NCISLA Season Four Finale Spoiler

Michael Ausiello from TVLine shared scoops for the CBS Season Finales today… here’s the one for NCIS Los Angeles… don’t continue to read if you want to stay spoiler-free…


A nuclear explosion in the Pacific reignites the search for stolen nuclear weapons and prompts Hetty to shuffle the NCIS: LA partnerships, sending Callen and Kensi overseas and leaving Sam and Deeks teamed up state side.

Wow, now that’s some news, no ??
What are your thoughts ??
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13 thoughts on “NCISLA Season Four Finale Spoiler

  1. Ron Treger

    I don’t like that they are switching partners especially for the finale.They keep teasing with densi then they stop

  2. Keviana Elliot

    Oh wow. This is making me giddy! I had secretly wished for more of the “switched partners” scene, can’t believe they are actually doing it!!! Did I hear that Joe Wilson is partially behind this episode? I love his work. Thanks for posting this spoiler– I have goosebumps!!! Eeep!!

  3. Gayle

    Oh, I’ve been anticipating something catastrophic happening, probably to Kensi, as she’s long overdue for getting really hurt. I think the question of if she’s ever really been shot is still hanging out there. (Blye, K pt 1 doesn’t count because of the vest!) Cue Deeks having a breakdown?

  4. Richtsje

    Ah… It must have something to do with Sam and Quinn of course, so he will have to stay. He will wánt to stay! But Sam & Deeks? Hardly ever worked 🙂

    Kensi and Callen however, that is a pair that work well together. Dear me, I hope Joe Wilson won’t put them into too much danger! Where would the Boom be this time? I would not be surprised at all if it were with Deeks & Sam…
    It’ll sure be a great cliffhanger, no matter what!

  5. nita

    I have missed callen and kensi working together always loved their scenes and there will still be good densi scenes as deeks will be all concerned for kensi can’t wait!!!

  6. trytofindme

    Is it just me, but who would like to see a Callen/Deeks and a Sam/Kensi pairings?
    Well maybe next season

  7. Marion

    Is the final-show going to be a two-parter again?
    I bet it has somewhat to do with Quinn, Siderov and the stolen nucs. But the pairing switch, don´t look forward to that. We´ll get a lot of “Kaboom” with Joe Wilson…. and at the end
    “TO BE CONTINUED” again and a long long summer for us to wait?

  8. cashkend

    Marion, we don’t know yet who’s writing the season final – which is not a 2 parts – well maybe with 4×23 and (even 4×22… for kind of a 3 parts!): JC Wilson is co-writing a S5 ep (filmed in April). But the “to be continued” allows fans to speculate and have fun while Cast and Crew enjoy a deserved hiatus…

  9. Tara

    Here’s my theory. We’ve seen Callen, Sam and Deeks deal with past undercover assignments. But so far, nothing has come to light about any assignments Kensi has done. So I’m guessing something will happen to Kensi while she and Callen are overseas. And Sam and Deeks will have to go help get them out of trouble.

  10. Carrie

    Based on a past comment about us learning more about Deeks in season 5, I imagine that while tying up the Sidderov storyline for Sam they will start laying the groundwork for Deeks’ upcoming storyline. I think that is why they pair Deeks and Sam together for the finale instead of Callen/Deeks or Kensi/Deeks etc…

    Just my thoughts though!

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