POLL: How did you like “Ravens and the Swans” ??

POLL: How did you like NCISLA "Raven and the Swans" ??

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What was your favourite quote/scene ??

4 thoughts on “POLL: How did you like “Ravens and the Swans” ??

  1. Colleen

    Loved the Densi scenes/dialogue, of course, but I also liked seeing some edginess with regard to the Hetty/Callen dynamic. Great episode overall.

  2. Diane

    Really liked the actress who played Grace. I believed her as an agent. Liked Callen and Sam and Callen/Hetty. Loved Deeks and Kensi fighting on the bed.

  3. Nita

    Awesome Densi scenes I had tears running down my face from the laughter soo good to see Deeks get his own back lol. They must have had fun filming those scenes.

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