as well. Good to see. Eric was hilarious with the jail scene and his pjs. It was also good to see Nell out and about too. The plot was suspenseful, and it was Eric who turned out to be the hero.
    I really don’t know what to make about the story line in Afghanistan. Kensi’s performance was outstanding, but I really don’t trust Jack. He didn’t have the decency to apologize to her for what he had done to her all those years ago. He didn’t even seem to be surprised to see her. It just seemed to be all about him and his life. Is he working with the Taliban or the CIA? I guess we will have to wait until the next episode.

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