Chris O’Donnell’s ‘NCIS’ Directing Debut [VIDEO via ETonline]

Chris O’Donnell has already shown his acting chops by starring as special agent G. Callen on NCIS: Los Angeles for the past four seasons. But the star also recently got the chance to direct the show and we went behind the scenes for Chris’s directorial debut of tonight’s all-new episode!

“I’ve loved it,” said Daniela Ruah (who plays Special Agent Kensi Blye) when asked about being directed by her co-star. “The expectation of Chris directing was very exciting, especially because as a cast I think we’re very open about giving each other ideas for scenes.”

OMG, I just LOVE how much fun they all have together… don’t you ??

2 thoughts on “Chris O’Donnell’s ‘NCIS’ Directing Debut [VIDEO via ETonline]

  1. Teklah

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE…the interaction the cast has with each other! Tuesdays are my official favorite day of the week!

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