POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘Black Wind’ ??

How did you like NCIS Los Angeles 'Black Wind' ??

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Well, well, real life got in the way of doing the picture recap before work so I’m opening the comment section here for you to sound off about the episode… Have fun !!

7 thoughts on “POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘Black Wind’ ??

  1. densidream

    I absolutely LOVED this one!
    This was what I had been waiting for for weeks now! This episode had kind of a different vibe than all others before, I think also the music contributed a great deal to that, it was somehow just different, I can’t tell in what way exactly.
    It was very slow-paced, which was lovely actually. It showed a lot of the characters emotions and relationships which resulted in many great moments. I also loved how it wasn’t just centered around Callen and Sam as I had originally thought.

    1. Mogorva

      Aggreed 🙂 You pretty much summed up my own thoughts too.

      Finally an episode which wasn’t sold by the constant muzzle flashes and non-existent technologycal stuff. It was definitely a lot better than the previos one. 9/10 in overall, that one point is missing because of the stupid don’t-flush-the-toilet-I’m-an-idiot “joke” in the first scene with the team. Even that scene had funny parts, but as many others pointed out, those comments were anything but funny, just made Deeks look like some neanderthal. (Altough wasting water is a problem, that’s not the way to solve it).

      I loved the last scene with the legend of the two lovers and the “who goes up the ladder first” conversation with the falling in love comment. Not soapy, but emotional enough, especially with the problems regarding the mexican family’s arrest, what affected everey team member, even Granger. It was good to see their relief after Granger’s announcement.

      Just keep on track with the upcoming episodes. Hopefully the next one will be just as good as this one.

  2. dixiebelle

    I was surprised how much I liked this one. I usually like the ‘in your face, heat stopping’ episodes, and get bored with the slower paced ones. However, I thought this one had the perfect balance of slower paced and gun fights. I think this showed more of how maybe a case is really worked. I liked how they relied more on intel and following leads.

  3. tati

    Hetty’s line at the end was PERFECT!!! And the way Kensi and Deeks were looking at each other was so, so good! I wish he had kissed her, right there in front of everyone.

    1. densidream

      Yeah, that’s kinda what the Densi fans need now, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t they, when they’re officially together now?

  4. diane

    Didn’t think I was going to like this, based on the promos. Sometimes the promos are so underwhelming. Loved Kensi and Deeks, the Mexican family, and the team moments.

  5. BH72

    This episode had more heart, the feelings of the team of helplessness over the Mexican family was good to see. They’re all opening up more, and more of a family. Some good Sam/Callen banter in there as usual, which was good to see.; especially the Goerge Foreman reference. Now that Granger’s back, it appears he’s taken over the helm of the boat of OSP, and we’re seeing less of Hetty. Is this how the future is going to play out with Linda Hunt getting on in age, I wonder? And Deeks hugging Granger, shows that Granger is softening too. Loved the small Densi references/looks between the two and it’s good to see that it’s not affecting their work.

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