Next… on NCISLA! Omni (5×03) Preview by Gayle (@ghartler)

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Omni (5×03) Preview

by Gayle (@ghartler)

Written by:  Kyle Harimoto; Directed by:  Larry Teng

Official CBS Press Release – While the NCIS:LA team investigates the death of a bio tech CEO whose company was working on a classified vaccine, Deeks wrestles with his emotions as he returns to the job.

Start your engines!

The team is headed to the track! Even though the last case involving the plane wasn’t fully solved (stay tuned for a future continuation of that one), the team moves on to investigate a new case in which Sam gets the distinct task of chasing down a bright yellow Lamborghini! And what is sure to be an interesting turn of events, Kensi ends up racing around in Hetty’s Cobra Jaguar! While surely this was necessitated for a “cover” (yeh, right), the daredevil driver that is Kensi Blye is sure to enjoy this stolen moment!





Is this a sign the team is getting a little out of control? Last week Eric referred to a camera hidden within a garden gnome as the “Hetty cam” and now Kensi is zipping around in one of her prized possessions. A little brazen, don’t you think? Have they forgotten about Hetty’s ninja skills and her terror-inducing letter opener?!

This episode initiates Kyle Harimoto as an NCISLA writer, bringing plenty of experience from his time with the also-exciting Hawaii Five-0. For this we extend a warm, “Aloha, Kyle”! After the drama and humor of “Impact” (5×2), it appears this week the show returns to its deep roots in the action department with fast cars, of which at least one goes “boom”!

Our distant detective returns to the team and the field. In continuing the PTSD storyline, Deeks is realistically still struggling. In fact, the official press release terms it “wrestles with his emotions”. Does this refer to the abduction/torture, issues with Sam, feelings for Kensi, or some larger combination? Key questions for this topic are:

  • How is the PTSD now impacting him and his work?
  • Is he still maintaining distance from team and Kensi or seeking out/accepting their support?
  • Will he encounter a “trigger” that causes his issues to resurface? If so, what might such a trigger be?
  • How will he work through (or ignore) his issues?

As each team member reengages with each other and a new case, what do you think is NEXT… on NCIS: Los Angeles?

7 thoughts on “Next… on NCISLA! Omni (5×03) Preview by Gayle (@ghartler)

  1. Jan

    It will be interesting to see how close to back-to-normal Deeks is in this episode. And is it genuine, or is he just pretending to be the old Deeks, like he would pretend to be Max Gentry or any other undercover identity?

  2. Richtsje

    Although I’ve seen the pictures I haven’t got a clue about what 5×03 will be about. Racing tracks and fast cars are always good, however!

    I sincerely hope the writers get us back a Deeks that is more serious, but with a funny twist every now&then. Sure, he suffers and struggles but I am glad to have him back!!

  3. BH72

    Perhaps this is when Callen steps in and helps Deeks with facing PTSD? Sam is good at hiding his trauma, but remember back in season 2 when a girl is kidnapped and was buried alive? It brought back memories (flashbacks for Sam, years later). So it could happen at any time for Deeks. He might be fine or a while, but later on, something may make him snap. Could be him having to rescue someone drowning? It’s a thought. It’s how Deeks found him in Sidorov’s hands in the first place…rescuing Sam.

  4. Beth Duffy

    I agree about Sam and season 2, just watched it again last week. I want the old Deeks back but he may need to be a little more serious for Kensi to take seriously!

  5. Spokoze

    Omni was particularly dark–as in lighting.
    Omni featured too many lines from people at the track, the Bio firm, and even security officers & bikini babes; Would have traded all those lines for another 3 seconds and a closer shot of Eric & Nell’s hands as Hetty was driving in her mind.
    Kensi was so cute at the end of Episode 2, “…Watch it with me, watch it with me, watch it with me.”
    Its time for her to return Deek’s ‘communication’ and then some. And then they can deal with that and grow–and they will. With a couple of couples, Granger continuing to endure himself or have the team save his ass somehow and, just like that, -snap- it can be time for G to uncover some stuff and deal with other stuff while getting re-acquainted with that lady from season 1 or 2 that he liked a lot but didn’t want to connect with because of even more stuff…..

  6. Elizabeth Turner

    Best scenes:

    – Welcome back greetings from the whole team.
    – Last scene with Callen and Deeks.

    Best line:

    -Sam: I can’t even fit my arm into a pair of skinny jeans.

    Best delivery:

    -When Callen told Deeks that he didn’t want him there. I thought Deeks’ body language (body straight and eye contact) was great. Even when Callen looked away briefly to respond to Sam and then back at Deeks, Deeks made eye contact again.


    -When Deeks and Kensi are in the firing range the loud whistle from her phone to announce Eric’s request to go to OSP . . . I thought maybe Deeks was having a bit of a flashback to the drill.

    -When Deeks turned back to look at his target he seemed concerned about his aim. That may be why he didn’t fire at the bad guy on the garage’s top floor with Callen and Sam in his site.

    -The lettering on the door to the gun range should be backwards. You shouldn’t be able to read it correctly while in the gun range room.

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