2 thoughts on “NCISLA Season Four Finale Discussion Thread

  1. sindee Post author

    My expectations are that the whole team is pretty shaken up at the end of this episode… probably a few of them literally beaten up also… but I’m pretty positive that noone of the team will die… curious if Hetty will resign “again” and looking forward to the “partner switch”… CU sindee

  2. G. Callen

    Even through the finale has allready aired in the US this morning (my local time) I’m looking forward to see it. I’m allso curious if Hetty will resign again.

    I’m thinking about what if she rally resigns, but the autores have done it far to much before, so noone beleves she really did, and with the beginning of the next Season she’s really gone! That would be an Epic “Oups”! 😀

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