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NCIS Los Angeles Season Finales

A look at the finales for NCIS: LA by @JustDreaming83

The feeling I was left with at the end of this season’s finale was different than the ones in the past. I’m sure some viewers found it to be rather anti-climactic after last year’s super-charged ending. But for me, it just drew on another deep (no pun intended) emotion. Because this one “felt” different, I started looking at all the season endings, and jotted down what, IMO, is the overall emotion for each. (S-1 frustration and bewilderment; S-2 mystery; S-3 shock; S-4 gripping/haunting; S-5 dread.)

Season 1 – Callen, G
The writers gave us an emotional conclusion to season one, with Callen finding out that someone had been watching him all these years, logging every orphanage and foster home he stayed in, and then discovering he had a sister. Even though his sister, Amy, had died as a child, receiving this piece of the puzzle seemed to bring G a certain degree of comfort. But in the last scene, while visiting his sister’s grave, Callen spots a man taking pictures. He runs after the guy, losing him when the man jumps into a car that is waiting nearby. The episode ends with a frustrated and bewildered Callen.

Season 2 – Familia
The finale for the second season takes place on foreign soil. Attempting to save Callen from the Comescu’s quest to end his bloodline once and for all, Hetty secretly resigned and left the country. The episode ends with Callen on the beach in Romania, experiencing flashbacks from his childhood, and with Hetty showing the head of the Comescu family a tattoo on her forearm, proclaiming that they “are family.” This mysterious episode left us with our head’s swarming with more questions; not only questions pertaining to Callen’s past, but now Hetty’s.

Season 3 – Sans Voir 2
In the final episode for season three, the team had finally captured “the Crimeleon,” who had killed two of their fellow-agents in cold blood, right before their eyes. It seemed that this evil man had won the battle, and that the only option was to set him free, exchanging his life for that of another. But just as the exchange was taking place, we see Callen struggle with the overwhelming desire for revenge. He pulls out his gun and shoots the Crimeleion in the chest, causing shocked viewers to yell “NOOO!!!” at our televisions. Why would he do this? HOW could he do this?! The feeling we were left with was akin to being kicked in the gut.

Season 4 – Decent
And how can we forget the gripping ending to season four? Viewers held their breaths, watching helplessly as Sam’s wife dangled off the side of a high-rise building, while Sam was being electrocuted by the bad guys, and as Deeks’ mouth was pried open by a metal device, and his torturer was brutally drilling into the Detective’s teeth. We held our breaths all summer, while haunted by Deeks’ blood-curdling screams.

Season 5 – Deep Trouble
One word can sum up the emotion we were left with at the end of the fifth season – dread. Not only if Hetty facing repercussions from the “white ghost” ordeal, and preparing for the possibility that she may not return, but Callen and Sam’s lives are in danger. While investigating a small submarine that was constructed to transport drugs, Sam and G discover the drugs are no longer there, but that the vessel is now loaded with explosives. When the episode ends, Callen, and his partner, who has already admitted his dislike for confined spaced, have been trapped inside by the bad guys, and the submarine has been launched. We watch as they are propelled away from the shore, deeper and deeper into the ocean.

So, what are YOUR feelings about the NCIS Los Angeles Season Finales so far ?? Share with us in the comments !!

Last May, on CBS…

Does summer have you suffering from short-term memory loss? Fear not! Following is a refresher on where CBS series left off in May:

NCIS: LA (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) – Callen and the team’s cat-and-mouse game with the vengeful Chameleon found the agents scrambling after Callen publicly shot the Chameleon and was arrested. Meanwhile, after watching the live feed of the turn of events at the NCIS OPS center, Hetty addressed a letter of resignation to Director Granger, and left it on her desk. @NCISLA_CBS

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