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NCIS Los Angeles Delivers Ratings Growth On Mondays

Network Up +48% in Viewers, +11% in Adults 18-49 and +26% in Adults 25-54 Vs. Year Ago

Breakout hit SCORPION, television’s second-most-watched new series, and a relocated NCIS: LOS ANGELES have been key to CBS’s year-to-year Monday turnaround, according to Nielsen most current ratings through Week 12.

Freshman drama SCORPION has improved the Monday 9:00-10:00 PM time period by +62% in viewers (15.15m from 9.34m), +20% in adults 18-49 (3.6 from 3.0) and +32% in adults 25-54 (5.0 from 3.8).

NCIS: LOS ANGELES has improved the Monday 10:00-11:00 PM time period by +68% in viewers (12.20m from 7.27m), +26% in adults 18-49 (2.4 from 1.9) and +46% in adults 25-54 (3.5 from 2.4).

CBS is the only Big Four network to post Monday growth in viewers and key demographics. Compared to last year, CBS is up +48% in viewers (12.73m from 8.58m), +11% in adults 18-49 (3.1 from 2.8) and +26% in adults 25-54 (4.3 from 3.4).

Round Table About NCISLA Season Six Start

sindee: I’m curious about your opinion regarding the handling of Hetty’s hearing and the lack of mentioning thereof in this week’s episode… What happened to that whole storyline (the (fake/forced) hearing, the mole, Mattias, Arkady…) ?? I’m confused… I can only hope they bring it up again later in the season…

Mary: I was a bit confused as well. I expected there to be a lighter feeling to this past episode. (The first four, particularly the first three, were very intense.) I was ready for a more “fun” episode. But it felt a little like it was a random story just stuck in there to fill a spot. I was looking for some continuity, or at least some answers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed “Black Budget” very much. (Of course I did. It was Sam/Callen centered.) But the DOJ just packed up very quickly last ep. And even thought the hearing was staged, Hetty left DC without being properly excused by her accuser. And what about the mole? And Mattias breached the sacred OSP… and lived to tell about it. And is our beloved Arkady out of danger now that Mattias is behind bars? See??? I have questions, too.

Richtsje: Well, just watched last night episode and I liked it for being a more light one. The storyline with the hearing and the DOJ was mysterious too IMO. And at first I thought maybe the fraude was somewhere to be linked to some fraude thing that might lead to the exposure of Hetty’s addresses, but no-way… Nevertheless I liked it, why not?
The second, third & fourth ep however were better, deeper too. All in all, the start of season 6 feels so much better than all of season 5 if you’d ask me!

ChrisDaisy: Haven’t watched it yet sorry… Due to vacation I only watched ep 1 to 3 so far which I really liked. I enjoyed having some episodes with an overall story arc so I was hoping they would continue that which apparently they haven’t with this week’s episode. After the first three eps I was a little confused with the hearing, though – from what I get it was initiated by Director Vance but still a real hearing? At least that was my impression. Or was it just a set-up, a fake hearing? However, I am hoping they either end this storyline somehow or use it as a continuous one in this season. Also, from the images I saw (and from what I read here), Mattias was in the OSP headquarters? And he still alive? Aren’t they compromised now? Even if he is in prison? I also actually wondered how someone could just “buzz in” the DOJ guys. They just wave their badges in front of the camera of a highly secure building and get buzzed in (or did I get that wrong)? Anyway, I don’t want to complain – so far I really enjoyed the season and I hope that it is going to keep its pace!

sindee: Well, thank you, ladies, for your thoughts on this topic. Now let’s see what our readers think about this matter.

Leave your thoughts about the NCIS Los Angeles Season Six start in the comments…

NCIS Los Angeles “The 3rd Choir” Ratings

According to Castle and The Blacklist slid while NCISLA rose… yay !! 🙂

The Blacklist scored a 2.4, down four tenths from last week’s 2.8 adults 18-49 rating.
Castle earned a 1.6, down three tenths from last week’s 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.
NCIS: Los Angeles earned a 1.7, up a tenth from last week’s series low 1.6 adults 18-49 rating.

NBC The Blacklist 2.4 7 9.37
CBS NCIS: LA 1.7 5 8.65
ABC Castle 1.6 5 9.29

EDIT: final ratings by

NBC The Blacklist 2.4 7 9.34
CBS NCIS: LA 1.7 5 8.78
ABC Castle 1.5 5 8.82