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Deeks Appreciation Week – The Ultimate Deeks Quiz


How well do you know Deeks?
Try to answer the following questions and find out how you did later.
(Hint: it’s out of 25 points)

1. In 2×07 ‘Anonymous’, Deeks had a nickname for both Kensi and Hetty. They were:
A) Know-it-all & Cinderella’s stepsister
B) Lady MacGyver & evil stepmother
C) Kiki & fairy godmother

2. How many of Deeks’ aliases have been lawyers?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3

3. When did Hetty stand up for the detective with this particular quote: “He may not be NCIS, but Mr. Deeks is one of my team. If anything should happen to him, I would take it most personally.”
A) 2×17 ‘Personal’
B) 3×10 ‘The Debt’
C) 4×09 ‘The Gold Standard’

4. In 5×05 ‘Unwritten Rule’, what healthy food did Sam give to Deeks?
A) Bran muffin
B) Carrot sticks
C) Granola bar

5. Which of the following is not one of Deeks’ previous jobs?
A) Lifeguard
B) Exotic dancer
C) Flipping burgers

6. What childhood toy does he love?
A) Lego
B) Trains
C) Colouring books

7. What vehicle did Deeks buy that broke Hetty’s rule?
A) Dune buggy
B) Convertible
C) Motorcycle

8. Match the following aliases to their descriptions: Sven, Jason Wyler, Christopher Stone, Gary Clay, and Colter.
A) MMA fighter
B) Not one of Deeks’ aliases
C) Data entry systems analyst
D) Business owner
E) Interior decorator

9. What reason does he give for using a Beretta 92FS?
A) Because it has a manual safety
B) That’s the one the LAPD gave him
C) He prefers the size and weight of it

10. Which of these animals has not startled Deeks in the desert?
A) Meerkat
B) Feral pig
C) Snake

11. What is the land of Deeks’ forefathers?
A) Denmark
B) Norway
C) Netherlands

12. He doesn’t always need to go to Hetty’s closet for the right clothes to portray an alias – sometimes he uses his own. For which of the following does he not use his own clothes?
A) Vagrant
B) Surfer
C) Janitor

13. What is his eye colour?
A) Blue
B) Brown
C) Hazel

14. When he realized that Hetty was watching while she was out of the office, what did Deeks do?
A) Make faces at the security cameras
B) Slam his laptop closed
C) Began shielding his mouth when he talked

15. Has Deeks ever driven Kensi’s vehicle with Kensi in the passenger seat?
A) Yes
B) Maybe?
C) No

16. Match the quote to the speaker: Det. Danny Williams, Lt. Bates, and Sam.
A) “It’s not about your hair. It’s about what it says about you as a person.”
B) “You got a haircut like my neighbor’s Schnauzer.”
C) “Get a shave and a haircut.”

17. When does the box first appear?
The box
A) 4×11 ‘Drive’
B) 4×18 ‘Red’
C) 5×21 ‘Three Hearts’

18. What is Deeks’ father’s name?
A) Charlie Mitchell
B) Max Gentry
C) Gordon John Brandel

19: Deeks is played by which of the following actors?
A) Barrett Foa
B) Chris O’Donnell
C) Eric Christian Olsen

Help with brainstorming came from ChrisDaisy, Richtsje, sindee, Mary, and Vicki.

Deeks Appreciation Week – We Appreciate Deeks

We appreciate Deeks because of…

His Past

We know he had a rough childhood, but there were still some good times that gave him at least one great friend. We know he resisted the path to a life of crime and became a lawyer. He then swapped that career for a different sort, becoming a cop. We know he isn’t the most well-liked in his division and that he excels at the detective work that doesn’t happen behind a desk. We know Hetty had been keeping her eye on him before he came to NCIS. We know he has some musical skills and likes to surf. What we don’t know is the little details that drove him to law school, and then to becoming a cop, and how he landed on Hetty’s radar. His back-story is like a leaking pipe begging to be plugged with knowledge!

His Undercover-ness

When we first met Deeks he wasn’t Deeks – he was Jason Wyler. In the next episode Tim showed up. And in the next there was Dale John Sully. In his first three episodes there were three different aliases in play. As time went on more and more covers appeared. There were those that were fully fleshed out with back stories and all the proper documents then there are those that involved a quick story and some fast talking. Some reappear more often and others that we’d really like to see again.

His Humour

Always quick with a joke and a smile, he’s able to break the tension after a difficult situation as well as put a victim or witness at ease. With the dangerous situations the team gets into, it’s a good way to release the stress of the job. He’s shown that he’s also willing to be the butt of the joke. Although not everyone always appreciated his lighter outlook on life, they’ve come to accept him as he is. Whether it’s a quick joke, a pun, a mumbled or loudly proclaimed comment, you can count on him for some cheekiness and sass.

His Acts of Kindness

Underneath that skirt-chasing exterior, there’s a sweet heart. He’s acted as an unofficial sponsor for a recovering addict, harassing him into staying sober. There was the Christmas he brought Kensi along to help at a soup kitchen where the staff knew him well. He has a genuine concern for the well-being of his co-workers. He also doesn’t want fellow law enforcement officers to make decisions that could ruin not only their careers, but also break their own moral code. This was obvious when he talked a Mexican cop out of taking revenge and instead to let the law get her justice.

We also appreciate Hetty for adding Deeks to the team, the team for deciding to keep him around, and the LAPD for not wanting him back. Why do you appreciate Deeks? Add your reasons in the comments!

Thanks to Vicki for input!

Granger Appreciation Week — Character Development

There’s a definite love/hate relationship with the Assistant Director, and his time on NCIS:LA can be broken down into three stages: Love to Hate, Love and Hate, and Hate to Love. Let’s start at the beginning.

Love to Hate.


You know what I’m talking about. The feeling of ire that comes over you when you see his face on the screen. That feeling that makes you want to snarl. Or huff in indignation. He started off on a bad footing, showing up and ‘kidnapping’ Hetty and proceeding to rip into the team about how poorly they were executing their job. There was much grumbling when he left, as he took their success with him, but the team was also relieved he was gone. But not for long; he continued to pop up and judge, criticize, and generally make himself unlikable.

Love and Hate.


This is the point where you found yourself begrudgingly admitting that maybe he wasn’t so bad. He was no longer solidly in the ‘villain’ category. You might have even smiled at his joke. This seemed to happen part way through 4×06 ‘Rude Awakenings’ when Sam was certain that Granger was going to throw him off the case and thereby put his wife in danger. Instead, Granger informed him that he was behind him and threw interagency niceties out of the window. His appearances after this point had you questioning his motives; it maybe seemed like he was going to step back over that line and make the team’s lives more difficult, but there were also moments where he genuinely had their best interests in mind…as long as they weren’t doing any extracurricular activities that were illegal.

Hate to Love.


It’s hard to admit it, but there’s a soft spot for Granger that has been slowly growing. He snuck up on you. Maybe you’ve had a similar conversation:

Me: “I kind of like Granger now.”
Friend: “Sure, now that you like him, he’s going to die soon.”
Me: “That wouldn’t be good…wow, never thought I’d say that. Also, that was mean.”
Friend: “Mwhahahah!”

You can probably even pinpoint the moment where your opinion turned. Remember the season 5 opener? From the start to the end he was doing everything he could to help save the whole team, whether they were a NCIS agent, LA detective, or former CIA agent. Before, the team would celebrate when he was gone at the end of the case, but now they were hanging out together after work. While he still maintains his gruff and grouchy exterior, it appears his bark is worse than his bite when it comes to the team. He’s even partnered up with some of them and no one has been fired.

Here’s to another season of questioning his motives and somewhat begrudgingly smiling, much like Granger himself, when he shows up.

With help from ChrisDaisy, Diane, Mary, and Richtsje.

Granger Appreciation Week — Duplicity

The idea has been floated by Miguel Ferrer himself that Granger has a double standard when it comes to proper behaviour. There are many examples of this. He expects the agents below him to act within the law, and then he goes and breaks it to retrieve information from a suspect. He does not support the agents going rogue on a case and pushes inter-agency cooperation, but it has been hinted at that Granger had a lone-wolf tendency in his days as a younger agent. He easily handed credit for an arrest over to another agency, but has also run interference between the team and his bosses. He has ambitions to move upward, but then is found on the ground in Afghanistan acting like a regular agent, not the Assistant Director. His relationship with Hetty, which is a whole different convoluted discussion fraught with ticking bombs and booby traps, also follows a similar theme; sometimes he seems to be afraid of her and then he purposefully provokes a response from her. His personality is like two sides of a coin and until you flip it, you don’t know what side will be facing up this time.


With input from Diane

Granger Appreciation Week — Facts

GAW– Miguel Ferrer has been credited in 44 episodes
– Owen Granger has appeared in 35 episodes
– Official title (presently): Assistant Director

Granger: I’m an ambitious man, Agent Blye, who won’t be Assistant Director forever.
[4×09 ‘The Gold Standard’]

– Status: Single
– Previous relationships: Unknown
– Driven by: sense of duty and loyalty, purpose and mission (Thanks to M.F. for that insight)
– Go-to attire: Suit with an open-collar shirt

G suit 2
G suit 1
(Pictures from @Vicki)

– Formerly employed by the CIA
– Worked and was friends with Kensi’s dad
– Ambitious, and knows it
– Sense of humor: dead pan
– Personality: cranky and gruff
– Has a bad knee
– Wears black pajamas (Want proof? 4×18 ‘Red: Part 1’)

Facts– It is believed he has the ability to produce a genuine and broad smile, but only the most patient have seen one. It is said it’s much like a double rainbow: both rare and has the power to bring happiness.

(Help from Diane and Vicki)