Recruit – Review by Phillydi


 Recruit (4X02)

Written by: R. Scott Gemmill

Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

After a successful opening premier episode, the team gets down to business doing what they do best…going undercover! This time it’s investigating the death of a retired Marine sergeant who was found dead in Afghanistan after an American drone hits a bomb making compound where he was living. Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks get to go undercover together but far from the streets of Los Angeles. After seeing Deeks perched on top of a camel in promotional pictures, I couldn’t wait to see what trouble the detective and his colleagues would get into. Written by R. Scott Gemmill (author of one of my fav episodes Tin Soldiers), the agents have to find out whether our rouge ex-marine was a traitor to his country or if he was mixed up in some form of espionage.

Sounds like pretty heavy stuff but Shane Brennan claimed this episode was the funniest episode they have made yet and that Densi fans were going to love it.  They were definately throwing the barbs around furiously.  It was like watching a tennis match!  We got to find out what Deeks  did on his summer vacation over and over again to the dismay of his co-workers.  Except maybe for Sam who we found out loves Deeks pictures! Who would have thought?  And I don’t think I ever heard Sam and Deeks laughing so loud together. Callen:  I love it when our boys get along.  Me too, Mr. Callen!

Of course we all love a heart to heart with Callen and Hetty.  It was sad to hear them talk about all the people who have gone before, including Hunter.  How could we even consider Hetty ever leaving this blessed coil?  But you got to love her no business attitude about death.  No tears for Hetty Lange….except from all her fans.

The search for the missing Marine made for an interesting backdrop which allowed the teams to creatively work together to find out why he may have turned traitor.  We haven’t seen this much case work in awhile. I enjoyed watching the partners find the answers they needed to solve this case.  Who knew their were groups out their kidnapping American service men to extort information from them.  Another form of human traffic.  Alarming and so very scary.  The rescue was a satisfying end to the mission.  All in all, I would have to say it was a fun show..maybe not the funniest but a lot of fun to watch.

Show Highlights

  • Poor Sam, all the man wants is his chair back.  Will someone give him his chair back, please, before someone gets hurt!
  • Eric and Nell discussing their favorite elements was a riot.  (Nell: Do you use this line at the genius bar?) Too much geek for me, but funny never-the less!  I think I like Hetty’s favorite element better.
  • If that wasn’t good enough, Eric and Nell doing their Men in Black imitation was terrific.  Can never have enough Eric and Nell out in the field!  And it’s good to know that Eric is safe with Nell.  That scene was getting a bit hot towards the end, and the poll taken on the Ipad app agreed!
  • Hetty’s talk with Sam and Callen about their trip to Dubai was classic.  The last time we saw the whole team together overseas was Romania.  And their activity in the airport was pure NCIS:LA!  I love when they work together with such precision.
  • Hetty laughing at Deeks falling asleep on Sam’s shoulder was wonderful!  You had to giggle along with her.

Best Lines from the Show

Callen: From what I hear Granger is going to have you stuffed in a life like pose for his office.  Hetty:  Don’t be cheeky.  Though I wouldn’t put it past him.

Deeks:  So he’s an equal opportunity exploder? No?  Alright, at least I’m trying.

Deeks:  You have to admit I’m like rocking that turbin. That’s like Lawrence of Arabia.

Sam:  Look at these posters.  What is this… security by Abacrombie?  These guys couldn’t protect a frat party.

Bromance Watch

  • Sam is always watching out for Callen including his latest culinary habits:  Sam: How can you eat someone without even knowing what it is?   Callen: Carlos is the iron chef of the food trucks!
  • Callen:  I seldom shudder.  Sam:  That’s true I’ve never seen him shudder.  Ha!


Densi Watch

  • Deeks sharing his vacation pictures with Kensi was a riot.  He seemed to really miss Kensi on his travels.  He emailed her every day!  Although Kensi did her best to make it seem she wasn’t interest.  Not buying it, Kens.
  • The touche inappropriate discussion was so much fun to watch.  Only Densi could have a discussion like that and make it hilarious!  (Deeks:  Let me just drop some knowledge on you.) The double-entendres were flying!  Kensi:  Touche, touche, you can’t touch my touche! Deeks:  Ok, that’s a human resources violation that is going into my report to Hetty.
  • Somehow I can’t believe that Deeks’ favorite numer is 4.0026.  Even Sam can’t believe that his favorite number is the atomic weight of helium.  Of course it’s because it makes you talk funny!  Would there be a better reason for Deeks?
  • Sharzies?  And don’t say sharzies!

 It was great to see Anthony Azizi guest star in this episode as Ahamadi. Check out Part One of our interview now with Anthony and on Thursday, Part Two where he shares his experiences on set and a funny story that happen while working with Daniela Ruha.

Don’t forget our interview with Felix Ryan too!  He was a delight to speak to and really enjoyed his time on set as well.  We’ll be back again next week at NCIS:LA Magazine to review The Fifth Man (4X03).  Make sure you’re here!




6 thoughts on “Recruit – Review by Phillydi

  1. @MissAlesig

    Lovely review as always Di! Loved the episode, specially for the team scenes! (and funny Densi ones, of course)! Agree with everything you said (except I don’t want any heat between Eric-Nell). It was a light episode, perfect after the drama from last weeks episode. Anyway, great review.

    1. Diane Post author

      Ah! Thanks so much! It was a funny episode. Not sure how I feel about Eric and Nell yet but I love when Barrett and Renee are being silly together! Di

  2. Shelia

    Great episode, lots of humor. Densi sparked as always, Sam was moody and Callen, well there really are no words for that man! (Ok maybe, Smoking Hot and extremely Sexy would work.)

    The scenes with Nell and Eric as “Men in Black” were quite funny. The two of them make a great team, but I dont see the heat between them. I think Nell is too strong for Eric, he looked a little scared of her last night.

    1. Diane Post author

      Yep I agree that they were trying for some heat but it came up luke warm. Still on the fence about this relationship.

  3. Tara

    This episode was great because it balanced the case of finding the missing marines with the banter amongst the team. All the Densi moments made me laugh, especially when Kensi said ‘Touche, Touche,you can’t touch my touch’, and what made it even funnier was Daniela doing that little booty shake.
    And of course, the funniest part of the episode was Deeks head falling onto Sam’s shoulder. I saw that coming a mile away but it was still hilarious. Loved Hetty’s giggle too!

  4. domingo

    Someone from the UK has picked up a very serious Bug in Dubai and I is in isoliation, and they are trying to trace others on the same flight. Glad the team were not there for real.

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