Callen’s Corner: Banter, Season 2



Continuing with the banter between Callen and Sam, it’s time to recount the joys of Season 2. Enjoy with gusto.

In no specific order, here are our favorite Callen-and-Sam-centered banter moments.



Sam: You were a magician once.
G: Not magician. Illusionist.
Sam: You bought a white rabbit, G.
G: It came with the hat.


Sam: Banter is the crux of our partnership, G. Without it, we’d just be two guys with guns drifting from one case to the next.
G: We are two guys with guns drifting from one case to the next.
Sam: Some people seek higher meaning.
G: Others play the hand they’re dealt.
Sam: When did the glass become half empty?
G: Ah, was it ever half full?
Sam: That’s better. But I still want my car back. These boots are killing me.


G: What would you do with $25 million in reward money?
Sam: You mean if I wasn’t a government employee and I could legally accept it?… Ah… probably buy a first class ticket to somewhere real quiet. Really quiet. Someplace you don’t take a partner. You?
G: I would hire the best private investigator money could buy. And have him track down my partner. Then when I found him…
Sam: You’d follow me?
G: Send him Hetty, in an overnight package – with a big bell.
Sam: I wouldn’t sign for her.


G: Never realized how much easier the bad guys have it than we do.
Sam: All the time. No rules. No loyalty.
G: No Hetty.


G: Would it help if I sing the theme from Rocky?
Sam: Where the hell have you been?
G: Waiting for you.
Sam: We were supposed to meet, go for a run before work.
G: We were supposed to meet at Patrick’s Roadhouse for breakfast.
Sam: If we try, we can still get in a couple miles.
G: No way. I just had pigs in a blankets and waffles. I’m a little bit full.
Sam: You’re full of something, and it ain’t waffles.
G: You know what? You get a little grumpy when your blood sugar gets low. (answers the phone call) Yeah, Eric?
Eric: Hetty wants everyone in Ops– ASAP.
G: All right. We’re on our way. (to Sam) Hey, hold on. Let me get a towel.
Sam: For what?
G: This is nice leather.
Sam: It’s nice. (rubs his back on the nice leather)


G: Cut that one close, don’t you think?
Sam: You’re like a lone wolf ‘til your butt’s on the line. Then you expect me to come to your rescue.
G: Isn’t that what partners do?
Sam: You’re pushing it, you know that?


G: I suppose I owe you one, too, huh?
Sam: Hah. One? More like 20. And that’s just today. You’re just lucky I don’t keep count.
G: I’m just lucky you can’t count.


Sam: You won. Come on.
G: It’s a lot faster going up than it is coming down, right, big guy?
Sam: Just let go.
G: You gonna catch me?
Sam: You’re kidding, right?
G: No.
Sam: You have a mat. You’ll be fine. Come on.
G: I’m letting go.
G: I think I’m gonna need some ice…


G: Does Go with the Flow include screaming ‘Yeehaw’?
Sam: That was in character
G: In Character. Like in Smokey and the Bandit. Get me to drive next time?
Sam: No, I drive, you shoot.
G: No, no, no, no. We agreed to take turns.
Sam: I don’t remember having that kind of conversation. Maybe we can have a compromise
G: Like you ride on the back next time.
Sam: Never gonna happen. Maybe we can get Hetty to get you a side-car.
G: That’s cute.
Sam: Ever rode in a side-car? They’re fun.


Sam: It’s LA. Even a troll could score a supermodel if he’s rolling large.
G: Where does that leave us?
Sam: Aw, don’t sweat it, G. I have a charming personality.
G: Uh huh.
Sam: And you – you’re kind of screwed.
G: I attract more of a – an intellectual type.
Sam: Oh yeah? Good luck with that.


Sam: Where’s you fighting spirit, G?
G: Sam, it’s Hetty.
Sam: Yeah. You’re screwed.


Sam: Nice gangster walk.
G: Feels like I’ve been thrown out of a moving car.
Sam: You were thrown out of a moving car… several times.
G: Well, not recently… Was I?


G: I followed her home a couple times…
Sam: A couple of times?
G: Closer to a dozen. She keeps moving. She sleeps in a different house every night.
Sam: Oh, that’s great. And I get to be there when you knock on her door.”


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2 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Banter, Season 2

  1. BH72

    It’s amazing just how much banter there was in season 2, when so much of season 1’s banters are imprinted in your brain. There were so many dark moments in season 2, when Callen went lone wolf and Sam was cut up because Mo died. But it’s great to see, that although the characters went though some tough moments, the banter remained. It’s what we love about this partnership.

  2. justdreaming-83

    Agree, BH72. In real life (not that NCIS:LA isn’t real… he he), I think we often use humor to deal with dark times. And that’s how we know our Sam and Callen make it through to the other side. No matter what has happened, no matter how upset one is with the other, the banter at the end tells us things are going to be alright, and we can let out a relieved breath.

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