NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #13 – Kensi Moment

Kensi has changed a lot from the very first episode… not ?? There were quite ‘a few’ good moments with her…

Name your favorite(s) !!
And if we please may ask to NOT only mention Densi Moments but real KENSI MOMENTS… THANKS !!

We’re posting a ‘Suggestion Thread’ with a certain topic (in this case: Kensi Moment) and YOU ALL can leave a (or many) comments with YOUR favorite moments regarding this topic.
After we have collected all your favorite moments to our topics we will start polls to find out the ’10 Favorite Moments’ of each topic.
And voilá we’ll have our ‘150 NCISLA Moments’ in no time…

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17 thoughts on “NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #13 – Kensi Moment

  1. Sandy

    – her love for chocolate and anything sweet

    – her being teamed up with Dom in Season 1 (and the funny moments it created)

  2. densifangirl

    All her fight scenes and her being undercover in the bar at 3×15. She looked even sexier and hotter!!

  3. Elizabeth

    I like her fighting style, so this is violence heavy.

    3×22 Neighborhood Watch – Her fight with Serena Miller.
    3×17 Blye, K part 2 – (2 moments) Her fight with Clairmont; then later when she comes to peace with her father’s death.
    6×22 Field of Fire – Her continued struggle with PTSD and the shot taken at the end to not kill the guy.
    6×24 Chernoff, K – Her takedown of the bad guys in the hotel room.

  4. Richtsje

    her very first entrance when she wants to place a camera in the garage where Callen is. When she finds that piece or iron to destroy the light of her car, some punks commenting on it and she faces them. No fear at all

    the moment she’s eating that cheesy thing and Callen tells her on the Phone it changes her voice

    When she goes undercover as a fortune teller, reading hands

    priceless as Sage, in Rage!

  5. lovedaniruah

    -Scenes in Afghanistan (most)
    – Rescue scene
    -When she gives Deeks the box
    – Smoothie scene (The woody, season 3)
    – Most scenes in “Blye, K” and “Blye, K Part 2”
    And a billion more…. 🙂

  6. Ellie

    I really love most of the scenes in “Blye, K I & II”… Then there that one scene in the first season when Kensi and Dom are on an observation in their car and Kensi says “I have to pee” and climbs on the back seat and Dom is completely shocked, saying “In here?!” 😀
    I love The way she cares and worries about Deeks when he gets shot in the second season.
    There are so, so many Kensi Scenes I love! 🙂

  7. Céline Floret

    – Blye,K. (2 episodes)
    – when she’s teasing Deeks and the Touché thing
    – Afghanistan
    – when she’s a badass
    – fight scenes
    – Impact
    – the box
    – when she laughs…

  8. Natalie Ryan

    Undercover in “Crimeleon” – I’m too your type
    When in season 2 she said to Deeks “At this point of our relationship”
    Undercover as Melissa Warring in “Neighborhood Watch”
    Her cat fight with Eva Espinoza
    Her cat “throwing punches” fight with Talia del Campo

  9. I Feel Possessed

    Spoils of War – after the team have rescued Kensi and she is broken. We rarely get to see her lose control of her emotions and be so raw and honest.

    Humbug – when she is finally honest about herself and her relationship with Deeks

  10. Mogorva

    The tattooed Kensi in the bar while searching for the Chameleon.
    Kensi and Sam talking in the hillside in Fighting Shadows after the van blew up.
    Kensi admitting to Deeks in Blye, K., that he is the only one she trusts.
    Humbug Ice Rink scene.
    The last scene of s06e12.

  11. Claire

    – Kensi undercover with Callen as a drunk couple
    – fight in a fountain with Eva (she wants to assassinate a candidate for venezuelan president)
    – in 1×1 when she hugs Callen after he returns to work

  12. Monty

    When she’s undercover as a rocket missile, like Megatron, and she went to live on the Moon.
    The most spectacular episode. Yup!

    Excuse my English.
    Roma 09:28pm

  13. nisma

    SEASON 2
    EP07: Knife training with Sam
    EP09: Her reaction when she realizes that Deeks uses her as bait
    EP10: The explosion after escaping the laser room
    EP11: Talking about her ex-fiancé’s PTSD
    EP17: Her reaction when Hetty tells the team about Deeks
    SEASON 3
    EP05: The last scene, the apology to Deeks for Eva
    EP10: Her reaction after she understands Deeks is leaving and after learning the truth
    EP17: When she meets her mother after 15 years
    EP17: When she tells Deeks that he is the only person she trusts
    EP22: Every scene and especially the dinner and that in the bathroom
    SEASON 4
    EP02: “Touché” scene
    EP17: When asks Deeks never get himself killed
    EP23: The fight with Monica and the conversation with her in the interrogation room
    SEASON 5
    EP02: The last scene, when brings dinner to Deeks
    EP10: Waiting in the car with Callen & Sam
    EP19: The last scene, when finally meets the rest of the team
    EP20: The last scene, “it’s good to be back”
    SEASON 6
    EP02: MMA fight
    EP03: “Partners don’t keep secrets” scene
    EP08: When tells Deeks about living in the streets after her father’s death
    EP11: “All in” scene

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