Resurrection (4×21) Review by Phillydi


Resurrection (4×21)

WRITTEN BY: Dave Kalstein and Gil Grant

We’ve been anticipating this episode ever since Dave Kalstein commented on Twitter (after our roundtable discussion) that there were “So many things I want to say!”  Oh Dave!  You had us at hello! Tonight he gets a chance to spill the beans and come clean along with his partner in crime, Gil Grant who co-wrote Resurrection.  This is also a special episode for Eric A. Pot who has been promoted from his first-assistant director role on NCISLA to become the captain of the ship, directing the show tonight through rough Densi seas.  Not an easy assignment for Eric who is sitting in the big chair for the first time but he pulls it off beautifully!

Tonight we have stolen bodies, DEA leaks and a little trip down to Mexico way for Kensi and Deeks.  We begin in Tijuana, Mexico… unarguably one of the armpits of North America unless you enjoy tequila….and even then I’m not too sure. (Don’t ask why I know that!)  Bodies are dropping left and right but conveniently it’s all happening in a morgue.  Unfortunately,  bodies are being stolen now too.  A cartel kingpin, Miguel Barbosa was gunned down in Tijuana by government authorities and now his corpse has been stolen upon arrival at the morgue.  Although Sam thinks it’s pretty normal operating procedure, the shooter knew the killing was going to happen ahead of time…so there has to be a leak in the system.

Sam and Callen go in search for John Ness, one straight and narrow DEA agent played by James MacDonald, who at one time chased and tried to capture Barbosa.  The boys aren’t sure he had anything to do with his death but he may be looking for closure after he was almost killed by a car bomb that Barbosa had planted which also killed Ness’ wife.

Further down Mexico way, Deeks and Kensi are looking for a cartel informant to arrive and trying to outdo each other with crappy childhood memories.  Kensi has a point about bringing children into this cold world…but I love that Deeks has the solution to her concerns and all he needs is a cape and some tequila to make it all better. (Gotta love the guy!) Before Kensi can react, the team is in the middle of a shootout of their own to protect the informant. Javier Ramos is a minstrel for Barbosa’s cartel, who turns out to be their very own jester who sings the praises of the cartel’s exploits.  Barbosa’s enemies want to prevent Barbosa from becoming a martyr so it could be in their best interest to take him down as well.  But Kensi and Deeks are pretty sure it’s for another reason.

Callen and Sam are back with Ness to gather more information but the DEA agent is next in a long line of people dropping like flies since Barbosa’s death.  Callen and Sam’s aversion to dairy and gluten may have helped prevented them from becoming their the next victims !  As Kensi suspects, someone’s tying up Barbosa’s loose ends and Javier is their best lead in finding out who that someone could be.  Javier is conflicted about his feelings for Barbosa and Kensi and Deeks have a sweet scene reliving life with their respective dads too.  Deeks admitting he missed his dad in a weird sort of way was revealing. One more thing for Deeks fans to tuck away for later.

Finally, Javier remembers that Barbosa once told him about his strange obsession  to rise from the dead and come back to smite his enemies with his resurrection.  The agents have their first insight….Barbosa has got to be alive and has staged his own death.  The ruse could give Barbosa the upper hand in a cartel power struggle.  Javier realizes that Barbosa will come after him next to keep his little secret hidden.  According to Deeks and Kensi, he only has two choices:  Witness protection or help the team capture Barbosa and put him away for good.  Neither one is a great choice and Hetty is not a fan of either.  Or in Deeks speak…. they both kind of suck.  After the plan to have Javier intentionally abducted by Barbosa succeeds, the team must now make good on their word to keep him safe from Barbosa’s grasp.

Some great twists and turns at the end with an exciting finish.  A good solid story line all the way which is what we expect from Kalstein and Grant.  Bravo Zulu goes out to Eric Pot as well who did an incredible job behind the camera.  I’m looking forward to his return! But the coup d’état at the end was the wonderful scene with Kensi, who we watch with pride as her maternal instincts finally kick in while comforting the young boy.  We knew you could do it Kensi and so did Deeks.  The look on her partner’s face…… priceless.  You want to play house?  Yes, Hetty, they do grow up so fast, don’t they?

Show Highlights

-How come we just found out that Kensi and kids don’t mix?  And why is Deeks and the rest of the gang (except for Eric) just finding this out?  Poor Deeks, I would have thought he would have been the first person Sam would have gone to for childcare! An adult kid is the perfect babysitter.  This changes everything!

-Poor Hetty.  But I kind of agree with Sam and Callen here.  Not sure Aunt Hetty is the babysitter type!

-Speaking of Hetty…great to see her working the scene of the crime for a change….we got to get that seasoned agent back in the field again!

Best Lines from the Show

Deeks:  If Sam clears his throat any harder, he’s going to break a hip.


Kensi:  I’ll do it.

Sam: You will?

Kensi:  I’ll do it.

Callen:  What changed your mind?

Deeks: Yeah, what changed your mind besides the fantasy of little Martys running to and fro?


Bromance Moments

Callen:  You first Sam.

Sam:  You’re crazy.  There is no way I’m putting this garbage in my body.

Callen:  I’m actually allergic to dairy.

Sam:  Oh since when?

Callen:  Since that thing…

Sam:  What thing?

Callen:  That thing…allergic.

Sam:  I have to pass..I’m gluten free.

Callen:  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing gluten in there…

(I think Sam and Callen are just about ready for the old folks home right about now!)

Densi Moments

Deeks:  Well Kensi should be fine unless the informant is a child.

Kensi: And yet I’ve managed to get along with you the entire time.

Deeks:  Touché.


Deeks:  God I love Mexico.  Seriously this place has got four of my favorite things.  It’s got cheap beer, it’s got great surf, it’s got obviously beautiful woman and it’s got sombreros.  (Oh, that definitely makes it ok then Deeks!).


Javier:  Why can’t I have a lawyer?

Kensi:  Because I said so.

Deeks:  Did you just drop the ‘because I said so’ bomb on him?

Kensi:  So what if I did?

Deeks:  What do you mean, what if I did? What are you going to do, send him to his room next?

Kensi:  Excuse me?

Deeks:  Take away his milk money?

Javier:  Why are you guys arguing?

Densi:  We’re not arguing!

Kensi: We’re not arguing, we’re having a discussion.

Deeks:  Why don’t you work on that 10 and 2!

(OMG Deeks and Kensi already have the parent thing down pat!  They are a natural together!)


Check out our interview with James MacDonald who did a great job as DEA Special Agent John Ness.  James shares a great story on working with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J and talks about his career and upcoming projects.  Thanks go out to James for stopping by and talking to us about his time spent on set!

One final thought….I found it kind of interesting that Eric Christian Olsen announced the upcoming addition to his family on the same day the extended trailer was released for Resurrection.  “Will Kensi not being able to handle kids be a deal breaker for Deeks?!”  I’m sure that ECO’s missus, Sarah is looking forward to her new role of motherhood with great anticipation….whereas Kensi may never be able to embrace the concept.  Not exactly art imitating life but it works for ratings purposes, I guess.   What kind of mom do you think Kensi will make?  Looking forward to your comments! Also check out our next roundtable discussion coming soon with SweetLu and Imahistorian when we review the latest Densi developments and what we think may be up next season for the troubled duo.

We’re getting down to the last three episodes… so join me next week for our review of the Raven and the Swans only here on NCISLA Magazine!


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11 thoughts on “Resurrection (4×21) Review by Phillydi

  1. Sweet Lu

    I liked this episode and your review was right on. The banter about children with Deeks afraid that Kensi hates them and Sam thinking she just hates his. Nice to see them pile on her instead of Deeks, although Sam doesn’t want his kids anywhere around Deeks for some reason. I’m thinking not enough discipline for his taste. Your selection of quotes was great. Mine was Hetty’s quote at the end…”They grow up so fast.”

    My only complaint was I thought the “kid” informant seemed a little too old for the part.

  2. skippy2105

    Thank you Diana for this review.
    Sorry, but I don’t like the episode very much (actually I was rather disappointed).

    First: Where was the Navy connection? Maybe they should change the name in National CIS and not Navy CIS*.

    Second: I don’t get why they have to implant a teenager to get to Kensis heart, soul and past. The same in “The fifth man” with Astrid. It is the same formula and it didn’t work for me in the first case neither. They should try something new.

    Third: I am not a fan of the cheese will they or won’t they Densi episodes. Leave this to the soaps. I think Deeks is a good addition to the show but that is it, don’t do the romance on a drama show. The drama should be about the cases and not the love of the members of the team, friendship is great though.

    There are some more reasons why this is –in my opinion- one of the worst episodes so far. But I guess this might be enough to get why I don’t like this one.

    Don’t get me wrong. I really love NCIS LA. If that would not be the case I wouldn’t be disappointed or excited (or whatever) and I wouldn’t use my time to read and write the comments. But they should stay more to the team centric episodes where they solve the Navy related cases together as a team in the good old fashion way (like in season 1).

    *This is not because of this episode but because of a few they have done so far and the next ones that will come. The next is about Hettys orphanage and the one after that is about one of Deeks LAPD cases and the last one is about the nukes which was officially and CIA case.

  3. trytofindme

    I seem to look forward to Dave Kalstein scripts, he just seems to get it right with all the charactors.
    The director definitely got the script sorted, it must have been all that time in the back up chair that he knew just how to make it flow with the charactors too.
    I did enjoy Sam’s search for a babysitter and the think twice on Hetty. I do wonder if Hetty would have been asked before Deeks as a last resort.
    As for Densi, the writers are going to play with us for at least another season at least I think. A large part of the play between Deeks and Kensi is this ‘thing’, witty banter and unacted upon attraction, and the writers are going to milk it for all it is worth. I currently think that Hetty or Granger have a higher chance at having a romance with someone else than Kensi and Deeks getting it together.

  4. Vickie

    This episode bored me to tears. Kensi and Deeks just do not have romantic chemistry and any time the show starts shoving that coupling down my throat my throat my attention wonders. Made it about half way through then I switched it off. Maybe next week this action show will remember it’s not a romantic drama

  5. Domingo

    I quite liked this episode, not my favourite, but there were some funny moments,Sam looking for a baby sitter and Callen alergic to milk.. since when?

    I too found the Densie thing a bit OTT and agree they are going to “milk” it.

    Question..Way back when we first learnt that Sam was married the question was asked “Sam has Kids” and Callen replied yes!. since then we have only heard of a little girl, but in this episode it was kids in the plural, so are ther more? ans if do how many?

    I too like DK’s writing, I always look forward to his and Gill Grants episodes.

    As we approach the end of season 4 I hope we get some stronger story lines, I know we are going to get some Callen imput, long over due, and with Brennan not writng the final episode, how big will the season finale be?

  6. Phillydi

    I believe when we first caught a glimpse of Sam’s family when he returns home late that one night. I believe we saw two children in the bedroom before he goes to his own bedroom.

    I think we will get some stronger story lines as we get to the last three episodes…at least I would hope so! Sounds like Brennan is pulling out all the stops by bringing back some of our favorite villains.

    Also, if I can comment about using the show to highlight a romance between Kensi and Deeks…..I don’t look at the show as a crime drama. If I had, I would have never started watching the show. For me it is a story about people who work together and their trials and tribulations. As in real life, romance happens along with grief, happiness, sorrow, drama and everything in between. And it’s not the story that’s important, it’s the little moments that happen between these characters that keeps me returning week after week. That’s what makes this show so special…and I enjoy embracing each character and all their foibles.

    I can understand if you don’t feel as if there is any chemistry between Kensi and Deeks although there are a couple hundred fan fiction writers that would like to prove you wrong, including myself….but I feel the same way about Tony and Ziva and I’m sure there are another couple hundred fanfic writers who would be willing to prove me wrong too. But in this case, I love the Densi relationship and I look forward to seeing it progress, little by little as the show progresses. It’s what makes the show shine for me…just as others choose Callen or Hetty as their beacon for watching the show. There’s so much more to enjoy than the story….

    Let’s see what the last three shows have to offer…..

  7. Judy

    Hi Diane! A belated thank you for your review – as ever, it was great to read!
    Actually, I also wanted to say kudos for your comments in response to some of the slightly negative posts here. You said everything that I wanted to say myself but was stuck for words! Although I do like the crime drama aspect of the show, the main attraction for me is the relationships within the group of characters and I think the show wouldn’t be as appealing to me if those relationships weren’t allowed to happen and progress. A straight-forward ‘action show’ would bore me to distraction.
    As far as Densi is concerned, oh yeah, they have chemistry together, no doubt about that. And the UST just about sizzles off the screen!
    I like the Callen and Sam ‘bromance’ moments and Nell and Eric can be fun at times.
    Anyway, guess it’s all about the relationships for me (with a side helping of ncis crime drama!!)

    Looking forward to the next Densi roundtable, btw!!

  8. lou

    adoro ncis la e adoro la coppia deeks e kensi, non ho ancora visto la puntata in questione ma spero di non rimanere delusa, l’unica cosa che mi auguro per il futuro è che questa cosa sbocci nella quinta stagione, non ce la faccio più ad aspettare, e soprattutto che se e quando sboccerà poi gli autori non la facciano naufragare;quello che voglio dire è che o li lasciano così come sono e prima o poi troveranno ogniuno la sua strada con un’altra persona, o se decidono di farli innamorare poi li lascino una coppia fino alla fine (una sorta di sam e michelle per intenderci…)e dal momento che qualche spoiler c’è già,tempo fa leggevo su facebook “in five season kensi love deeks” speriamo bene!!!!!

  9. S.C.

    Phillydi i need to say….THANK YOU!!!!! I love your last comment i feel the same…..And thank you for your review!!!!

  10. Phillydi

    Thanks Olive, Judy, Lou and S.C. and everyone else!
    I appreciate ALL your comments! It’s what makes the world go round!


  11. Keviana Elliot

    “Old folks home”??


    Did you just go there?? Disrespecting the wisdom that The Bromance brings? Heehee, tell me how you *really* feel! XD

    Great review, Girl.

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