NCIS Los Angeles ‘Traitor’ Picture Review

Oh boy...

Oh boy…

Ah-HAA !!

Ah-HAA !!

He just said the L-word...

He just said the L-word…



How to explain this ??

How to explain this ?? (And I don’t mean the squee-worthy syncness here…)

Hetty doing her "thing"... LOL

Hetty doing her “thing”… LOL

Great Brit impression there, Beale.

Great Brit impression there, Beale.

She called him Eric! Aww!

She called him Eric! Aww!

Wow, creepy Granger !!

Wow, creepy Granger !!

"You work with him but you don't really know anything about him?"

“You work with him but you don’t really know anything about him?”

"You look like you're ready to kill somebody." "I am!"

“You look like you’re ready to kill somebody.” “I am!”

I would have skipped this one if it wasn't a spot-on impersonation of hubby and me... TMI ?? Sorry... ;-)

I would have skipped this one if it wasn’t a spot-on impersonation of hubby and me… TMI ?? Sorry… 😉

Wolfsbane against Werewolfes... I mean *everyone* knows that, right ??

Wolfsbane against Werewolfes… I mean *everyone* knows that, right ??

Why give Kensi a poisonous plant ?? Why give her a plant at all ?? Considerung her luck with them... LOL

Why give Kensi a poisonous plant ?? Why give her a plant at all ?? Considerung her luck with them… LOL

Anybody else thought Hetty had a creepy intimate way with the Wolfsbane ??

Anybody else thought Hetty had a creepy intimate way with the Wolfsbane ??

We have a mole in our midst. And it ends today!

“We have a mole in our midst. And it ends today!”

Really? Too much for my liking...

Really? ‘Too much’ for my liking… so was the slap IMO…

Interesting to see that Callen & Sam obviously did talk about Granger and his behaviour lately...

Interesting to see that Callen & Sam obviously did talk about Granger and his behaviour lately…

Hetty developed most of the polygraph questions?? No wonder there, huh? ;)

Hetty developed most of the polygraph questions?? No wonder there, huh? 😉

"I even tried to kill him." Flashback please ??

“I even tried to kill him.” Flashback please ??

Wow, that was unexpected...

Wow, that was unexpected…

Beale on lock-down...

Beale on lock-down…

Kensi & Deeks going all CSI on the victim...

Kensi & Deeks going all CSI on the victim…

"He's smelling her hair..." Yeah, not creepy at all... LOL

“He’s smelling her hair…” Yeah, not creepy at all… LOL

"Don't ever smell me again." "No promises." Awesome #Densi !!

“Don’t ever smell me again.” “No promises.” Awesome #Densi !!

"Maybe Helen had a Green Thumb afterall."

“Maybe Helen had a Green Thumb afterall.”

Suspicious much, Ty ??

Suspicious much, Ty ??

Only for like 10 seconds cos now we know the real killer already...

Only for like 10 seconds cos now we know the real killer already…

Heyyyy, don't you lay a hand on OUR Eric, creep !!

Heyyyy, don’t you lay a hand on OUR Eric, creep !!

Callen & Sam Banter fits right in here...

Callen & Sam Banter fits right in here…

Eric finding a way out... and tipping Nell off...

Eric finding a way out… and tipping Nell off…



Callen's right - the guy does look kind of happy... #Weird

Callen’s right – the guy does look kind of happy… #Weird

Yeah, *we all know* Callen & Sam are way too smart to be played...

Yeah, *we all know* Callen & Sam are way too smart to be played…

"You look better without 'em." Yeah, well, not IMO but...

“You look better without ’em.” Yeah, well, not IMO but…

Anybody else squeed that Callen (!!) got the cue ??

Anybody else squeed that Callen (!!) got the cue ??

Hetty watching over Granger...

Hetty watching over Granger…

Well, to me the episode wasn’t as thrilling as the promos wanted me to think it is… but then again I learned not to trust the promos anyways in the last six years… LOL

What do you think about the episode ?? Was this a convincing continuation of the “mole storyline” for you ?? I think (read: hope) we’ll come back to it later in the season and learn who the guy worked for…

23 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Traitor’ Picture Review

  1. Rayanne

    Thanks for the picture recap! This ep had a lot of good things about it. I’m glad that Granger will be OK and it was interesting to see the ending scene between Hetty and Granger. I too thought it was nice that Sam and Callen had noticed something being off about Granger even if it was off camera. I also like the scene with Sam driving and the banter between the two of them. It was interesting that Eric was the one taken since he is the one who would not be able to overtake the bad guy. However, I did not really care for the last Eric and Nell scene. I’m not a big fan of them together. But that’s just my opinion. Overall good episode.

  2. BW

    Always enjoy Sam & Callen scenes but the scene that stood out for me was Hetty & Eric. I liked that he took the initiative, following his own instincts to comfort Hetty. Liked her calling him Eric.

  3. Tanya

    Not watched the ep yet but after reading your picture recap all I can think is ‘as IF Eric would have such an insecure online password!!’ 😉

  4. SnoopGirl

    Just watched it again and my thoughts are still the same as when I watched it last night. LOVED the episode UNTIL first time “the mole” appeared on my screen. The only word that comes to mind is lame!

    Oh well, the team’s crime solving skills/banter helped compensate for the VERY poor acting by “the mole” and the obvious attempt to get the viewers to think it was the guy who dropped the DNA stick thing.

    The Nell slapping Eric was totally inappropriate and reminiscent of Kensi punching Deeks. Not cool at at! What are the writers thinking when they put these things in their script? Eric wasn’t “that” out of control to warrant a slap across the face from his co-worker. And I too don’t think Eric looks better with glasses off. And yes it was noticed that Callen was the one to get the clue and leave “Neric” alone 😉

    Did anyone else find it ironic that the “killer plant” was put on “plant killer” Kensi’s desk? 😉

    Loved Hetty’s responses during lie detector test 🙂 And then Granger mentioning that she once tried to kill him. 🙂

    I loved Callen’s shirt 🙂 and the banter between him and Sam. Callen speaking whatever language it was in interrogation room = SexyCallen.

    I could have done without the conversation between “Densi” about toilet paper. I did like the opening scene with them though–way to go Deeks!

    Episode was very good but it could have been great had “The Mole” been a better actor and NOT turned away from Eric leaving Sam to grab him. That could have made for an great standoff scene and some much needed Team Action that was missing from this episode.

    1. Claire

      It was Polish. Your observations are interesting and valid. I also loved Callen’s shirt and the banter with Sam and Callen overall 🙂

  5. skippy

    Actually I was thought about not responding to this episode. But that would be disrespectful towards sindee, who created this great picture recap.
    Thank you for the recap, much much better than the episode.
    This episode was not boring, no, it was dead boring. There was nothing funny, no action, nothing heartbreaking, nothing that we usually get. And this for a sweep episode? In former seasons the episodes during the sweeps guaranteed almost the best episodes during the season. Not this season (at least I hope so).
    I mean do the persons in charge of NCISLA know that the fans stay up until 11pm to watch? And this is what they get?
    Was there a reason for this episode? We know there is a mole, yes, we just don’t know who it is. And after this episode we know there is a mole but we still don’t know who it is. So what?
    To calm down a bit I going watch episodes from S1-3 this week again. Much better ones.

  6. LasiaMsinRed

    This recap includes more pictures, doesn’t it? I love it!
    Let’s get on with it:
    – I expected more from this episode judging by the promo BUT I’m hoping that this one was just an opener for a bigger storyline (Do you hear me, dear writers? #prettyPlease )
    – I liked some of the Densi moments but there were simply too much of them for my taste. Actually, my favorite Densi moment was the one in the hospital. The way Deeks asked why Granger was in restrains, I loved the undertone, it sounded very protective, he was standing for one of his own.
    – I liked the way they spoke to Granger. Very soft and calm.
    -How they kinda felt bad for not knowing more about Owen.
    At this point I just have to mention the outstanding performance of Miguel Ferrer. I never expected to see Granger like that. Some great, deep moments. I do believe that this scenes SHOULD lead to a flashback of his career/life.
    – Eric Beale was great…even though the password was ridiculous.
    – Granger and Callen could be roommates ?!? More of that! (Did someone see the smile on G’s face when he heard it? )
    – Wojtek should come by more often. He seems like one of Callen’s contacts/sources.
    All in all, I appreciated how “personal” it seemed for the team. It showed that Granger is one of their own. The look in their eyes, Sam’s urge to kill someone, the fact that the noticed he hadn’t been himself lately,etc. but as I already mentioned I expected/wanna see more of that storyline.

    Thank you so much for the recap, Sindee!

  7. Linda

    A great recap Sindee as usual. Thanks for that. I find it difficult to comment on this episode since to me it didn’t really live up to the promos. It was a good episode but I was shocked by the mole. Talk about someone who just appeared. Who was he? I hope there will be a continuation of this story later and we find out who he was working for. Yes, Callen is sexy when he speaks another language. Loved the shirt too! It was tense to some degree and there was a lot of action and humour. Deeks and Kensi’s scene at the beginning was funny and of course there is always the banter between Callen and Sam. We saw a lot more of Eric along with Nell this time. I think they make good, caring friends, but I don’t really see them as romance material. Granger did a great job. I thought that he didn’t look well over several episodes as Callen and Sam mentioned. They must have been preparing us for this episode. Hetty seemed a bit cavalier for my liking in closing down OPS but of course it had to be done. I would like to know more about their history together, especially in light of the fact that she tried to kill him. All in all,I enjoyed the episode, but I was lucky to have seen it. My 10pm show could not be seen because of football and other coverage. I hope they make up for it.

  8. Caitlin

    This episode is I think my favorite of the season so far! Or top two at least. I loved all the Densi scences, which have definately been missing from the past several episodes. Great job writers/cast!

  9. Mogorva

    Great recap. 🙂

    It was a very good episode, but I agree with you about not being so thrilling as I thought it will be, but maybe my expectations were too high, based on the promo. Nontheless it was one of the best episodes, but not the best one.

    I had a hunch, the mole will be some noname support staff, I wish I had the same luck with the lottery 🙂 . This episode was less emotional than the last one, but with more bantering between the two sets of partners. The “russians” at the end were a funny addon, maybe a gift from Arkady?

    I think there will be some continuation to the mole story, since we didn’t learn yet who the spy was working for. I think the molestory was a little short, and was hoping to continue the investegation a little longer, but we hopefully will have some kind of follow up.

    Another thing: is it just me, or does it really look like, the writers are going for the Nell/Eric relationship? With the comment from Deeks in the end: “Guys, it’s happening…” I had to smile :). And it does not happen often.

    IMO the Kensi/Deeks relationship is almost established, at least unofficially, how else would he had the thorough knowledge of her bathroom?

  10. BH72

    I laughed so much throughout this episode. Eric was fantastic, but I only see him and Nell as good friends. Loved the Densi moments with Deeks and Kensi left inside the mission to solve who the mole was and if Helen in HR killed herself or was murdered. Hanging is a man’s way to kill oneself, it’s rare for a woman, so I immediately knew the mole had killed her. Hats off to Miguel Ferrier, who many of us had become concerned over his ill appearance for a few weeks, now we know why. Great set up from the writers making it believable about him being poisoned for some time. It was funny to see that a killer plant was left on the one person’s desk (Kensi’s), who is famous for killing plants. Hetty was weird in this episode, but it adds to her character. She has a lot on her mind over who the mole was (after Vance told her earlier in the season) and how far this mole would go to kill them all. Eric was great, showing his caring side, going the extra mile to ensure that Hetty was okay, instead of hiding behind Nell on this one. Callen needs to wear that shirt more often. *sigh!* Love the expressions between Callen and Sam trying to solve Granger’s accident and their care for his assistant. Although forty minutes is never enough to show much else other than the main cast solving the case, it was great to delve more into the support team at the mission and that yep, Granger would in his position have an assistant. Sam grabbing Eric when the mole turned his attention away towards Callen was gripping and I have to say, they had me fooled all the way over who was the mole. The promos are supposed to be more intense to pull the crowds in to watch each week. They did that well and we all know it’s edited to make it more gripping than it will actually play out. Such as the scene of Deeks holding a power cord around Kensi’s neck was a great tease. Have to laugh at the mole’s dumbnicity. I know it’s not a word, but it should be created for this IT guy. Yeah he might be able to shoot a gun, but his brains had been fried somewhere along the line. Leaving trained Federal Agents locked up in the armoury? As if they couldn’t figure out a way out of there. Lol!
    Thanks sindee for a great recap as always, I have enjoyed Season 6, like I have all previous seasons, but I think the new time slot has allowed for more excitement and fun from the writers and the cast. I look forward to more exciting episodes to come in S6.
    And thanks for pointing out our boys in sync on the accident scene. All I can think of is Patricks Road house and Callen eating Pigs in Blanket and waffles conversation with Sam from Absolution at that same location.

  11. Spokoze

    Glad I never watch there promo’s and even turn away when the pictures flash…cuz I don’t want to have any preconceived ideas. Was also really pleased that the mole wasn’t named Salazar or Monica.
    Wow…a name we have never heard uttered on any episode before. Guess I notice silly little things, like how often it seems the same people names get used….

    Not Cracked up about the story arch…moles & doj & tieing up loose ends from the Afghanistan story arch….
    Good thing CBS is giving us NCIS-NO this year so we can actually have a team investigate and solve some kind of Navel orientated crime.
    Don’t get me wrong—NCIS-LA is by far the best show on TV. It’s not even close. I so enjoy Densi that I honestly hope Densi goes to the Big screen…can’t get enough! Best Densi so far this year.
    Still not enough though.
    Enjoy the dialog between any/all of the characters, yet at the same time wonder why they can be so jr high some of the time….sheesh… they shoot people, drive fast, can drink the hard stuff… they are attractive athletic adults…that apparently next to never…. get frisky…

    Always enjoy the picture recap, ty!

  12. diane

    I liked this episode, didn’t fast forward once and I actually watched some of the episode again. The Kensi and Deeks scenes were all fabulous and Eric was actually involved in the story. Granger was scary in that hospital scene.

  13. Linda

    I thought this was a really good episode. I loved that all of the main characters made equal contributions to the story. There was a lot of tension throughout. I do have to agree with those who said they thought the mole was poorly cast. With all the buildup to the reveal I think they could have found an actor who could sell it a little better. That being said, I did really like the interrogation scene in the boat shed. Callen and Sam had a great scene there. Is it just me or does anyone else squee just a little when Callen has lines in an Eastern European language? I read somewhere that this time was Polish.

    1. Mogorva

      I’d like to hear him try to speak hungarian sometime. That would be a lot of fun (for me at least, ’cause that’s my native language 🙂 )

      1. LasiaMsinRed

        Dear Dominika,

        I grew up bilingual. (Polish and German) I speak Polish fluently and I learned Russian from my neighbor (as long as you don’t ask me to write something 😉 )
        I do agree that our dear COD speaks with quite a Russian accent, he fooled me the first time.
        His buddy’s name was “Wojtek”
        he said: “Jest wasz.” and “bierzcie go” The Russian grammar is different on that one, so is the pronunciation. If you listen closely you’ll hear it 🙂

  14. Rex041085

    Thanks for the recap. I couldn’t watch the episode, so I enjoy the pics.

    I love Eric & Nell as pairing and as a couple. I’m a big Neric-shipper. So I love the Neric – scenes.

    Thank you again for doing such a great work and sharing the pics from the episode with us. ^^

  15. I Feel Possessed

    I liked the episode but I was expecting more than was delivered. I think mainly because the Mole was a bit of a let down. I am hoping though that this leads on to a bigger story arc throughout the second half of the season. Who was the mole working for? Why was he targeting Hetty and Granger? Is he connected to the Russians and the warming up of the cold war which has been alluded to over recent seasons?

    I loved the Densi revelations. The fact the Kensi ate Deeks’ left over food for breakfast – does this mean the food was left over at home or in the kitchen in Ops? The intimate knowledge of each other’s homes confirms how much time they spend together, and Deeks was really wearing his heart on his sleeve during the opening scenes. I’m still not convinced they have fully taken the next step (and slept together more than once – recalling the deleted scenes…)

    Nell & Eric…well geek love and all that. I prefer Eric to Nell but I don’t like him when he acts like an idiot. Although I did laugh at his comments about Hetty and Area 51. If any would know, it’s Hetty!

    I loved Sam’s comparison of Granger and Callen. I have thought for a while that they are actually very similar characters in many ways. Glad to know that despite having a ‘girlfriend’ (inverted commas as I’m not sure how good their relationship is), that Callen still has little furniture or material possessions. Also loved how naive Eric was to have thought Callen might really have extracted Brown to Eastern European thugs!

    Fave episode of S6 – it is still last week’s “The Grey Man”. Excellent season so far though.

  16. Richtsje

    Finally got a chance to watch the episode. Overall, I liked it a lot. There was something good in it for all the main characters, there was the big question IF they’d find the mole in the end and who it might be.
    Of course the sneek peaks are always meant to tease us and it was the same this time.

    To me season 6 is much better than the previous 2 seasons, though there are always surprisingly great episodes and some that disappoint some of the fans. Maybe it depends on who your favorite character(s) are/is…
    Thank you for the great picture recap, sindee!

  17. Mogorva

    It’s good to know, that I’m not the only one disappointed with the cliche “random-never-before-seen-support-staff” mole.
    I’m still having a hard time believing, they went for that story. The writers already proved, they can do better than that.

    But that episode gave me two ideas that might worth a voting.
    1. Eric and Nell are or will be in a realtionship?
    2. Did you like the mole story the way it was shown?

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