NCIS: Red Exclusive Scoop

With all the buzz about the new shows on the networks in the past few days I tried to get some info about the fate of the NCISLA Spin-Off NCIS:Red this morning.

Some websites state it’s not been picked up (e.g. while others indicate there are still one or two shows to be announced by CBS (e.g.

My personal opinion was that CBS holds back about NCIS:Red until their Upfronts on May 14th in New York to make it a “big announcement”…

This could have worked but someone underestimated the power of the internet so here’s what I found when I googled “CBS NCIS RED”fall2013

“NCIS Red: Fall 2013 CBS Pilot” and a – if only one paragraph long yet – website is enough confirmation for me…

What do you think ?? ūüėČ

Will you watch NCIS:Red when it gets picked up ??

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8 thoughts on “NCIS: Red Exclusive Scoop

  1. Foedhrass

    I’d give it a try. I rather liked the first impression of the cast – all except Roy, whom I absolutely disliked and who may turn out to be the one but very strong reason to not watch the show.

  2. CaroH

    After Part 1 of the backdoor pilot I was willing to give it a try. However, Part 2 was very weak and I can’t buy in to the idea that this is an elite team. They seem totally dysfunctional. Kim Raver’s character had almost no personality. I don’t think I will be watching.

  3. Domingo

    That is looking like a goer for me, I read TV line saying it had not been picked up.

    I will watch is, but it needs tweeking, the Kim Ravers chracter did nit work for me either, and was too impressed with the embedded epidodes.

  4. Maxie Kay

    I’ve only seen Red Part 1 (oh the downside of not being in the US!) but I haven’t been inspired to seek out part 2 to watch online. I was massively disappointed – there was no chemistry at all between the team members, far less between Callan and Paris, and the attempts to produce some sort of “spark” between them seemed forced and futile. And Kim Raver looked positively skeletal and emaciated, far from the “fine looking woman” of Sam’s comment. She didn’t look physically fit enough to be an NCIS agent, and demonstrated none of the skills required of a team leader, not even noticing her team member had been seriously injured! For a team that is supposed to be so close, they were all remarkably unconcerned about him too. It was so cliched to have this “issue” between her and the John Corbett character, whose name I have already forgotten. The best thing about the new team was the always watchable Scott Grimes, although the PTB appear to have forgotten he played Tony’s former partner in Baltimore PD, and was murdered on-screen in NCIS. Overall, the impression was of a “high-concept” that failed to translate into a well-developed story that gripped the viewer – which is essential for the first installment of a two-parter, far less a backdoor pilot. I’m pretty surprised it appears to have picked up and at the moment, I don’t think I will be putting it on my “must see” list, unlike the orignal and LA versions.

  5. nina

    Why not, I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it either. It has potential imo.
    I read CBS wanted to retool/recast the show for mid-season, I’d like to see Warren Christie and Erica Durance on the retooled NCIS:Red.

  6. DC

    I was surprised to see Scott Grimes on the show. It is as if didn’t they think that fans would not remember Scott as NCIS Agent Anthony Dinozzo’s former partner in his Baltimore PD days as seen in NCIS Season 8 Episode 22 (aired on May 3,2011)

    1. trytofindme

      That doesn’t mean they won’t look at it again in the future, maybe even mid season. Maybe even recast it completely and make it a new colour team. The premise is out but lets hope they don’t do the same thing that was done with CSI or Law and Order.

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