Lokhay (4X16) Review by Phillydi


Lokhay (4X16)

Written by:  Joseph C. Wilson

Directed by:  Diana C. Valentine

We always love to see Joe ‘Boom-Boom’ Wilson’s name on a new NCIS Los Angeles script and with this episode we’re also excited that the talented Diana Valentine is sitting in the directing chair for her first time leading the NCISLA team behind the camera!  As you may know, Diana usually works as the show’s Script Supervisor so it will be interesting to see how her experience transfers over to her new assignment.  Although this is not her first time directing a hit show (Nip Tuck), I’m sure her work on NCISLA since 2009 will serve her well.

Tonight, Sam feels honor bound to help an old friend search for his missing nephew despite the conflicts it may cause at work.  The friend was a village elder in Afghanistan who granted him what’s called Lokhay and hence the title of the episode.  He vowed to protect Sam during his escape from the Taliban and protect him at all costs.  When missing boy is abducted at the beginning of the show, Sam seeks the help of Eric and Nell to covertly find information on the accident.  Of course, Sam is prohibited by Granger and Hetty to use company time to find the boy, but he cashes in on his personal leave to make good on his promise.  But wait!  Good ol’ Eric finds a loop hole!  The footage of the abduction shows a well-known terrorist (played by Cas Anvar) who recruits local Muslims to the Taliban.  What’s he doing here in the States?  Deeks fears he may be trying to put together his own cell and possibly go after the three stolen nuclear bombs currently possessed by arms trafficker Isaak Sidorov?  Great way to set up next week’s episode!

After a drive by at the laundry mat that Amir’s family owns, it looks like his friend is involved in more ways than Sam can imagine.  Yusef past is coming back to haunt him because the Taliban will never forgot his act of kindness to Sam.  But Sam is stunned and the burden of repercussions is on his shoulders now.  Callen warns Sam he’s thinking with his heart and not his head and we all know how big Sam’s heart is.  But Sam knows the Taliban will not give up and only playing by his heart will he be able to save his friends.

At the end, Sam finds that all his good intentions have turned against him and what Hetty feared the most has come to fruition.  That big heart has gotten him into a lot of trouble this time and now his life is on the line.  This has happen to us all at some point in time without such dire consequences but it still hurts when someone you care about turns against you.  Hetty knows it’s time to save Sam, physically and emotionally.

LL.Cool J with ©casanvar

LL.Cool J with ©casanvar

This episode had a lot of solid moments and was well played out.  Despite Amir’s defection to the Taliban,  Yusef had no other way out.  He did what he had to do despite the odds.  The final scene with Sam was very touching and despite having to go where his heart takes him…Sam would not have it any other way.

Boy!  Does Hetty give out the best punishments or what??!




Highlights from the Show:

  • It’s sad to see Sam question his actions when it comes to his friends.  It injures him to see those around him always getting hurt.  This is a giant of a man that takes everything personally and strait to the heart.  (Callen “You got a big heart Sam, like a big giant teddy bear….you want to hug.”).   But Hetty sees a downfall in all of this….it’s good to do the right thing…but it may be clouding his judgment.  Not good in his line of work.
  • Although this was a Sam-centric story, I have to admit this episode really helped to move the Densi storyline along just a little.  At least they are starting to talk to each other….  BIG step forward.


Best Lines from the Show:

Eric:  I’m even terrified to even repeat what Hetty said she would do to me if I ever helped you off the record again.


Deeks: Well, hello Clarice!

Kensi:  What’s a good kid like Amir doing with a handgun?

Deeks:  Protection?  Maybe he read somebody’s diary….memoir.


Nell:  The term Ambassador is used multiple times as well as the phrase…death to all infidels.

Granger:  These guys need to get new material.


Callen:  Buckle up…take notes.  (My new catch phrase!)


Bromance Moments:

  • I enjoyed Sam telling Callen that Hetty knew all along he had been hiding out in the boatshed for three months.    The expression on Callen’s face was wonderful.
  • No one can do a chase scene like Sam and Callen!  What a great 360 degree turn around!  Really enjoyed the way that was captured on film.  Fancy driving is right…..Despite the injuries to the Challenger!

Densi Moments:

  • After bailing out on Deek’s birthday, Kensi knows better than try to get out of the financial seminar Deeks is so excited about….oh wait!  Surprise, surprise Deeks doesn’t want to go either.  Do these two ever share a meaningful conversation?  I think if they really knew what was going on inside each other’s mind they would freak.  As Sam says….”Wow.”
  • Well, at least Deeks realizes they don’t know everything about each other yet. …and asks Kensi to tell him something he doesn’t know about her.  Not a good idea.  I’m not sure why Kensi has to react with violence every time Deeks does or says something she doesn’t like.   I think Deeks gets hurt more by Kensi than the bad guys!
  • Deeks does what all good friends (future lovers?) do….they try to help friends accomplish their dreams which is why he suggested taking Kensi to the seminar after reading her memoir.  Is Deeks including himself in her future family?  Hmmm.
  •  Deeks was a stripper!  I don’t think she was hoping to find such a tasty morsel of information when she asked Deeks to share something about his past.  Yes, Kensi….BEST DAY EVER!!!  Boom!


Great collaborative effort between writer and director!   We look forward to seeing Diana in the Director’s chair again very soon!  Thanks also to Cas Anvar for sitting down with us for an interview on his guest star role as the Ambassador.  Check out his interview today on NCISLA Magazine.  We’ll be back next week with an episode where we will see the return of Sam’s wife and her reentry into the world of undercover work.  See you back next week, right here on NCISLA Magazine!


11 thoughts on “Lokhay (4X16) Review by Phillydi

  1. Kristen

    I think Deeks deserved what he got from Kensi this time. How would you feel if someone read your private journal? Maybe she wrote about him in there (things she doesn’t have the courage to say) and didn’t want him to read that? That was the only way Deeks came up with the idea of the financial seminar- by reading her journal and finding out that she hadn’t done any financial planning.

  2. Sweet Lu

    I really liked this episode, right from the beginning. I love Sam and this really played up his softer side and how committed he is to friends even at the expense of his own safety. The 360 by Callen was one of the best car stunts ever without an explosion. I had to replay it so I could ooh and aah all over again. Totally cool. And for hot, we got Deeks as a young stripper. I laughed out loud at that and will have visions to keep me going for quite awhile. Anybody think Kensi is going to share that little tidbit with anyone? Wonder how Deeks will respond if she does? Love it.

  3. Justine

    One of my favorite episode!!! Fantastic dialog (Densi), great actions(Callen driving), good story -JUST PERFECT! Keep going that way!! I love it 😀

  4. Teklah

    It was a good episode, but not my favorite. Callen was a bit low key and missed (does he ever smile/laugh?). Kensi/Deeks awesomeness as always – felt a little let down about the financial seminar after the big build up tho I will admit – would have liked to see the show end with a reference to it. But still – NCISLA (fave).

  5. Kimberly

    This was an amazing episode, as always! Iloved the uber cool 360 take down! Sam was perfect, letting his big heart and loyal principles guide him and Callen was there, watching his back to the end! Kensi and Deeks grew a little as partners and were a joy to watch, their banter is some of the best on TV! Best moment was also the cruelest, how can we live with the image of Deeks as a exotic dancer and still be able to concentrate on everyday life? Lol. Brilliant all around, and excellent punishment Hetty!

  6. ceindreadh

    If Kensi was careless enough to leave a ‘memoire’ in clear view on her desk, she has no right to complain if somebody picks it up to read. Now if Deeks had taken it out of a drawer or broken into her locker, that would be crossing a line, but a book out in the open? Kensi has only herself to blame.

  7. Phillydi

    Thanks for all of your comments guys! Keep them coming! If you liked the Densi banter…stop by in two weeks for our round table discussion with two Densi fanfic writers when we talk about What’s in the Box!


  8. Keviana Elliot

    Loved this review. I always keep my eyes peeled for new Callen moments that are clearly begged for by the fans. This last episode? Heck yes, beautiful!!! The “teddy bear” = Sam thing? Totally something fan girls go on about in secret. (Okay, maybe not in secret, but TOTALLY just with each other.) And to have *Callen* be the one to say it? Methinks Joey has been glancing at Twitter or Fanfics or something. Also, Callen’s smirky cheekiness was back for two scenes (the jury is out on the third), and I don’t know about everyone else, but I dig those moments and squeal when they happen. Finally? The car. OH! The car. Callen’s epic driving. Sam shooting. The result to the poor Challenger… Callen offering to half the damages with Sam. Okay, so that’s not exactly something I’ve seen in a fanfiction, but that “I’m backing off/ this is uncomfortable/ yes, you’re right but I’m standing my ground, sorry, Sam” look from Callen was something a from a fangirl’s dreams. There were plenty of great Densi moments, but, eh, everyone comments on those. Just saying. Great write-up, Girl!

  9. Richtsje

    Loved your review and you know what, loved Kevianna’s comments just as well!

    I think the last 2 episodes so much better than those of the rest of season4.

  10. Phillydi

    You guys are the best! Great write up Keviana!

    Wait until you hear what Marcus Giamatti says about Chris as a director. Can’t wait for this week’s episode!

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