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NCIS Los Angeles Schedule Update

We were wondering about the order/dates of the next NCISLA episodes but JPK solved the mystery for us…

6×09 – Traitor

(produced as 6×07, October 10 – October 21)
written by: Michael Udesky & RSG | directed by: Eric A. Pot | original air date: Nov.24, 2014

6×10 – tba

(produced as 6×08, October 22 – October 31)
written by: Joey Wilson | directed by: Christine Moore | original air date: December 8, 2014

6×11 – Humbug

(produced as 6×10, November 13 – November 21 )
written by: K. Harimoto & A. Bartels | directed by: T.Wharmby | original air date: Dec.15, 2014

6×12 – Spiral

(produced as 6×09, November 3 – November 12 )
written by: Dave Kalstein | directed by: Larry Teng | original air date: January 5, 2015

NCIS Los Angeles Behind The Scenes Scoop

While NCIS Los Angeles’ Producer Rick Tunell shared this picture with Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks) and Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) on set of the fourth produced episode today…



… NCIS Los Angeles Writer Kyle Harimoto shared this picture showing Stunt Coordinator Troy Brown, Director David Rodriguez and himself during scouting for the fifth episode of the season.



NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Episode Four News


@EricCOlsen – My favorite pies in the whole world @thepieholela are on set today courtesy of our guest star Lindsay Hollister. #iminlovewiththiswomanandherpies #thatsoundsdirtybutitstrue #HRsomebodycallHR


@JohnScottMills – OMG OMG thank you Lindsay. I’m in pie heaven on set today. #ncisla #bestpie

The current episode that is produced was written by Frank Military and is directed by Dennis Smith. We have no news about the episode name yet but we’ll keep you in the loop once we get note…

Guest Star Lindsey Hollister brought these delicious pies from The Pie Hole to the set yesterday and obviously got everyone happy and smiling… 🙂