NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #12 – Deeks Moment

Being a great addition to the team Deeks is certainly game for some great moments.

Name your favorite(s) !!
And if we please may ask to NOT only mention Densi Moments but real DEEKS MOMENTS… THANKS !!

We’re posting a ‘Suggestion Thread’ with a certain topic (in this case: Deeks Moment) and YOU ALL can leave a (or many) comments with YOUR favorite moments regarding this topic.
After we have collected all your favorite moments to our topics we will start polls to find out the ’10 Favorite Moments’ of each topic.
And voilá we’ll have our ‘150 NCISLA Moments’ in no time…

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20 thoughts on “NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #12 – Deeks Moment

  1. PK

    Ok, more seriously.

    The whole arc of Descent, Ascension, Impact, Omni, Unwritten Rule – dealing with the torture and PTSD

    The arc of Kensi in Afghanistan Deeks missing her culminating in her rescue and finally getting his partner back.
    The Frozen Lake/Three Hearts

    Major fun stuff :
    Black Budget – You’re eating the crime scene?
    Wanted – in the spa – What’s his type?
    The Live Long Day – train geek
    Inelegant Heart – dead guy juice

    And I love when he’s deadly serious as Max Gentry and the fallout in Plan B

  2. Monty

    201 “no yet, maybe tomorrow”: that’s the real Martin;
    222 great friend and brother;
    502 desperate and destroyed;
    and Max Gentry? Beautiful and bad… damn, he is not an alias, but Martin’s alter ego. Very, very complicated…

  3. Jan

    1) Trading his gun and his own safety for a chance to save Sam’s life in Descent

    2) Dealing with the emotional fallout of the torture in Ascension, Impact and Omni

    3) All of “Personal”

    4) Bonding with fellow cop Eva in “Sacrifice”

    5) “Human Traffic”, the passionate conversation with Hetty about saving the kidnapped girls, and later snarky attitude towards Lasic when he realizes his cover has been blown.

  4. Sandy

    Marty was, hands down, the best thing that could have happened to the team, and in extension, us viewers.

    He’s absolutely funny (at least ninety percent of his screentime has me in stiches), and yet he manages to hide behind this clown mask which is so hard to crack that the “real” Marty Deeks is still a big mystery to us. Hopefully the introduction of Mama Deeks will shine some light on this part of him.

    Favorite moments – hardest question ever!!

    Love his undercover personas – no matter if it’s Max Gentry, a hobo, or a sleek lawyer (like he was in one episode in Season 3) – the only thing all these personas have in common is the guy!

    Love it when he manages to surprises the team (with anything). I sometimes get the suspicion that Callen, Sam and Kensi (and even Hetty) underestimate him, because he’s “just” a cop. But they forget that (a) he’s a detective and (b) has worked as a defense lawyer before, so please dear writers, let the team give him some credit where it’s more than due!

    Deeks & Monty – a dream-team like none other! Would love to see this “pairing” more on screen, cause this is a match made in Heaven.

  5. Elizabeth

    5×19 Spoils of War – The whole scene where he sees the picture of Kensi, from his insistence in seeing the picture, through the breakdown and attempted torture of the cleric, to the realization he can’t be that person.
    5×2 Impact – His discussion with Nate about his PTSD
    4×24 Descent – His resolve, and the screams as he’s being tortured.
    5×1 Ascension – His need to be freed from the chair, and the look of desperation when he was left there. It was so haunting.

    There are so many more. I’ll have to come back after I think about it some more. I know some of my favorite parts are where he’s funny dang it. But the question is are those Deeks moments or Densi moments.

  6. Joanne m

    How about Season 4 Episode 5 “Out of the Past” when he was “dog whispering” to Chaucer and putting him through his paces at the dog show.

  7. diane

    In Greed: When he pulls a gun on a guy (an eventual good guy) who has a gun to Kensi’s head and says, “Let me make this perfectly clear. If you harm her, this is gonna be your last day on Earth. “

  8. ChrisDaisy

    Enemy Within, S2: Deeks on the trampoline with the little girl while Kensi is talking to her mother. Cute scene!

  9. Céline Floret

    Favorite moments of Deeks ??? All of them !!!
    Deeks is so funny !!!
    But if I have to choose :
    – all epidodes with Sidorov, torture and PTSD
    – episodes when Kensi is in Afghanistan and when he is dealing with the cleric
    – episodes referring to his past as a lawyer
    – all funny sentences…
    And many more !!!

  10. Deeks Fan

    All of the above and…
    Deliverance….Deeks rescues
    Kensi from laser prison
    Absolution….M o u s e, Nom de Plume, cul de sac etc

  11. I Feel Possessed

    Spoils of War – when he subjects the Afghan to torture, even though he’s been there himself
    Ascension – when Deeks is in the ER, his self doubt & hospital conversation with Sam

    Walking workstation – hilarious (don’t know which ep – S5?)

    S4 – Wanted – Sunshine and gunpowder lines & also Kensi & Deeks winding up the FBI agents they’re meant to be baby sitting. more hilarity

    Neighbourhood Watch – the scene where Deeks finds Kensi in the bathroom, her foot bleeding – the whole of that scene. Again, really funny

  12. Natalie Ryan

    This is the toughest part of the 150 moments threads, because Deeks is my favorite character.
    Deeks moment…
    His appearance in “Hand-to-Hand”;
    Season 2-6 overall, plus the two episodes from season 1. We shouldn’t forget his epic fight with Sam in the MMA gym and then the introduction;
    Um, let’s say that when he goes undercover as Max (twice till now, we need more badass Deeks);
    When he uses “Touche”;
    Descent/Ascension (his screams still haunt me and prevent me to go to the dentist). And in Ascension his face when Kensi told him that he needs to stay that way for a bit longer;
    Impact (the talk with Hetty, Nate, and then with Kensi at the end);
    Spoils of War (do I have to express myself? I think that my text would be too long);
    Start of season 6;
    Deeks “It’s the best they can do” to Kensi in 1×20. Also in 1×20 while undercover “I’m gonna call you Fern.”;
    M-O-U-S-E in “Absolution”;
    When he suggested to Sam and Callen for them to get out together in their outfits in “Anonymous”;
    His undercover character Sven;
    The moment he was shot in “Personal”, the Earth stopped moving for a few seconds;
    In “The Job” when he hit King in the face, because of his “partner” and later going to Kensi’s home bringing beer and burgers;
    Deeks leaving with the team for Romania (even if he was part of the LAPD, he still went with them);
    In “Beacon” – hashtag scruffy;
    “Fighting shadows” – the sex machine scene; then at the end when Hetty told them about the IA investigation;
    Absolutely Deeks in “Sans Voir”;
    Deeks singing for a brief moment in season 3 (he needs to do that more);
    When Deeks slammed the laptop shut after Hetty said “a little paranoia won’t hurt Mr. Deeks”;
    Deeks and Monty moments;
    Undercover as Justin Warring in “Neighborhood Watch”;
    “You smell like sunshine and gunpowder, two of my favorite things” – 4×17 “Wanted”;
    His undercover work in “Human Traffic”;
    His “Gesundheit” remark;
    “Plan B”;
    “The Debt”;
    in “Touch of Death” – his fear from needles;

  13. Crystal

    Deeks has had many great moments over the years but I LOVE this one:
    “Empty Quiver” ->They stole a nuke? And DOE just decided to take it on a road trip.”

  14. nisma

    SEASON 2
    EP07: Last scene, proposing Sam & Callen go out
    EP10: When rescues Kensi from laser room
    EP17: Leaving the hospital bed to save Kensi
    SEASON 3
    EP05: When stops Eva to kill Molina
    EP08: “if you harm her , this is gonna be your last day on earth” scene
    EP22: Great as Justin, especially at the dinner and “in the bathroom” scene
    SEASON 4
    EP02: “Touché” scene
    EP24: Outside Sidorov’s house, “How’s that for communication” scene
    EP24: Saving Sam’s life
    SEASON 5
    EP01: The conversation with Sam in the Hospital
    EP01: “The place I went in my head to stop the pain ……” scene
    EP09: “I want to be at my place right now …, with you.” scene
    EP13: Working with Navid
    EP19: The interrogation of the cleric and his emotions when he sees Kensi’s photo
    SEASON 6
    EP02: MMA fight
    EP03: “Partners don’t keep secrets” scene
    EP11: “All in” scene

  15. Bee

    4×06 – Deeks dancing on the floor to find the hidden basement: perfect mix of his humour and ability to get work done.

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