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sindee’s Week(ly) Review

Welcome to my first Week(ly) Review… this will be a little overview of what has happened in the last week – in the NCISLA World… here and there I’ll add my very own opinion… feel free to agree or disagree in the comment section… 😉

MONDAY (2/25)
According to experience we don’t get many news on Mondays so I decide to start the poll “Which of these deceased NCISLA Characters do you miss the most ??”. People can vote between Dom, Renko, Comescu & Hunter – really curious how the voting will be…

Daniela Ruah spreads the news that she’ll be in the theatre play “PROOF” in April/May. I so wish I could go and see this – hopefully I’m lucky next time I’m in LA and one of the cast will be in some kind of play or concert.

I knew it… just when I was about to end the day the sneak peek for tomorrow’s episode is released. So Kensi doesn’t want to go to that seminar with Deeks ?? It should be interesting how she gets out of this…

TUESDAY (2/26)
Snoop Dogg posts a picture of himself and LL Cool J. Wondering if they work on LLs new album or if this was just a random meeting.

CBS teases us with a picture of Chris O’Donnell directing next week’s episode “Wanted”. It’s awesome to see him outside his usual character –wearing glasses and giving orders to his fellow actors…

Larry Teng tweets he’ll be directing another NCISLA episode that will be filmed in April. Can’ wait to hear who he’ll be paired up with as writer for this one. Dave Kalstein & Larry Teng on “Kill House” were definitely a great team !!

Oh yeah, we get another sneak peek for “Lokhay”… this time via ET Online… this one shows what the press release already indicated… that Sam is personally involved in this case… even G is concerned that Sam is too deep in this one…

February is almost over so I put the new desktop calendar out… thanks to our talented readers @Ttelle70 and @NCISLAfan4ever we have two this month – one “Sam&Callen”-centric and one “Team/Irish”-themed

Since I’m located in Europe WEDNESDAY is my happy day because I get to watch the new episodes of “NCISLA”. This time I get up early to live tweet with director Diana Valentine and writer Joe Wilson.
I won’t review the episode here since this was so wonderfully done my Phillydi already… so go and check her review… 😉

Just two things:


Best Twitter tags I found after this ep: #WetCallen & #MagicMarty

Since there will be a new episode next week we get a new promo as well. Wow, this looks like an intense episode for Sam again… though we (and Callen) get to chuckle when Michelle almost hits him with the vase the last frame hints to a shooting in which Quinn could be involved… but then again… have we ever seen what *really* happens in the promo already ?? nope… at least not when characters die… so I guess this is yet again a great compilation of different scenes that make it look all #WillTheyOrWontThey…

Our interview this week is with Cas Anvar who played the Ambassador (Habib) in “Lokhay”… I like those interviews a lot as we get to know the actors that we usually don’t pay that much attention to…

New Insider Blog on How come they call it a “scoop” ?? There were NO NEWS in this one. @KBarkerTweets tweet “Back on #NCISLA today. Started off w a laugh – great scene between @chrisodonnell & @llcoolj #lovedramaswithcomedy” was more “news” since she was talking about the opening scene of one of the “Red” episodes…

FRIDAY (3/1)
I’m really missing the cast & crew on Twitter… from their remarks it looks like they can’t share things during the filming of the two crossover episode “Red”… is it March 19th and 26th yet ?? They put so much effort in those two episodes… I mean they always do but I’ve never heard them work such long hours, over-nighters & even weekends…

Wow, thank you for staying with me so far. It’s been fun to go through the week again and add my thoughts here and there. I hope you enjoyed this ride with me !!

Let me know if you think I should continue doing a Week(ly) Review or not… 🙂
CU sindee

Lokhay (4×16) Goof

Most of you won’t care I know… 😉 They used the same license plate twice in this episode… maybe I wouldn’t have recognized if it wouldn’t have been on the Jaguar one time…