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Chris O’Donnell’s ‘NCIS’ Directing Debut [VIDEO via ETonline]

Chris O’Donnell has already shown his acting chops by starring as special agent G. Callen on NCIS: Los Angeles for the past four seasons. But the star also recently got the chance to direct the show and we went behind the scenes for Chris’s directorial debut of tonight’s all-new episode!

“I’ve loved it,” said Daniela Ruah (who plays Special Agent Kensi Blye) when asked about being directed by her co-star. “The expectation of Chris directing was very exciting, especially because as a cast I think we’re very open about giving each other ideas for scenes.”

OMG, I just LOVE how much fun they all have together… don’t you ??

Chris O’Donnell about directing himself in an episode of NCISLA [VIDEO]

Chris O'Donnell directs LL Cool J in a scene from Wanted.

Chris O’Donnell directs LL Cool J in a scene from Wanted.

Watch a new video on where Chris O’Donnell talks about his experience while directing an episode of NCISLA and what his kids try to get out of his “celeb status”…

Here’s the transcript of the video:

I was fortunate on NCIS Los Angeles that CBS was ?? to hiring me to direct an episode. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. The pre-production and the post-production were unexpected for me because I hadn’t done that before. I really enjoyed the post-production. Getting in the editing room and you have your first assembling by the editor and get in to sit there and go through every take and tweak the scenes to make sure you get in all the beats you wanted from each actor. For me that was the best part of the experience.
It definitely wet my appetite to do more and I look forward to eventually directing my own film or whatever it is – or my own TV show.
It’s funny, I asked Michael Weatherly who has directed some episode of the orignal NCIS and he said “Make sure you get enough coverage of yourself.” And I was like “What does he mean by that?” And of course when we’re filming, you’re doing your coverage und you do tend to move on quicker because you think “I don’t want to waste time on myself here. Let’s get to everybody else and keep the production rolling.” And then when you get back and look at the ?? and you think “I wish I had one more camera angle of this.” So I’d probably take a few more takes of myself next time.

My daughter Lily is obsessed with… I mean I don’t know what it is about Diana Agron of all people… but she just every time I go out of town for any kind of award thing or… it’s “If you see Diana Agron”… she’s just hung up on Diana Agron for some reason. Of course I’ve never run into her but she’s obsessed…
And the rest of them are… when the Teen Choice Award and that kind of stuff comes up they are always “Can we go?” “Can we get tickets?” “Can we go to this premiere?” I don’t tend to do a lot of those but those would be the kind of perks they try to take away from me…

Don’t forget to tune in tonight when his episode “Wanted” hits the screen at 9pm on CBS.

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