Decidedly Deeks: Densi Minus Kensi

Since Kensi has been gone, Deeks has been cycling through partners. So far, he worked alone in 5×11 ‘Iron Curtain Rising’ while bothering Nell and Eric,

he partnered up with Nell in 5×12 ‘Merry Evasion’,

a civilian was his back-up in 5×13 ‘Allegiance’,

it was a Boy’s Day Out in 5×14 ‘War Cries’,
Nate came back in 5×15 ‘Tuhon’,

and in 5×16 ‘Fish Out Of Water’, his partner was…A RED HERRING!

kidding, he worked with this DEA agent.

So we asked ourselves, how do you think Deeks is coping with Kensi being gone?

ChrisDaisy: From what I have seen so far I think Deeks is doing quite well (at least on the outside) considering the circumstances. IMO he is acting more mature now than he has ever done before. He is still good for a lot of funny situations but he doesn’t goof around as much as before – at least that’s how I perceive it, not having seen all episodes with Kensi gone.

When Deeks shows his concern for Kensi (e.g. when he asks Granger about her) he does that in a serious way. He doesn’t try to hide behind jokes and silly comments. Same goes for the moments when we see Deeks and Kensi talk on the phone – their talk is pleasant, no stupid jokes, nothing too sentimental. It’s like this situation has made Deeks “grow up“ more. Maybe he finally learns how to communicate

Bee: I agree ChrisDaisy, I think we are seeing a more mature side of Deeks. He’s still a goofball, but a serious side is emerging.

Vicki: I’ve just watched Frozen Lake on TV last night, so I’m no expert on how Deeks is doing without Kensi. However, Deeks has been in love with a partner before: Remember Jess Trainer? He was angry towards his boss for getting Jess killed and for trying to put the blame on her. I’ve never seen Deeks that angry since. Yet we saw him get over Jess and move on with Kensi. It may have taken time, but he covered his hurt with humor. It’s his surviving mechanism after the bad stuff he had to deal with as a kid. I think he is surviving, but I’m not sure how he’ll go if something bad happens to Kensi or if she returns and things have changed between them.

And how do you think he’s dealing with having either no partner or someone who isn’t Kensi at his side?

Mary: I think Deeks has done very well. He makes inquiries about his partner, and is obviously worried about her safety. But, for me, it has been good to see him in action, taking initiative, and just basically doing what is needed of him to help solve the case. I miss Kensi with the team, but have enjoyed seeing Deeks as an individual for just a bit. (Sorry Densi fans)

Richtsje: Deeks is doing better than expected without Kensi by his side. He seemed a bit off at first but definitely is feeling better with Sam and Callen I think. True, they made fun of him but he can handle it better nowadays.

Even working with Nell is okay. Have we ever seen Kensi wearing his grey hoodie? No? Well, he lent it to Nell, such a sweet gesture!

And he worked with Nate, which was all fun. The fact that it was Deeks himself who said ‘Why does everybody mention Kensi’ made me smile. Nate and Deeks together were great in my opinion!

What do you think about a Kensi-less Deeks and his interactions with his temporary partners? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks: Densi Minus Kensi

  1. Evi

    Ι think Deeks is much more affected by Kensi’s absence than he lets show. He is obviously angry at Hetty, but he respects her and that is why we haven’t seen him questioning her yet. But at some point he is going to snap. Like Vicki said we haven’t seen him lose control since 2×01 and it’s about time.

    I loved though how Callen and Sam practically begged him to join them for dinner. They know he feels lonely and they support him in their own way!

  2. Jan

    The picture you have for War Cries is actually from Allegiance. In War Cries, Deeks worked with Granger, which was one of the highlights of the episode for me.

    1. Bee.Eh.Vee

      Argh! I grabbed the wrong one! Granger was my favourite too. *Goes stands in the corner*

  3. Tara

    I believe Deeks has been handling Kensi’s absence pretty good. It’s been shown that he misses her, but is still able to do his job. He still makes jokes, and works well with whoever he has been partnered with. I like how Sam and Callen, especially Sam have been showing their concern in their own way for Deeks. It’s subtle without being OOC. I also believe that Deeks has been keeping alot of his feelings about Kensi being sent away buried deep down, and there’s no telling what will happen once he learns that Kensi goes missing.

  4. LasiaMsinred

    Thank you so much for writing this post!! I couldn’t agree more with you,ladies!.
    I enjoyed watching Deeks as an individual character.I always liked him that’s for sure but he really scored some bonus points during the last episodes.He is a great operator with some great instincts and we FINALLY got to see more of his skills. Don’t get me wrong I love Kensi but I don’t think she gives Deeks enough credit when it comes to his professionalism. Marty actually never had to “grow up”and take matters into his own hands bc she is the one who’s always in charge even though she trusts him. I’d like the dynamics to change when Kensi comes back.
    I also appreciate that our boys had time for some male bonding.
    I like this version of Deeks better…minus the lovesick puppy,well,….my dilemma: I love Deeks and Kensi as individuals, I don’t want to lose either of them BUT I don’t like Densi!….and my biggest fear regarding them is that they won’t be able to get back to being friends& partner anymore.

    1. mckenna

      I completely agreewith everything you wrote! I’ve really enjoyed seeing Deeks without Kensi and also seeing how he acts with just Sam and Callen. They’re scenes have been really great and I’d like that dynamic to continue even with Kensi back. Also agree that it’s great to see their skills as an individual and see how they operate without the other. Deeks has been standing out without Kensi, and Kensi is on a mission that is expanding her character. This arc has been beneficial for both of them.

  5. DeeksFan

    Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I miss Kensi but Deeks is the reason I started watching NCIS LA.
    The best part of this season has been Deeks working with everyone. It finally feels like he is really part of the team. Sam and Callen actually talk to him. I think Kensi’s absence has helped strengthen the show as a whole.
    Great job by the show runners dealing with Daniela’s pregnancy. Looking forward to her return.
    As far as Densi goes…I am happy if they are and I’m happy if they aren’t as long as they are still Partners.

  6. diane

    I am glad Deeks is doing his job without Kensi (not that I think he couldn’t), but I like Kensi and Deeks better when they are together. I agree with others who have said Deeks is going to blow his top when he finds out Kensi is missing.

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