NCISLA G’s New Car – Jaguar XKR S COUPE

G Jaguar
In last night’S NCISLA episode we saw G’s new car in full shine for the first time… it is a Jaguar XKR S COUPE (build your own…)… starting prize 132,000 USD… only the best for our best !!

3 thoughts on “NCISLA G’s New Car – Jaguar XKR S COUPE

  1. Lisa

    Dear Santa, I have been a really good girl this year. Could I PLEASE..PLEASE have the car pictured above? Also, if you want to include COD that would be fine too! 😉 LOL

    Oh a girl can dream…..

  2. Domingo

    I am an an “Aston” Girl, still in love with Callens first “Aston”.

    The new model looks good, but not in the bright blue as on Top Gear, Balck, Navy, or silver for me

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