NCIS Los Angeles ‘Black Wind’ Picture Recap

"Sure as hell doesn't look like blood." EEW !!

“Sure as hell doesn’t look like blood.” EWWW !!

I get bringing a cactus instead of other plants and draining the fountain...

I get bringing a cactus instead of other plants and draining the fountain…

... but not flushing the toilet ?? EWW !! [Though I gotta admit I *love* - "In this land of fun and sun, we don't flush for Number One."]

… but not flushing the toilet ?? EWW !!
[Though I gotta admit I *love* – “In this land of fun and sun, we don’t flush for Number One.”]

Totally "Cactus Karma" !!

Totally “Cactus Karma” !!

"Aztec rain stick to bring forth the storm."

“Aztec rain stick to bring forth the storm. All are summoned.” Gotta LOVE, Eric !!

Hetty raining on Deeks' surf parade.

Hetty raining on Deeks’ surf parade.

Expect the unexpected...

Expect the unexpected…

Enough Anthrax to take out most of Southern California ?? Uh-oh...

Enough Anthrax to take out most of Southern California ?? Uh-oh…

Sweet lil bromance teasing !!

Sweet lil bromance teasing !!

Yeah, I guess our guys did expect a 'Paul' and not a 'Paola'... ;-)

Yeah, I guess our guys did expect a ‘Paul’ and not a ‘Paola’… 😉

Lotta fist bumping between these two this season... Me likey !!

Lotta fist bumping between these two this season… Me likey !!

They do look like the "Tired Gringos" in this shot... must have been an early morning call... ;-)

They do look like the “Tired Gringos” in this shot… must have been an early morning call… 😉

"To the batmobile."

“To the batmobile.”

"Be my guest, George Foreman." I DO see the resemblance... (and yes, I know about the "George Foreman Grill" :-) )

“Be my guest, George Foreman.” I DO see the resemblance… (and yes, I know the joke was about the “George Foreman Grill” 🙂 )

"Got any Veggie Burgers?" 0_0

“Got any Veggie Burgers?” 0_0

Awesome Densi banter... and Kensi finally learned to use 'touché' at the right time...

Awesome Densi banter… and Kensi finally learned to use ‘touché’ at the right time…

"... my boyfriend is kinda useless." *snort*

“… my boyfriend is kinda useless.” *snort*

Owen no likey the idea he's hearing...

Owen no likey the idea he’s hearing…

"You don't wanna be down there." HA HA !!

“You don’t wanna be down there.” HA HA !!

"This was not part of the plan. ... Alright, go!" Woohoo, Granger !!

“This was not part of the plan. … Alright, go!” Woohoo, Granger !!

"Shall we?" "We shall."

“Shall we?” “We shall.”

"This is why you should never fall in love." Aww !!

“This is why you should never fall in love.” Aww !!

The Wonder Twins don't get what's wrong here...

The Wonder Twins don’t get what’s wrong here…

Having a Mighty Mouse clip on the phone ?? Only Deeks... ;-)

Having a Mighty Mouse clip on the phone ?? Only Deeks… 😉

Bad-A** Blye !!

Bad-A** Blye !!

"Why are we always Plan A?"

“Why are we always Plan A?”

That's one way to drive a golf cart...

That’s one way to drive a golf cart…

Oh boy... *gulp*

Oh boy… *gulp*

Granger's the hero of the ep...

Granger’s the hero of the ep…

AWW !!

AWW !!

Hetty's got booze...

Hetty’s got booze…

Those two are too cute...

Those two are too cute…

As you can see I didn’t care much about the case in this ep but I LOVED the team banter. But I can imagine you all don’t mind me focusing on that, huh ?? 😉

One thing that kind of bothered me at the end was that I was already cheering that the team didn’t save the day for once… or so it seemed… turned out they did afterall…
What do you think? Would you prefer to have a case go ‘bad’ once in a while ?? I mean real life agents probably more often use booze to drown their sorrow than to celebrate a case… just saying…

10 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Black Wind’ Picture Recap

  1. VirtualFriend

    Wow that bad guy on the motorcycle, what was he thinking? Superior speed, moment of surprise and far more firepower. What was the result? He didn’t even fire a shot before being killed by Kensi. Really?

    Other then this scene, I found the task at hand too much to fit in 36 minutes (leaving out the tear-jerking end of this ep). It all happens very fast and (because of that) way to simplistic.

    I wonder what executive decisions have been made after making Densi official. Later ep’s didn’t show any substantial changes in behaviour, accept the weird (and childish) Zen sessions.

    From a producer point of view, there are several options. You can i.e. ignore the fallout, you can show small/subtile gestures between adults who are in a relationship, OR you can make Deeks behave like a complete idiot resulting in Dinozzo V2.

    True, NSCIS:LA is not intended to be realistic. But it should be believable. Otherwise, make it a comedy. Big explosions, cartonish characters and stupid bad guys/girls. Something like the (epic!) A-team. COD is perfect for John “Hannibal” Smith, LL makes a great Mr T, CEO as Mad Murdock, and DR as Lieutenant Templeton Peck. OK, that last one is a bit of a stretch. But really, other then that, it’s a perfect fit.

    Why is it so difficult to write a lasting coherent character development and simultaneous showing snippets of a committed relationship? Castle has no problem with it! There is so much possible but done so little… It’s easy to swap ep’s between seasons, it shouldn’t!

    1. Fenix

      Hi Sindee, thanks for recap.

      VirtualFriend, in standard circumstances I will be agreed with you.
      But….. I find trick.
      I changed angle of view to show.
      From something little bit serious, to dramedy.
      It doesn’t work, so I tried tragicomedy, and BINGO!
      That’s it, that works!

      After that was everything ok.

      Deeks water saving idea was brilliant, he just got wrong hint.
      Solution is not in reducing water use, but is in reduce human population.
      Problem solved. 🙂

      Every NCIS have clown.
      Abby with overreacting, childish, teenage….. reactions (she is one from few reasons, why I totally shut down NCIS)
      Palmer….he is male version of Abby.
      Sebastian Lund…. no comment.

      And then we have Deeks.
      Compare with those three, he’s really not too bad.
      But that doesn’t mean, he is perfect, no no, he is still fare away from that, but he is tolerable.
      Until when?
      We will see.

      Today’s Callen-Sam teasing….was better, but and worst.
      Today was too much “jokes” (les quantity, more quality please).

      Scene with uncontrollable food track was hillarious, “intelligent” and overreacted.
      Why Callen don’t used that bloody hand brake earlier?
      But they acted wery believable…ish, I still laugh from that.

      Man on motorbike, no comment, another id…t oposite to smart kick ass Blye, boring.

      Kensi & Deeks in tunel, surpicely nice.
      Well, surpicely nice thru whole episode.

      A-team on helipod….again FANTASTIC, they WIN!
      How surprice! 😉
      What was that about?
      No idea, but they win, so bad guys lose, and that’s matter.

      Family drama, and Tomas words….
      Really someone don’t believed for happy end?
      Not me, not with my new tragicomic view on show. 🙂

      After many episodes, was Hetty usefull.
      She bring botle of tequila.
      Continue with that, and you will never destroy something (like before).
      Don’t do anything else!

      But that Deeks-Granger hug…. awful.

      Make it some like Castle, inteligent fun, inteligent stories, inteligent enemies, adult partner-boyfriend/girlfriend behavior?
      No way guys, forget it!
      Our show creators knows much better then we, what exactly we need.
      And they give to us.
      So don’t blame them.
      You have to blame yourself, because you keep your self in delusion.
      They give us, what we really want, and need.
      So shut up, watch, and hope, hope, HOPE! 😉

      By my old “standard” was episode good.
      From my new “standard” was fantastic.
      So change your angle of view, and everything will be fine. 😉

  2. Crystal

    Another awesome re-cap 🙂 The Deeks/Granger hug was the best moment/scene of the episode IMO — Very good episode.

  3. Debbie

    Thank you, Sindee, for the picture recap – as always.

    Loved the ep, had some great team moments, the bromance (yes the Sam-Callen variety as well as the Densi “bromance” (is there actually a word for that with a male/female combo? ‘Cause in that case it was banter not romance)
    Liked Granger in that ep a lot – ep was varied and interesting. Great performances and gotta love Deeks and his cartoons, – way to go to make that boy smile!
    And as for your question: yes some endings that are more ambigous, that would be a nice change once in a while.

  4. Mogorva

    I think the possibility of easily swapping episodes is kinda the point. (Syndication, repeatability, and so on).
    But I agree with you on the showing snippets part. Maybe we will get some later. I hope.

    “Would you prefer to have a case go ‘bad’ once in a while ?”
    Short answer: yes.
    Long answer: Yes, it would be interesting, to see, how the characters react and deal with the outcome if a case went sideways. Great opportunity for character development. I’d prefer these done like the first or second time we met with Janvier – part of a bigger story, with some kind of closure.

  5. BW

    Like most I thought “the partnerships” is what stood out in this ep., which is always great. I always like the small moments, so the Densi comments were nice and actual acknowledgement of their change in status.

    I do think they do need to show, not just tell . The upcoming episodes, Ray coming, Deeks lies putting Kensi in danger; seem as that might happened.

    Granger and Deeks hug, was sweet. I don’t mind them having unresolved cases, especially if the can bring follow-up cases.

  6. Linda

    I actually enjoy the episodes that focus more on the partnerships and less on the cases. It would be a nice change of pace to see a case go bad once in a while, just not all the time. This week’s episode was much better than last week’s which was much more case oriented. Just my opinion. Thanks for another great recap. I look forward to them every week.

  7. Linda

    Thanks Sindee for the amusing recap. I have to say that I quite enjoyed this episode. As some people have pointed out, the pace seemed to be different in this episode. That is fine by me every once in a while. The focus for me was again the team work here. Even Granger came through for a change and saved the day at the end. I prefer an ending when everything turns out right because most of the time the cases are too important to lose. Any missteps can take place as we go along. The other thing to emphasize was the banter/humour between all but especially Callen and Sam and Deeks and Kensi. The scene with the cactus comes to mind as does the scene in the truck with the veggie burgers. It is amazing to see what an apron can do to focus the mind. Is Callen on the menu? Or is he dessert? There was also lots of action when they couldn’t stop the truck and at the end when their being “planA” worked out just fine. The ending with Granger worked out well as it should. They should be able to break the rules when absolutely necessary. Season 6 has been good so far and I am looking forward to next week’s episode.

  8. skippy

    I am late I know, but I just watched it. Bad idea.
    It wasn’t really bad but IMO it was downright boring.
    Regarding the end scene it just continued what they verbalized (they started it way before) in the last episode. “The Waltons”, the world is always fair and the day ends in a perfect way. I would like it better if they would leave this track. A bit more friction might not hurt.
    Thank you for the great recap sindee.
    And good night John-boy ;-))

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