NCISLA Spoiler: Look who’s coming home for Christmas…

Question: OK, so, I’m in desperate need of NCIS: LA scoop. —Leah

Ausiello: The show’s Christmas episode — titled “Humbug” — will introduce us to Sam’s teenage son Isaac. Described as all-American and physically fit (chip off the old block!), Isaac is home for the holidays (on break from the military school he’s attending). Casting is underway!


Wow, just wow… now that’s some Sam News there, huh ?? Share your thoughts in the comments !!

7 thoughts on “NCISLA Spoiler: Look who’s coming home for Christmas…

  1. BW

    First, Thanks for this site!

    Now to this post, so glad they are finally explaining Sam’s kids, was wonder about that. (Won’t post the running joke in my family though. 😉

  2. Claire

    Finally the writers decided how many children Sam had. It was one little girl once and kidS the second time. But in my opinion Michelle can’t be his mother. Sam and Michelle met in CIA, got married, then she left and had a baby, which is the daughter… At the same time I can’t imagine that Sam has a child with another woman.

  3. Sharon

    I always wondered – they always said “kids”, even before Michelle was brought on (the episode where the plastic surgeon is killed and Sam talks to his pregnant wife). But Sam only referred to his daughter – looking forward to seeing his son and getting the whole story.

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