4 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Traitor’ Ratings

  1. Linda

    Why is NCISLA listed third when its numbers were 3 million more than state of affairs. Even the demo rating is a tad higher 1.5/5 for NCISLA and 1.5/4 for State of Affairs?
    Considering that in most places the show aired 30 minutes late or not at all, I’d say these were good ratings for NCISLA. Even Castle only got a 1.7 demo rating and less than a million more viewers than NCISLA.

  2. Mogorva

    The list is ordered by rating point, not by share or total viewers. The reason for this order is: the rating is the most important number.

    This monday was a bit out of place on every network (Ferguson, football), and generally almost all shows’ ratings were down in a week/week comparison. The only scripted show with a 2+ rating was Gotham. So 1.5 is nat bad at all considering the 30 min. skew in some areas and the schedule disturbancies.

  3. Sol

    You’re right. A very strange Monday night.
    I think LA will do better with next episode, (ouch for SOA what a drop!) LA can do much better, but steady for now.

  4. PK Rossi

    I think with all the craziness of Monday’s nights news interruptions we can give them a pass this week. However, it didn’t seem to effect some of the other shows as much as it did NCISLA and SOA. Since NBC is such a sad state this year (except for a couple of shows like The BlackList) –The competition for CBS on both Monday and Tuesday is quite limited. With no DWTS or Blacklist as competition I would be quite concerned if NCISLA’s rating don’t improve with the next new episode since — H50 seems to be trending with about the same rating by demographic and is higher most weeks with #of viewers–not a small feat for H50 who is in the 9pm Friday death slot — Hope it doesn’t come down to saving one or the other????? PS–No offense to the wife and sister-in-law of Sarah Olsen — but that show Marry Me is absolutely awful and they Olsen family is going back to having 3 out 4 members in the acting profession next season!!!

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